CAAE celebrates its 15th anniversary CAAE feiert ihr 15-jähriges Jubiläum CAAE celebra su 15º aniversario

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CAAE celebrates its 15th anniversary

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CAAE celebrates its 15th anniversary

Since its inception in the year 1991, the CAAE Association has been consolidated and we have today "The reality of a dream". After these 15 years, we see that we have come far, however, have a long way to go on improving the capacity of business operators and ecological development of the internal market. This leads us to celebrate our 15th anniversary with a dual purpose: to celebrate this event with enjoyable time that we reviewed the progress made and future challenges.

So the next June 10th, we will develop different activities (agenda attached) to be attended by representatives of industry and society in general. The chosen site is Zuheros (Córdoba), located in the Shire of Subbética declared of cultural interest and unparalleled natural beauty.

As an investment for the future on this day of celebration, we are going to come out called the "Zuheros Declaration", paper to be read in defense of organic production, the environment and the rural world.

Association CAAE would be honored seeing you in which we hope will be one of the happiest days in recent 15 years.

CAAE Association 15th Anniversary Celebration

"The reality of a dream" 
June 10th, 2006 
Zuheros (Córdoba)

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