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Boils and pimples on your face: fight them naturally

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Boils and pimples on your face: fight them naturally

Boils are very large grains that are formed due to an infection acquired in the skin, which does not spring to the surface unless they are open or helping them to burst, although in many cases this remedy is not recommended for certain types because the infection can spread through the skin and cause more outbreaks.

Why do the boils appear?

The boils are formed due to an accumulation of toxic substances within the body. When the intestines are not functioning properly and / or food is of poor quality, often harmful substances accumulate in the intestines, which often do not give adequate to remove.

The accumulated toxins then pass into the bloodstream and reach the skin, which becomes red and forms a small lump, a sign that the toxins accumulated in the area are trying to get out. These substances gradually accumulate to form the grain or infection, which increases the grain size considerably, it is usually painful. When you have many boils on the skin then you have what is known as Anthrax, a Staphylococcal skin infection of suppurative character.

The places most affected by boils are the face, underarms, column at the height of the lower back, thighs, armpits and buttocks.

How to cure and prevent its spread?

Prevent the spread of infection: the main thing is not to squeeze or pinch it, because doing so, you will damage the skin and the infection spreads to other sides of the skin.

Intestinal Debug: to cure boils from the cause that generates them and actually have a cure, is essential to take into account quality food. It is recommended a deep cleansing diet to cleanse the blood and intestines of chemicals and toxic gases. There are several types of cleansing diets as the diet of the grape, orange, syrup, lemon, etc. The one of the syrup, for example, involves taking a drink made with essential nutrients for a certain time. The grape diet consists of eating white grapes or red for three days, you have to eat more than you can. You have to drink two liters of water a day to facilitate cleaning. When finished doing this diet, you have to start eating slowly for three months and eliminate animal meats and dairy products (cheese, cream, etc.), refined sugar and derivatives, (soft drinks, canned goods, etc. ). You should also eliminate fried meats and animal fats, except for fish.

Masks against boils

The masks are excellent remedies to cure boils and heal the skin. Here are the more beneficial masks:

Green clay mask: an excellent choice, it is purifying, natural disinfectant, antiseptic and antibacterial. It has wonderful properties to eliminate the infection. You can get the green clay at health food stores. Apply once or twice a week. If you have many outbreaks, you can apply up to three times. If you notice that more boils appear, is that the skin is detoxing and debugging the infection. Persist in the treatment until your skin is healthy.

Garlic and papaya mask: garlic has an effective curative and beautifying property for the skin, while papaya helps reduce inflammation and fight infection. Mix in the blender a slice of papaya with two cloves of garlic and a little honey. Add a teaspoon of yogurt. If you feel that is too thick, add a bit of yogurt. Spread on your skin and stand for an hour. Wash with warm water.

Calendula Compress: Calendula has hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antifungal and cleansing properties. Applied locally accelerates the healing of the boils. Boil one tablespoon of calendula in two cups of water and then, at night, clean your face with this medicinal water. Calendula ointment is also useful to eliminate boils.

Burdock root or root of the traitor: These herbs are also an effective remedy to combat boils. Prepare a medicinal water in the same way shown in calendula and apply on your face at night. You can toggle the medicinal water per week, changing to a grass and other.

Sea water: excellent for drying and combat boils. If you are near the sea, do not hesitate to dive as often as necessary. If you are not near the sea, boil ½ cup of water with a tablespoon of salt for one minute. Then, dip a clean cloth and apply this preparation on your face after showering.

Onion Compress: mash onion a bit and produce a puree. Apply directly on the boil and leave it there as long as you can.

Emotional causes of boils

The stress or anger stored inside the body not only lowers the body's immune defenses, but alters the nervous system and many vital body processes, as well as the harmonious functioning of organs and systems. The skin is an organ of the most vulnerable to anger and stress, severely affected with these emotional states. One way to help channel anger for harmony is through activities such as Tai Chi, yoga or those activities that provide peace and harmony to mind. You should also read something related to good emotional understanding.

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3 Reviews about Boils and pimples on your face: fight them naturally
on 17/09/2014
Excellent remedies! They are all very natural, and sound very effective. I have known for quite some time that garlic is an effective antibiotic that is safe to use on the skin, but I didn't know that onions were too! Is there any specific onion in particular that would be the best to use for acne? Thanks so much for the great information.
on 04/05/2014
recently I got some clay for the skin, my mother gave it to me, and I will try one of these recipes to take advantage of it!

thanks a lot!


on 10/03/2013
Boils can be a real problem if you have them for a long time and especially when you are young as your self esteem can be reduced producing even more boils so I really recommend attending this problem as sooner as possible because they can leave you marked outside and inside too

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