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Brown rice, a wonder cereal

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Brown rice, a wonder cereal

Rice is a cereal that in some eastern countries like China and Japan, is considered essential in food, as it is crucial for all its nutritive properties, lack of rice is an incomplete meal.

Originally man consumed grains. Over the years, the grains began to go through a process of refinement, until it became what we now know as white rice, white bread, white flour, believing that we were adding purity to food, when actually we destroyed great nutrition.

Today we know that whole grains are healthier, a diet rich in refined products may result in poorer health. Although many believe that eating whole grains is a fashion, in reality, we are returning to our roots, when the human being had fewer metabolic problems associated with feeding.

Brown rice

Brown rice has not removed the layer of the cortex, which is an inedible grain layer, resulting in a brown and silver grain, which is richer in nutrients than the refined.

One reason why the industry prefers refined cereals is they have a longer shelf life than comprehensive.

However, nutritionally speaking, brown rice is rich in B vitamins, minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and silicon, and proteins.

It consists of four distinct parts:

  • The scale: Rich in silica, a mineral important for human, and is the first outer shell.
  • The bran: rich in fiber, is also on the outside, and it is where most of the proteins are, it also has fat, carbohydrate and vitamins.
  • The endosperm: represents 70 to 80% of the grain, and is composed mainly of carbon hydrates and starch. Refined flours are made mainly with this section of the grain.
  • The germ or embryo: Located on the outside of the grain, and is mostly made up of protein, healthy fats and starch.

Properties of rice

It is a cereal that contains almost no fat, and no less nutritious. It is the staple food of more than half of the population.

In its whole form, it is an excellent food for those who want to lose weight because it only provides 350 calories per 100 grams and is very nutritious.

Rice is easily digested because it does not contain gluten, so people with this protein intolerance can consume it.

It is versatile, can be prepared as part of entrees, appetizers, side dishes and even desserts.

Grain varieties

  • Short grain rice: used for risottos, desserts, soups, and pies. It is delicious, and has a moist texture but consistent. It has the benefits of any grain.
  • Long grain rice: The one that most people prefer. Long grain is separated in shell, and can prepare excellent recipes of salads, cakes or as garnishes.
  • Yamani brown rice: the one that keeps intact all its nutritional properties, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals, characteristic of this cereal.

As preparation

Their preparation is not unlike the common white rice, cooking however can be longer, the recommendation is:

For every cup of rice, add two cups of cold water. Bring the fire, and boil, cover the pan, until it absorbs all the water, which is about 40 minutes, you can also add seasoning to taste.

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4 Reviews about Brown rice, a wonder cereal
on 13/12/2014
this was wonderful to read. I absolutely love rice, and it is definitel a staple in our house. We actually had a Korean exchange student who once told us that no matter how much rice you cook, if you place your index finger on top of the rice in the pot, and fill the water up to your first knuckle, you will always have the right amount of water for cooking.
on 22/04/2013
It?s so important to clarify the important facts of the rice since it can be a really good help while trying to do diets and other things, it is very good in energy and makes you feel satisfied really quick, so including it in a good way can be the solution to your problems
on 06/04/2013
This is typical information about the brown rice. Nothing new
on 06/04/2013
Grear article. I really enjoy . Thanks for this information about the bronw rice.

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