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Raquel Cabo Natural Cabinet

Raquel Cabo Natural Cabinet is a natural center located in Valencia. There are treatments of Nutrition and Diet; Naturopathy, color therapy, Iridology, Treatment and Bach Flowers Ortomolecular , among others.

Its founder, Raquel Cabo is a nutrition expert by the Spanish Association of Nutrition. Naturopathy and studied at the School Essana Iridology. She is Technical Expert on Psychological Stress Control, by the Spanish University for Distance, UNED, Expert on the Zone Diet, by Rovio Laboratories, Color Therapy and Aura Soma by and is linked to the confederation of Natural Therapies COFENAT under No. 2638.


  • Nutrition and Diet: of the Zone Diet, diet for a healthier, balanced, individualized, and everything to lose weight.
  • Naturopathy: Purification and regeneration of the body through diet, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, and mental harmony
  • Color therapy. Aura Soma: the color you chose. Essential oils with the color you need to heal emotions.
  • Bach Flowers and spagyra: The power of flowers for healing of your fears, hopelessness, insecurity, low self-esteem, and so on.
  • Iridology: Your eyes like windows into the interior of our bodies.


Hair Mineral Analysis: Balancing your metabolism through hair mineral analysis. In the current environment is more exposed to:

  • Air pollution and energy
  • Poverty in nutrients and vitamins from our food due to soil depletion and water
  • Emotional stress and physical
  • Junk foods and unbalanced diets.

All these factors affect the immune system and metabolism that are weakened and unbalanced. It is imperative to regularly monitor and take action for the body to function well. Otherwise, they are installing organ dysfunction and disease.

How to know if there is imbalance of metabolism

Through a highly reliable tool developed by an American doctor Dr. Watts: Balancing the body's metabolism (EMC) with the Mineral Hair Analysis for Trace Elements.

Hair Mineral Analysis can control:

  • Levels of minerals in our body and its relations antagonists and / or synergists
  • Levels of toxic metals
  • Our type of metabolism (fast-slow)
  • The functioning of our hormonal glands
  • What is the proper diet for each
  • What nutrients are appropriate for each

Hair is an ideal tissue to analyze and monitor the nutritional status of the body and a possible heavy metal burden. Numerous investigations have shown that a hair sample revealed levels of minerals in the body and the toxic substances.

An analysis of hair minerals reveal in a unique way the interior of the body's cells for a long period of time, which other methods of analysis they hardly show.

The minerals are vital components on a large number of metabolic functions in all stages of life. For example:

  • Zinc: Zinc is involved in the production, storage and secretion of insulin and is also necessary for growth hormones.
  • Magnesium: needed for normal functioning of muscles, especially the heart. Lack is associated with concern, anxiety and increased risk of heart problems.
  • Potassium: It is important for nutrient transport into the cell. Its lack can cause muscle weakness, depression and apathy.
  • Sodium: A high sodium values are associated with high blood pressure in blood.
  • Lead: Thirty or forty days after exposure to lead can be difficult to find high values in the blood. This does NOT mean that the lead has left the body, means that it is stored in body tissues like the liver, bones, teeth and hair. An analysis of hair reveals the existence of lead in the body.
  • Calcium: You can have a very low level of calcium in the body to cause osteoporosis. It is difficult to detect without significant changes in a blood test. An analysis of the minerals of the hair can reveal this deficiency. Osteoporosis is also developing type 2 when excess calcium in the tissues, and that is not detected in the blood.
  • Iron: You may suffer from anemia that long before a blood test reveals the low value of iron. An analysis of the minerals of the hair may reveal anemia, which existed long before clinical symptoms.

Hair is ideal tissue to analyze and control the body's nutritional status and possible heavy metal poisoning.

Mesotherapy without needles

painless system to remodel the silhouette . In recent years, research into specific apparatus for the beauty industry has been linked to the need to create effective systems, but at the same time, increasingly less invasive. In this way, it seeks to achieve a double objective: painless techniques with lasting results. It is in this context arises where the Mesotherapy without Needles (Mesosin). 

The Natural Cabinet Raquel Cabo presents the mesotherapy without needles, a Team noninvasive transdermal electroporation that lets you enter any active-hydrating, slimming, anti-cellulite and draining to the inner-cell (by opening and closing the membrane of the cells), without a needle and painless. 

Using electromagnetic waves can penetrate substances within the fat and connective tissue and act to solve problems of cellulite and remove fat deposits.

When we apply a cream with a hand on any area, the product fails the dermis, the stratum corneum as a barrier function and protection. This temporarily changes the permeability of cell membrane and lets the active ingredients of the products to penetrate the interior of the cell. According to those responsible for the center, so far the only technique able to bring substance to the cells was mesotherapy through small needle. This explains, you get the same objectives without the need for needles. All this makes it a highly effective method to lose weight and reshape the figure.

Customer demand profile of this method is very broad: any woman with problems of cellulite, fluid retention, lack of elasticity of the skin, fat deposits, stretch marks, but ... compared to other treatments, there is one type of client requesting TDES more frequently: a person who has made the needle mesotherapy in the past and opted for this new system because it is painless and avoids the risks of handling needles.

The center also offers natural treatments:

  • Control weight.
  • Fluid retention.
  • Alterations in the circulation.
  • Care in menopause.
  • Liver problems.
  • Inflammatory process and joint diseases.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Depression.
  • Urinary system.
  • Prostate.
  • Constipation and irritable bowel.
  • Immune System and faithful.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Acne.
  • Migraines and headaches.

Customized natural treatments:

  • heart problems.
  • cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Asthenia spring.
  • loss and poor concentration.
  • sleep disturbances.
  • Mycoses.
  • Colds & Flu.
  • Diabetes.
  • hyperactivity and attention deficit.
  • Allergies.
  • skin problems.
  • Stress, anxiety and depression.

Raquel Cabo
C / Franco Tormo 11 pta 17 Valencia 46007 

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1 Reviews about Raquel Cabo Natural Cabinet
on 27/06/2015
I've been interested in mesotherapy for quite some time, and it's so interesting to hear all the news about upcoming developments. What amazing times we live in to see the way we think about health and medicine changing in this way!

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