Breathing exercises to strengthen and invigorate the internal organs Atemübungen zur Stärkung und Belebung der inneren Organe Ejercicios de respiración para fortalecer y vigorizar los órganos internos

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Breathing exercises to strengthen and invigorate the internal organs

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Breathing exercises to strengthen and invigorate the internal organs

The body is designed to be in motion. If the body is not kept flexible and in action, it deteriorates and works poorly. It is important, when exercising the body, taking into account all its parts. Often we overlook body parts that need stimulation and exercise but they are not seen with the naked eye. The stomach and the spine are some parts of the body to be exercised and especially consciousness.

Developing healthy and strong muscles about the back bone allows and encouraging the provision of lymph is very beneficial to the cartilage that is located near the vertebrae, stimulation and required that this area does not have blood vessels that remain active and well-watered tissue. In the case of stomach and abdominal area (including the lumbar area), the muscles should be a strong and healthy to help maintain healthy and strong for many vital organs in this area as you are kidneys, liver, intestine and the stomach. Below we share some exercises for certain organs of the body certainly appreciate a time on our part to stimulate and strengthen. The exercises are really beneficial and are proposed by Dr. Bernard Jensen (Nature has a remedy, ed. Yug).

To strengthen tiroides

This exercise is very beneficial because it helps balance the body's metabolism and thus helps to calm nerves, to lose weight and keep all healthy tissues. The thyroid gland is responsible for the oxygenation process. Gland destroys toxins, produces new tissues and controls the level of calcium and sexual functions. You need to know that the blood circulates in the body and passes through the thyroid every hour and a half.

Exercise: Sitting in a chair with your back straight, press your right nostril. Inspire deeply and slowly with your left nostril. By the time you've inspired enough cover your left nostril and also keep the air a few seconds. Then a little uncovers your right nostril and slowly release the air. Once you have released all the air, repeat the exercise but in reverse, i.e., start by plugging your left nostril. It is recommended to do this exercise about 15 times.

For intestine and abdomen

A good muscle structure in the area of the abdomen, helps keep the intestines in place, besides helping to strengthen and maintain optimal performance. Maintain a good posture (the abdomen tight and shoulders thrown back) is a habit that should be taken each time and that helps maintain proper operation in abdominal area.

Exercise: Standing. Deeply inspire by the two nostrils. Give small strokes while breathing with closed fists in the stomach in a circular motion. Repeat about 30 times and then release the air slowly through your mouth.

Pancreatic gland

The pancreas is the organ responsible for digesting proteins and starches in the body. It is very important to keep healthy and stronger.

Exercise: obstructing the right nostril and slowly guided by the left. Press the two holes and wet lips. Release the air through your mouth to vibrate your lips and pressing the diaphragm. Relax a few seconds and repeat 2 more times.

Vocal Chords

This exercise will clear mucus from the entire abdominal region, in addition to providing energy and energizing the organs of the throat. Sitting with your back right. Take air and seal the air slowly.

Exercise: Put 3 fingers of your left hand on the right side of the Adam's apple (the protruding part located in the throat), and push slightly to the left. Turn your head completely to the right slowly, and keep it there a few seconds. Bow a little forward and then release the air slowly through your mouth. Repeat two or three more times and then perform the exercise but this time reversed.

Lazy Nerve

This exercise is particularly beneficial in bringing the hearing, heart and digestive organs.

Exercise: Stand up, back straight and abdomen contracted and relaxed. Deeply inspire. While retaining the breath, turn your head from right to left, forming a complete circle. Perform this movement slowly 10 times. If you do this exercise often, you can gradually increase the number of turns and speed. When a series is just another start but in the reverse direction, from left to right.

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2 Reviews about Breathing exercises to strengthen and invigorate the internal organs
on 28/08/2014
I just did Kundalini yoga for the first time ever a few days ago, and it focused entirely on breathing exercises and oxygenating the organs and the far corners of the body. It was incredible!!!! I never thought that breathing could have such a great impact on the body, but it really does!
on 06/10/2013
Good, the truth is that doing respiratory exercises really help you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle with less problems, as you can learn to control your body and enjoy the benefits of the relaxation. Well, thank you for teaching me ways of reaching that, this is pretty helpful

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