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Breast milk or formula?

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Breast milk or formula?

Currently, more mothers have to work immediately after giving birth to their babies, others are under a temporary license and they should return to their jobs outside home and another percentage of women, who are having babies for first-time and are nervous so think they don’t have milk to breastfeed. In all three cases these question arise: Now what do I give to my baby? Will formula equal to breastmilk? What is their ideal diet?

Do not get dizzy, even though in the market there are thousands of formulas advertising their great benefits, its rich nutrients and the ultimate vitamins for your child, breast milk remains as the best food for newborns. Doctors, pediatricians and all healthcare professional involved with the care of children say this.

Breast milk, the best

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF indicate that breastfeeding "is a unique way of providing ideal food for proper growth and development of children."

You should know that breast milk contains all the nutrients a baby needs for growth; it includes in its composition the antibodies that protect them from digestive diseases such as necrotizing enterocolitis, diarrhea, colitis, otitis, bronchiolitis, among others.

The first thing to do then, while having your baby in her arms sometime after birth, is to offer breast; this not only stimulate the baby's sucking reflex, but you start the skin contact, a bond of love and protection so strong and vital for a healthy growth in your child, because your warm body makes them feel always protected and secure.

Demand breastfeeding

The key to avoid cutting your milk and always keep your baby happy is to you feed on demand, do not set schedules, give breast whenever they require.

For some first-time mothers, here is the dilemma or problem, because they mistakenly believe that because their babies wants to be close to their breast it’s because they are unsatisfied but the just want contact.

Remember that if your baby continues to suck, is not only a response to satisfy your hunger, but he/she does to feel a strong sentimental attachment to you. At this point, it is not necessary that you incorporate formula feeding, sometimes the child just wants to play with the mother's nipple, there is nothing more rewarding for them.

I have no milk

Many specialists agree that it is not possible for a woman to say "I have no milk" to feed, it is considered a myth or a farce, which hides many inner fears for being a mother for the first time. Stop and relax. According to the blogger doctor, Joseph Recoba "if nature gave breasts to women is to breastfeed and so far there is no woman who is not naturally equipped to breastfeed."
So just eat right. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, salads and liquids, if you think lactose can affect your baby; try lactose-free milk or soy milk.

Another concern of mothers to justify the use of formulas is that their children are very "thin" compared to others of their age who take formula.

According to WHO, generally "the child who is breastfed is thin". Also a “fat” child is not necessarily healthy. Instead, you have to monitor a baby fat to avoid diabetes, hypertension or other cardiovascular diseases. On that side here is no problem with breast milk, since it protects the child from childhood obesity.

Remember that the only way to ensure that breastfeeding is not interrupted and you keep producing milk is to feed your baby, pay attention: more suction, more production.

How to start

When the baby has finished emptying one breast, offer the other, generally takes 15 to 20 minutes each one.

And do not worry if within a short time, your baby wants more milk, because the more the breast is empty, the faster the signal activates the production of milk. Conversely, if the mother is expected to fill the breast with milk may trigger a signal to decrease, also reducing milk production.

With breastfeeding your baby does not need other fluids in diet such as water or other solutions, at least up to six months.

I have to work

If your license is over and you have to go back to work, get organized, it will be difficult and sad to be away from home and leave the baby, but that does not mean that you "dislike" him/her. Take off milk with the aid of a machine. There are all types on the market, from manual to electric, pick the one that best fits your needs. Let refrigerate in glass containers, they are more hygienic. Frozen milk can last for more than three months in the freezer and one day in a normal temperature. Check with your doctor about it.

Your absence from home does not mean the breaking of breastfeeding. Returning after work, you can renew your ties with the baby, which is anxious waiting to feel your warmth and your chest again.

The formulas, unsuitable option

The infant formula industry is growing, as there are more moms who choose not to breastfeed their children. They come in all kinds of cow's milk, soy fatty acids ARA and DHA, fortified with iron, etc. In general the ingredients of the formulas are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The truth is that until you find one that fits the baby's body, some stages may happen, such as constipation, cramping, gas, regurgitation, diarrhea, among others. By contrast, breast milk is the ideal food that doesn’t cause adverse effects to the baby, it benefits and prepares him/her for optimal development, both physically and neurological.

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2 Reviews about Breast milk or formula?
on 02/08/2014
If possible, I definitely think you should breast feed your child at least until he/she is eating solid foods, even longer if you want to. This is the most natural and healthy way of doing it - mother nature's design. I've heard a lot of children develop allergies and weak immune systems because they were fed on formulas. If you have to go to work you can even pump every so often and save the milk for baby later.
on 26/11/2012
Well I think almost every mom had this problem once, and it?s very important to talk about it. I had problems while giving milk to my baby and I had to give him formula, it was a bad option since he got small diseases that now affect him in normal life. So I really recommend to feed with breast milk, its natural and good for our babies.

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