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Brown rice

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Brown rice

Brown rice is even better than white rice as provides six times more magnesium than white, four times more vitamin E, the triple fiber and phosphorus, the half potassium and three or four times more B vitamins.

Rice is a staple food for nearly half of world's population. Large parts of Asia, Africa and America depend on this cereal to survive. The three major cereals worldwide are rice, wheat and maize. According F.A.O., (United Nations of Food and Agriculture) rice provides 20 % of total food energy consumed by the world population, 19% wheat and 5% corn. In some countries, such as Bangladesh, it represents 70 % of the total, in the Philippines 50% and 40% in China.

Rice is a valuable source of energy. Rich in carbohydrates, it provides about 350 calories per 100 gr. These hydrates are transformed into energy needed to supply the body wear in its own metabolism and the efforts. Besides this type of energy is generated fairly quickly and stays for a long time, so that the body can be satisfied for a few hours after ingestion. Rice delivers glucose to the blood of a controlled way that keeps levels steady. This allows the food to be suitable for diabetics.

Both white like brown rice provide protein in a similar proportion, slightly higher in brown rice. Compared to other cereals, it contains a lower level of protein and fat.

Rice, unlike other grains, contains no gluten. For this reason its use is very suitable for those with celiac disease who have some incompatibilities with this component. Also for those who submit an irritable colon, where the ingestion of foods with gluten worsens symptoms.

Properties of Brown Rice

  • Its great contribution in carbohydrates provides high energy consumption being advised especially in athletes.
  • Effective against constipation due to its fiber content.
  • Ideal in cases of diarrhea as rice water has astringent effects.
  • Its contribution of Magnesium helps to reduce blood sugar.
  • Helps maintain calm the nervous system due to its contribution to vitamin B and tryptophan.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels through its fiber and its contribution to gamma -oryzanol.
  • It acts beneficially to the blood pressure due to its contribution in potassium and low in sodium.
  • Its high phosphorus content makes it ideal to growth and intellectual energy.
  • Highly recommended for people who require gluten free diets.

Brown Rice

Besides energy, rice provides fiber. In this case we should choose the brown rice because the majority of the fiber is concentrated in the outer layers of the grain formed by cellulose. The cellulose cannot be digested and is vented dragging bowel waste products. Thus, 100 g. of brown rice contain about 1 gr. fiber. This proportion is 10 times lower when we speak of white rice. For those people prone to constipation, it is better to eat brown rice because this favors the expulsion of feces.

Brown rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are lost with the hull, since these principles were in the germ or embryo and a layer called the aleurone, starch enveloping. The germ of brown rice is rich in vitamins, especially thiamine or vitamin B group B1, riboflavin or vitamin B2, niacin or vitamin B3. Substituting brown rice for white rice, which was produced in many Asian countries the occurrence of beriberi a disease characterized mainly by muscle weakness, nerve inflammations, heart failure, lack of appetite and slurred members. It is a very serious disease that can cause death of the patient. Riboflavin is necessary for the formation of red blood cells and for proper growth. Niacin is extremely necessary to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

A diet rich in rice may be perfectly suitable for those who have excess weight and decide to slimming diet. Its low fat content, its high potassium content and low sodium ratio make it ideal to remove excess water from the body and contribute to those regimes that want to lose weight. In this case we must take into account the heat properties of rice, adding in your diet foods that are high in calories. Rice, in this sense combines well with other plant foods, especially legumes, such as beans and lentils, to complement those amino acids it has.

The main minerals containing rice are potassium, magnesium and iron. These minerals appear with a higher proportion in brown rice.

The rice in the kitchen

The rice in the kitchen can be prepared in many ways: boiled, fried, steamed, baked, etc. . When cooking, you should keep in mind that brown rice needs longer cooking than white rice, unless you leave to soak overnight, in which case the cooking time is shorter. Any type of rice is suitable for many dishes.

This food is one that has many more uses in international cuisine. There are very famous dishes as paella, fried rice, rice pudding, risotto. Deciding to do it one way or another, we must consider the rice to be combined with other foods rich in protein and amino acids to have a balanced diet. In this sense it combines well with vegetables and especially with legumes. Dishes like rice with lentils are very comprehensive and of high nutritional value with very balanced nutrient meals.

It is to emphasize the importance of rice in the Zen macrobiotic cuisine, where rice is the food par excellence, the king of yang foods, or recommended foods. It is for this reason that appears in many oriental dishes. (Sakura, gomuku, etc.)

Some rice products are widely used in the kitchen. For example, rice flour is ideal for making soups, especially recommended for children. With it you can also prepare cakes and creams. Often the puffed rice is used to make rice cakes. For its carbohydrate content and low value in fats, it is suitable for slimming diets.

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2 Reviews about Brown rice
on 23/12/2014
Wow! I've always heard about all the wonderful benefits of brown rice, but i had no idea what the numbers really looked like! This is great! I've never really been one for brwon rice - I love the way jasmine and basmati taste, but I think i"m going to have to re-think substituting brown rice in my meals now!
on 21/03/2014

Most of the people have a bad idea of the rice, they think it is very high in empty calories, this is such a bad mistake and we should consider that just eating rice could even be enough for a diet, for example the diet of some japan or Asian people

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