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Body Pollution

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Body Pollution

What is polluting?

Polluting means altering harmfully an organism. Under the natural order of any body, polluting is damaging, from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the ground, even the body and the thoughts and emotions can lead to the action of external agents to break with its harmony and "cleansing".

The body and deterioration

I think that our environment reflects in large part the quality of the organisms that live in it. Seeing waste, air and water in poor condition, etc. is the same as seeing the body accumulations of junk food, soft drinks, fried food, eating habits, too much refined sugars, etc. Nature is altered with the pollutants in the same way that the body does, so far that the violent reactions of nature as fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, plagues, etc. are similar to the reactions of the body such as fevers, pains, and other discomforts. The wear of body suffering from the effects of this pollution is causing rapid deterioration; contamination not only weakens, but also causes depletion in all respects.

Pollution Crisis

It is said that death can happen during a crisis of disease, but not in a healing crisis.

Every minute the body is looking for leverage and balance to maintain your health, eliminates toxins either by colds, fevers, urine, faeces, phlegm, sweat, etc. This is a normal process, the way that the body is self-regulated. However, when these natural functions begin to be blocked, the body sends alarm signal by the disease warning that something is severely breaking its balance. If one is deaf to such calls and continues the same habits, despite the signs of the body, the disease can actually worsen. However, if one pays attention and realizes what the disease is, one can transform a crisis into a crisis of disease cure. Certainly both crises are processes of elimination and restoration, but the difference lies in the healing crisis as conscious, i.e. it supports the body being constituted in accordance with proper habits, while in the crisis of the disease same consciousness can be inhibiting or deleting the wrong habits with several processes of elimination and restoration, leading to chronic diseases. The crises can be severe or mild and occur when the body falls to a process of elimination, are not caused by either the doctor or any food, occurs when the body is ready, perhaps when it is contaminated and intolerant.

How crisis are manifested?

Headaches, diarrhea, rash, joint pains, fever, fatigue, nausea and vomiting are some of the ways that warns that this body in crisis.

Helping the body to restore

During crisis, the body that is contaminated not only cleans, but regenerates damaged cells, rejuvenates and gets rid of old tissues and acids accumulated. It is therefore essential to know how we can help to really be restored in all respects. Remember that you do not have to wait until the body is sick, health is a natural state of the body, indeed we should not worry at all if you have healthy habits that we had actually discussed the respect the body deserves.

Stay away from what "pollutes" your body: it is curious that, knowing so many harmful effects of snuff, coffee and alcohol, the famous fast-food, people still consume them. I hear very often around "I will die of something" This is perhaps the sentence responsible for more than 90% of people being sick or have some kind of condition. Why continue with the habits that spoil us? The answer may go through many branches, but I believe that the trunk of the common answer is that there is a really deep respect for what we are. Respect, in its broadest sense has to do with that we like to be in life and live it as we pleased. Logically, when we get angry or dislike something, we treat it badly.

Pollution attitudes: Exploring the mind with the wonder of nature is all necessary food and medicine. But this can matter little if, as has been said, there is a disagreement or disgust in that it has not found a solution. Feeling trapped, feeling that we are little, that we do not achieve what we want, that we are not loved and accepted and that life is beyond our control, cause a series of aggressive and depressing emotions influencing others to pollute our attitudes. What we observe every day, what we feel and how we live, take a time of deep reflection to see how we can live the life of a more satisfactory way, it really help eradicate the habits that we are deteriorating. Logically, if something excites us, is what we care and we seek the best.

The walk in yourself and guilt: many times it is difficult to find those things that bother us or irritate us, and often we do not even know how to fix those. Usually the blame for the things we did or we would have make us the greatest polluters. We must take into account where notice any fault in you, which always makes the best one at any time and that no matter what you did or to leave, but what you do now. Any one experience leads to knowledge, because it is that you have won an understanding from what you've lived.

As above, so below: metaphysical sings an old saying that "as above, so below", i.e. are your thoughts, your body, your life, and vice versa. So then we recommend some foods that can begin to correct any imbalance in your body, and of course, affect your moods and mental.

Sprouts: they are an excellent source of enzymes to restore and rejuvenate the body. Cereals with nuts also contain all the minerals that are an excellent source of fiber. Bread or biscuits of rye, oats, wheat, barley, linseed, sesame, etc. are ideal for replacing refined flours, which are a kind of "glue", filled with nurturing, inflated without feeding, and only hinder or disrupt vital functions of the body. Dissolve three or four tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll in a liter of water during the day and drink.

Put all your dedication to put aside the sausage and refried products as in your veins will be a large accumulation of these harmful fats that cause the only thing that is obstructing the free flow of blood, and that these excessive salts contained products make skin, eyes, mucous membranes dry and irritate the liver and stomach.

Prepare two or three juices per days in which you mix different fresh fruit or vegetables (not seeking to combine fruits with vegetables), and sweeten beverages with some molasses or honey. Refined sugars cause a myriad list of ailments and imbalances, affect the nervous system terribly filling of stress, depression and anxiety, sugar rots teeth, causes heats the blood and brings all kinds of obstructions, in addition to affecting endocrine system and severely stealing calcium from the body.

Avoid hydrogen products, which means refined. Prefer vegetables, fruits and organic foods, those that contain no chemical additives or pesticides, which are terribly irritating to the body. The soy-based products can replace animal products positively. Brewer's yeast is one of the most complete foods available, containing 8 essential amino acids and B complex vitamins 19 Furthermore, it is rich in nucleic acid base for the regeneration of cells. If this is not part of your diet, it should be.

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4 Reviews about Body Pollution
on 19/10/2015
This is something that, thankfully, the older I get the more in-tuned I become with all sorts of different types of body pollution - be it physical or mental or emotional. There are a lot of different ways I realize that I pollute my body, but being aware of it helps to change behaviors.
on 04/05/2014

I think that almost all the people reading this might be polluted in one way or another... and the common thiking is using drugs to stop the pollution, polluting even more...!

on 27/04/2014
I've been ill since a couple of months ago and I thought it was something serious but then after I went to the doctor he told me that my body is polluted but the many bad things I put on it time ago, and maybe it is true, I have them too accumulated!
on 24/11/2013
The recommended diet is to try to avoid all the refined sugar if you can, maybe you cannot do it at all but you can try at least to reduce the amount, especially if you tend to drink many sodas or canned products, thanks a lot for the recommendations, I have found interesting things in this article

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