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Bodybuilding: choose the best supplement for you

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Bodybuilding: choose the best supplement for you

Those who practice bodybuilding are inevitably supplement users. Within these supplements can be found from creatine monohydrate until the fat burners, through protein shakes, the carbs (carbohydrates) or MCT (medium chain triglycerides). All will play a specific role for the development of the sport: some help to grow, gaining volume, others will help with an extra dose of energy and achieve the balance that our bodies need to bodybuilding.

Moreover, we must consider the natural products we can find in any supermarket or pharmacy, are also great supplements in the sport of bodybuilding. Combining some of them properly and wisely, we can obtain high quality supplements. For example, royal jelly and pollen are a source of energy, brewer's yeast and soy provide large doses of plant protein, the dried liver is a great source of protein, eggs whites are virtually all protein, and the yolk contains vitamins essential for bodybuilding.

Training and nutrition

If you are new training or if you're a veteran of the weights, you will inevitably be tempted to use any nutritional supplement in a given time. That's when doubts arise and you have no idea if the product you use will really meet your expectations or you do not know whether it will have any unwanted effects to your health, etcetera.

Please note:

It's a waste of money believing that just because you use a supplement you will have results when:

  • Your food is not adequate, so do not consume enough calories and protein in the form of real food.
  • Your lifestyle is far from normal, (i.e. not sleeping at least 8 hours, drinking alcohol excessively, smoking, or using recreational drugs).
  • You are undisciplined and lose training for any excuse or train well and the next week you do not even show up in the gym.
  • You are sure that the supplement you use will make you look like the boy with a smile that appears in the ads.

While there are a lot of food supplements on the market, only a few will give good results.

Supplements that a bodybuilder should take

Multivitamin-mineral tablet:

So, before thinking about buying creatine or any other supplement, it is necessary that your body receives the necessary input of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements). This ensures that your body can function properly and use the nutrients that you provide to make the most of the other supplements.

Quality protein powder:

This is the other champion in regard to dietary supplements, protein powder is really food, but there are some isolates that possess additional properties that normal food does not offer.
These isolates and whey are an excellent way to ensure your body receives the minimum amount of protein to build muscle or maintain during periods of calorie restriction.
There is nothing special, just when you have to feed 4 or 5 times a day to your muscles and think that you also have a life (you know, work or school), it is much easier, quicker and less tedious to take a powder protein shake instead of sitting down to devour a whole chicken breast.

Creatine monohydrate:

Creatine monohydrate is a supplement that helps you train harder and give your muscles a full appearance, and that creatine acts as a magnet that draws water into muscle cells, is also a supplement that has so much scientific support to sure it works in the laboratory and in real life.

Specific Supplements

These supplements fall into this category and actually used for more specific situations such as when you want to lose fat or increase your muscle mass.

To lose fat

Thermogenic Supplements:

Thermogenic supplements are actually a cocktail of herbs that contain naturally, ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin, although some brands add other components to create a synergy and results are better.

The mechanism of action is complex to explain but we can say broadly that help you burn more calories from fat when you train, you'll spoil your appetite, preserve muscle mass better on a diet regimen and help you train harder and longer, you think they are wonderful, but beware, if you have any serious illness or condition, you should not use these products because they may cause serious problems.

To increase muscle mass

This category includes supplements that over time can accelerate your gains in muscle mass, but definitely will not notice an immediate difference as it is with creatine, but definitely worth the try.

Carbohydrates and protein powder after training:

After training, your muscles need a constant supply of nutrients and the best way to provide these nutrients is through a drink made of simple carbohydrates and protein powder. As well ensure that the process of muscle growth is not disrupted by a lack of nutrients.


The L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue, and although it is somewhat expensive, I recommend that if you can afford to use it you do, always in powder, in fact people who would benefit most from supplementation of L-Glutamine are on a diet to lose fat.


  • Before taking any product, consult a physician.
  • Just take these supplements for a maximum of about 4 to 8 weeks and rest at least if you decide to use them.
  • Accompany your supplements with a balanced diet and training.
  • Remember that no supplement is going to change your physique for overnight by itself.

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3 Reviews about Bodybuilding: choose the best supplement for you
on 04/11/2014
I met a female body-builder once, and it was a very brief encounter. Immediately I was sold that body-building is NOT a healthy "sport" to compete in. I was working at a clinic and she came in because just a few days after her competition (whereby in order to prepare for such competitions one undergoes months of serious, crazy dieting), she came in to the clinic because her whole body was swelling up like a marshmallow, because she started eating "normal" again.
on 29/06/2014
this is too much, I don't like it, I do like to have a nice body but bodybuilding is too much effort and you become a person who only believe in the body and not in the mind...
on 01/05/2013
I?ve tried to include natural supplements and the honey is really good to give you energy and more, surely with royal jelly is even better. Now, I find the recommendations good because some people think that taking supplements help them to fix the problem in to time and that?s not like these!

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