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Foundation Vida Sana is born

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Foundation Vida Sana is born

How was it born?

Some founding members of the Vida Sana Association wanted to devote their personal wealth to an activity in line with the work carried out so far by the institution. In this spirit, they have given their wealth to the Vida Sana Foundation, created non-profit.


Giving support and supporting initiatives that target the general improving the environment and quality of life.

The Foundation do its own activity, but its greatest interest is to support other persons or entities in the following areas:

  • Agricultural activities and biological gardening
  • Activities related to human and animal health and to promote the health
  • Project to develop renewable and bio energy
  • Education and awareness
  • Children's Activities
  • Media communication and publishing
  • Craft and recovery techniques of production, artists' collective and holistic expression
  • Defense of their ethnic cultures
  • Third Age collectives - In general, any group or perdon seeking a better quality of life of people and the environment.

Awards "Recuperar" 

The Foundation created the Awards "Recuperar" in order to distinguish simple persons or entities whose work is based on the preservation, recovery, return to the knowledge they are missing. The intention is to highlight this work so that there is no loss of jobs and apply knowledge of artisans, crafts, ways of thinking and traditions, ancient and traditional medicine, art and culture based on creativity of the individual and collective ways of doing and non-polluting technologies and, in short, everything that has been passed from generation to generation and is in danger, in our days, of extinction.

Recovering our time, the pace of life in keeping with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth, is a priority if we are to live in harmony and enjoy the beauty of life.

Awards will be awarded annually in the following categories:

  • Social Thought and traditional and ancient medicines
  • Arts and Culture
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Trades and Technology

Projects for 2006-2008 

  • Green Festival of Children: tenderness at the time of the malice
  • Course Materials: processing
  • Creation of a nursery of medicinal plants and edible in Catalunya
  • Direct financial support for people who want to enter into the work related to environment and quality of life. It also aims to provide direct financial support to enable young people to train in disciplines relevant to the objectives of this Foundation.
  • Proposal for a teaching job and food safety education in schools in Catalonia, "Aprenem at menjar bé, aprenem at menjar sa "
  • Helps publishing projects: extension of the pages of The Ecologist magazine in Spain and Latin America to improve its website

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1 Reviews about Foundation Vida Sana is born
on 27/11/2015
It sounds like this organization is realy wonderful, although maybe there could be a little bit more direction, concrete examples as to how they're going to live out these ideals. Definitely headed in the right direction though, and it's good to see this kind of work out there.

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