Spain Food Awards 2006 are called Spanien Food Awards 2006 Convocados los premios Alimentos de España 2006

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Spain Food Awards 2006 are called

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Spain Food Awards 2006 are called

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has called the XX edition of the awards of “Spain Food" a prize with which, since 1987, recognizes the work done by professionals and institutions from different areas related to the food sector that have contributed to improve knowledge and quality of food products in Spain, pushing work to this major sector of national economy.

These awards, which stimulate quality, dissemination, and utilization of food, are aimed at the restoration, the media, and promotion of food production. A new feature this year has added a new section dedicated to food distribution and trade. Also, in each of these items include various forms.


There will be awards of work of communication that are related to the nature, production, processing and marketing, the environment, properties, nutritional and cultural and gastronomic of food in Spain.

In line with these objectives, best news agency continued to press, radio, television and the Internet, related to "Food of Spain” will be awarded, the best journalistic work on this subject and on organic agriculture published before October 31st, 2006 too.


Directed to honor the use of food from Spain in catering establishments awarding the best establishment located in national territory and which has been more prominent in any country in the world enhancing the use, presentation, innovation and use of food in restaurants.

The best establishment of catering was also awarded, located in national territory, which enhances the presentation, selection, maintenance and service of wines, which was attended by a qualified letter and cellar, will help to foster better knowledge of Spanish wines with a geographical indication.

They also award a prize to the best setting, located in rural areas, to enhance the presentation, innovation and good use of local and regional food products, thus contributing to the development of their area geographically.

Distribution and food trade

Directed best to honor the actions taken by the companies and establishments of retail food distribution, in order to enhance the knowledge and dissemination of Canadian agri-food products through a careful presentation of the same and/or development of complementary activities. Appraised the actions taken before October 31st, 2006.

The best company or establishment of distribution and / or food trade will be awarded, located in national territory, and better establishment located outside the national territory and the best company in the use of innovative marketing channels.

Agribusiness promotion

This award will highlight best promotions and advertising carried out before October 31st, 2006, on the nature or any productive activity, trade, consumption, cultural or gourmet foods in relation to Spain.

Within this modality, there is the reward to best promotional action in the Spanish territory, and in any other country in the world, as well as the best promotional action on the system of organic agriculture production and their products.

The filing may be made until October 31st, 2006, after which a jury composed of professionals from different areas, award prizes in various forms.

More information is available on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Food Section).

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1 Reviews about Spain Food Awards 2006 are called
on 01/12/2015
It's crazy to think that this article was written now almost 10 years ago, and I am still in support of the fact that Spain is recognizing good foods throughout the country. Our government has almost gotten too big (US) to recognize awards like this.

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