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Biohotel Cal Ruget

This Biohotel is a pioneering initiative in the country: the first rural setting of this modality. As Biohotel, its commitment with the utmost respect for environment, sustainability and the cultivation and use of organic food are their raison d'être. Enjoying Cal Ruget Biohotel is to satisfy the five senses, and unhurried attention to the little things in life.

The farm and its history

The main house dates from the early twentieth century with architectural elements specific to the rural environment. Over the years, it has been renovated and now has over 550m2 constructed, distributed between the main house and several ancillary buildings. The property has a walled garden of 10,000 m2 consisting of vineyards, an area of orchards, organic garden, pool area and many small spots that invite you to enjoy, relax and listen to the sounds of life.


  • Veronica Grimal, "mestressa" of Ruget Cal.
  • Porsche Florian, the man behind the curtain.
  • Silvia Sendra, the “alma mater” of our farmhouse.
  • Albert Moré, the bio-gardener of Ruget Cal.

Some of the practices as Biohotel:

  • It uses only biodegradable and environmentally friendly products for cleaning and maintenance of facilities.
  • Suppliers are from a maximum radius of 100 km and are preferably bio-certificated.
  • Use of electricity, water and diesel with criteria to save and reuse.
  • We recycle non-organic waste and compost the organic.
  • Orchards and vineyards are cultivated with biological methods of farming.
  • It works with the social environment through volunteering (food education classes, cooking, etc..) And 1% of the intended benefits to social goods.
  • It offers courses in food education, the basis of food, about the seasons of the garden, and the basic techniques of cooking to make food a healthy and fun habit.
  • The hotel is practiced by offering eco-gastronomy products.


The main house has four double bedrooms (two of them also have a sofa bed), all equipped with bathroom with shower. The room has comfortable beds with linen dried in the wind field. You have a TV and stereo to entertain. Naturally all have views over the garden, the orchard and the surrounding area. There is an "open bar" for these rooms with refreshments and small temptations. Since March 2008, three new placements are located in the annexes to the main house. Each has an area of 25 m2, terrace with direct access to the garden and are equipped with bathroom with shower, bed king size, stereo, TV and minibar.

The accommodations are decorated in country style with all the amenities for relaxation and tranquility and individualized with a myriad of small details that make them unique.

Eco Eating

The eco-gastronomy is the link between ethics and pleasure, celebrates the difference of tastes, artisanal food production, small farming, fishing techniques and sustainable farming, or biological weapons. It also means sharing time with the pleasure of the table that we miss in our busy lives. It promotes a sustainable, environmentally responsible, the cultural identity of peoples and animal welfare. Claim food sovereignty, i.e. the right of each community to decide what they want to cultivate, produce and eat.

The simplest, the best

Cal Ruget is mostly self-sufficient and their local suppliers of raw materials come from a maximum radius of 100 km and preferably bio-certified. They produce several menus along a line of traditional cooking and rural, with small touches of innovation, but always faithful to the philosophy of the place.

To taste our cuisine you must reserve at least two days in advance. It has a limited capacity of up to 25 people. First courses are prepared with seasonal products offered by the garden and the area, to choose a second dish of fish, meat or vegetarian and ended up giving some desserts. After lunch or dinner, you can enjoy using the common areas throughout the property.

Nutrition Education

Contributing to improving the health and welfare through the transfer of knowledge and practical experiences that enable people of all ages to enjoy a better and more comprehensive nutritional education, is the mission of the place.
Promoting attitudes towards potential preventive health pathologies that affect society in the current environment are the objectives of this initiative.

In courses in food education, you can learn the fun of food, knowing the basic techniques of cooking, healthy foods, recognizing the biological and creating your own dishes in a simple, varied, fun and healthy way.

Bio Activities

The rationale for Cal Ruget Biohotel requires a full commitment to the sustainability of the environment around us and respect for the cultivation of natural foods that are produced there. Here you can perform activities that will provide you with new knowledge about healthy, balanced and fun eating.

We organize excursions by bike, on horseback or on foot by many routes around the facility. You can learn good practice with the utmost respect for the environment and learn to grow even in the smallest space in your residence.

And do not forget you're in one of the most important areas of wine production in southern Europe and in the exclusive area of production of Cava. The cellars and champagne are waiting for you to learn more about the fascinating world of these broths.

Cal Ruget Biohotel
Vilobí del Penedès
E-08735 (Barcelona)-SPAIN

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3 Reviews about Biohotel Cal Ruget
on 12/05/2015
It's so amazing to hear about all of the awareness that is starting to circulate throughout the world about sustainability and organic mindsets, really changing the way we used to look at things. Japan has a similarly mind-blowing concept, of renting super tiny sleeping spaces as a hotel.
on 27/06/2013
I would love to visit a place like this one and forget the problems of the daily world. Imagine yourself near the wine plants and having walks with someone you love or just by yourself, it seems like the perfect place. I hope to go some day or at least to find a place similar to this one!
on 17/02/2012
What´s yor web site for know more about this amazing and revolutionary hotel-concept?

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