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Boost your self-healing ability

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Boost your self-healing ability

Health is a natural, spontaneous state of body and all living things, in fact, disease should not exist because the body is designed and has the ability to self-heal, self-balancing and regenerate. The body has a remarkable ability to self-healing, each cell is designed to be in perfect condition, yet why we get sick?

The disease is nothing but an obstruction or blockage of this powerful force we know as health, strength or energy. Every moment of the day we do things, we eat food and do certain habits of life, whether that block or stimulate the body's innate talent, we often do not notice yet, but is enough to accumulate certain conditions of life for then we start to see reflected in the body (or our mind and emotions) all these clusters of attitudes, then start weaknesses, aches, pains, ailments, diseases, etc.

The disease is nothing but a failure to adapt or lack of proper body reaction. This happens because the body does not have the elements or resources to react, to defend itself and adapt to current circumstances. We fall sick if we upset the balance between our body, mind and spirit, and if we are not aware that the disease originates from a deep inner level, due to the accumulation of neglect, abuse, thoughts, etc.., Usually we tend to seek a remedy out there, because we believe that the disease is not something we can heal ourselves, to feel pain or weakness is not our responsibility. Then we try syrups, pills and drugs that stimulate the body artificially, causing reactions and irritability or even aggressive stimulating forms. Often medical treatment or artificial "works", but eventually, the drugs will make your body react artificially, and therefore require more drugs and more powerful, increasingly requires the body to react and adapt, because has gradually been losing its ability to self-healing. Eventually, conventional medicine decreased resistance, weakens the body and organs, and causes the body to reach a decay, deterioration and early old age and of lower quality.

Basic principles to encourage self-healing of the body force

There are four basic principles which, if followed, the body just begins to respond, depending on the conditions under which they are placed, you may be noticing results.

Attitude: One of the first principles is the patience and understanding of what is the disease (as explained briefly above). If we do not understand what the disease is, then we cannot help the body regain its balance and inner harmony. Thus, we must remember that a disease results from an internal imbalance, and if indeed we are ready to heal, the first thing to do is begin by sending messages of life, spirit and vigor to the body, it is difficult for follow routines, diets, treatments, and others with results, if on the other hand we complain and are unhappy, disappointed or dissatisfied with the life we lead. Thus, we should begin by reassessing the life we lead, get rid of things that do not nourish the heart and start new projects or ways of life that encourage and excite us.

Breathe properly: we often have the habit of breathing in a shallow cut, we are not aware of the importance of breathing, which feeds on oxygen and energy every cell in our body. Breathing techniques are many, however, in the general level, we can say that should be deep breathing, inhaling slowly and calmly (without pain or being forced) and exhalation should also be made in a relaxed and slow way. It is also necessary to leave the countryside or places away from big cities where the air is fresh and clean, which not only nurture lungs but is helpful for the nervous system being in contact with nature and landscapes.

Food: the diet is fundamental to the health of the body, which must be of quality and as natural as possible. If you could see everything that happens inside your body every time you eat, you would realize all the effort that makes the body, for example, to eliminate refined sugar, dairy products of animal origin (cheese, milk, etc.). And sausages, which often are not quite eliminated altogether because we have the habit of eating at all hours, so the body works nonstop, and moreover, this geet irritated by all these "foods" we eat and was not serve at all for anything but to expend energy. These "foods" do nothing but obstruct normal body functions, causing excess mucus, toxemia, high temperatures in the interior due to putrefaction of food, everything is, in conclusion, one of the main roots of every affection. It is necessary to make an effort and try to consume foods in their raw form or cooked at least possible, avoid foods sweetened with sugar, jam and others, and avoid processed foods or added to dyes, preservatives, hormones, etc.

Appropriate rest: the deep, restorative rest is necessary for our body to function properly. During sleep the body repairs, rebuilds, regenerates and rejuvenates. If we do not give it enough rest, the first to be affected is the nervous system, we will walk angry, irritable, inattentive, discouraged, and so on during the day. You have to sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day and take a short break at noon for about 15 minutes, where you give your body a short but good rest.

Any change of habits requires much patience and self-motivation on the part of one, the body will always want and ask for the things you always have, is indeed a laudable effort and the great courage of one who makes lifting of mind to take no only the body but the life in a most magnificent performance and more quality in every respect.

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2 Reviews about Boost your self-healing ability
on 22/08/2014
Thank you so much for this beautiful article. Attitude (or mentality, whichever way you want to look at it), is so monumentally huge in our health, yet so widely overlooked. I can't wait to see our world evolve into a more emotionally intelligent place. I feel it is coming.
on 02/06/2013
It?s difficult to make understand people that all the life inside us need care and love, and it can do amazing things but only if you have the right balance between your body and your mind, most people with disease have their mind in one place and the body in the ground, so it?s important to consider all those aspects especially diet

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