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Holotropic Breathing

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Holotropic Breathing

Very few people know the benefits of deep breathing, which is of great help to oxygenate the blood, tissues, strengthening the organs of the body, to fortify and benefit the nervous system, muscular and glandular, and so on. There are many breathing techniques to achieve very different results for medicinal purposes, both for body health, including mental and emotional health.

What is Holotropic Breathing?

Holotropic Breathing is an extraordinary tool that allows access to deep layers of the psyche of human beings to bring awareness of the issues that have been stored in the unconscious, thus enabling resolution, integration and healing. Its main purpose is to achieve greater self and reach the roots of emotional problems and psychosomatic.

This technique reveals respiratory situations or experiences of the individual and allows a greater knowledge and understanding of self, while helping to release aspects of the personality that prevents a smooth development of creative talents and abilities that exist as potential in every human being.

Benefits of Breathing

This therapeutic tool is a great alternative for the development and personal growth of every person, because through it we can:

Release emotional unnecessary shading a person's life in the form of emotional pain, frustration, complex trauma, etc., attitudes that do not enjoy life and which may then result in more complex expressions, like a nervous system illness or physical ailments of all types (diseases).

Respiratory therapy

This allows us to access insight to reveal a hidden side of our lives more fully and more in touch with our divine nature.

Breathing allows an interior renaissance, as it leads to understanding and clarity that often act in certain ways that seem to go against the person, as the fact situations to endure pain or often placed in the position of a victim of circumstances, allowing the abuse of all kinds; this breathing shows that the person is reluctant to shift to a full and joyful life, and help contact with the inner wisdom, so to get that clarity and understanding, it develops a greater confidence in the person and can begin to make decisions that will actually lead to a renewed life.

How it takes place?

This breathing method is simple, is based on techniques from different ancient cultures and recent research on the Western consciousness of transpersonal psychology. It does not use chemicals or special tools, and consists merely in making guided sequences of deep breaths, run by an occupational therapist. The bioenergetics and some other healing therapies (such as the Renaissance therapy) use this tool for respiratory support in the healing of their patients.

Results in different levels of the psyche

At level period, which is related to the process of birth, you can relive experiences that were too intense to be processed and integrated into our psyche. These experiences were somehow held in a latent state, affecting this time. When revive, frustrated energy is released or locked, and will immediately receive a state of deep relaxation, as if one had been taken off a large sack of cement.

In transpersonal level, this breathing helps transcend one's own identity and personality, and you can experience the sensation of going beyond the apparent limitations. The expansion of our consciousness at this level produces a highly transpersonal processor.

Who created this breathing technique?

Stanislav Grof, a psychiatrist known worldwide for his research, developed the technique of breath, as a result of numerous clinical experiences with patients. The researcher recognized in United States conducted studies on the therapeutic power of non-ordinary states of consciousness, what he called "holotropic state.

Inner Renaissance

Living more full and free is what people look for the day. If we see an opportunity to experiment with new alternatives, if we really want to create day to day experiences are increasingly filled with meaning and inspiration, we can begin to guide our way towards a wonderful life that perhaps we never imagined. There are many ways to get to Rome itself, there are an infinite number of ways to get, at every moment, your most joyous and great achievement.

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2 Reviews about Holotropic Breathing
on 20/08/2015
This is one thing that I heard preached at me over and over in yoga classes when I was just starting out, and it never made sense to me until I had an actual experience in which I started to move deeper into my postures WITH my breath, and could FEEL how it released tension in the body
on 27/04/2014
Breathing has always been a very important part of human life but it is so common and natural for human that it has been forgotten and its importance as well, which is one of the greatest mistakes of mankind, reaching great levels of consciousness during breathing is really hard to achieve but can bring great benefits not only for the body but for the entire mind... a great exercise for anyone

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