Boosting products in Doñana Förderung von Lebensmitteln in Doñana Impulsando los productos agroalimentarios de Doñana

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Boosting products in Doñana

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Boosting products in Doñana

The Bureau of Agriculture sector met yesterday in CIECEMA (International Center for Research and Ecological and Environmental Conventions) of Almonte, continuing with the process of developing the 2nd Sustainable Development Plan (PDS) from Doñana. 

The members of this board yesterday identified the strategic lines that should be sustainable in the new document and should be debate and discussion the next calls of this working group: Working for the differentiation of agricultural production in Doñana. In this regard, special emphasis was devoted to the Doñana Label 21, as a mark to highlight this distinctive production and guarantees a responsible competitiveness in domestic and international markets. On the other hand, industry representatives expressed the need to reach an agreement over water in Doñana, which converge in eco-efficiency criteria for consensus on the use and management of raw materials and contribute to maintaining the quality of life in the region and an optimal level of conservation of natural capital Doñana. Defendant also has the need for technical training programs for farmers and for improving the management of the agribusiness sector, which leads to improved performance and ensure market competitiveness. In this regard, centers boost R & D in the field of agribusiness in Doñana will be key, as proposed by the members of the bureau.

This panel will meet again in October, in addition begin to conduct further meetings on specific sectors such as rice, table olives and wine, among others.

Attendees at the table yesterday, with the initial presentation of Miguel Gonzalez, director Manager of Doñana 21, Bella Francisco, Mayor of Almonte, Enrique Soto, Head of Agriculture, Animal Industry and the Environment, were expected, according to the organization, demonstrating the expectations of the industry in the area. The table included representatives from ASAJA, the Board of the DO Condado de Huelva, the industry of the vineyard and olive grove, the District Land Office 'Entorno de Doñana', UPA, COAG, Freshuelva Federation, rice, WWF / Adena, the area of Agriculture and Environment of the Municipality of Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), and citrus freseros employers and the local agriculture.

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