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BioFach International Wine Awards 2008

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BioFach International Wine Awards 2008

  • 8 wines awarded gold higher, with 21 gold and 118 recommendations
  • Renowned jury awards the best organic wines
  • Increased international tasting of organic wines in the world Nuremberg

For the tenth time, a jury composed of over 35 renowned tasters of eight countries choice during the 1st and 2nd December 2007, the best wines organically grown. BioFach 2008, leader Biological World Fair that will take place from February 21st to 24th parallel with Vivaness, Salon and Wellness Natural Cosmetics gather around 2,600 exhibitors and 45,000 trade visitors and will focus particularly organic wines. In the edition of BioFach 2007 recorded with some 300 wine exhibitors from 13 countries. For 2008 is expected to grow close to 10%. The largest room world of organic wines will mark the first time in Hall 4A sunlight and portends a very special delight. The first weekend of December 2007 and was given an idea of what awaits us in the exhibition center in Nuremberg.

545 wines from 15 countries were submitted to the international jury

Super senses, a thin nose and a clean taste and a sharp vision of the valuable contents of the glasses have become essential qualities to be to decide which of the contestants receive prizes of the extraordinary organic wines in the International Wine Award BioFach 2008. More than 35 international wine tasters, specialized, viticulture and winemaking technique, sommeliers and wine journalists tasted during days 1st and 2nd December 2007 in Nuremberg first 545 wines from 15 countries.

In this call have been sent 306 wines, 183 white and pink 16, and 18 sparkling wines, with the intention of being rewarded with gold top, gold or "recommendation". Italy has been the first contestant in the International Wine Award BioFach 2008, with 125 wines presented, below are Austria (118), Germany (105), Spain (88) and France (53). But not only have the classic wine regions, but also less known in Poland and Slovenia, for example, the wines were also eager to win.

Prize BioFach 2008 with improved methodology

Only the best wines have a chance of winning the BioFach International Wine Awards 2008. This year two teams assessed by 3 and 4 try different wines, depending on the country of origin and type of wine. In a first round clear filtered wine errors under the new evaluation method. To avoid the errors described as typical of certain regions, the tasters know the type of strain and region. The exclusion is based in writing and understandable manner. In a second round, are involved the wines presented in a special type of strain and region. Seats are allocated according to an international scheme of 100 points. The wines nominated for "gold top" is enjoying a time of oxidation after 24 hours to determine stability. By a special system, the tasters are eligible for up to 24 parameters, such as appearance (clarity, color, consistency, viscosity, etc..) Aspects such as aroma and flavor (salt, mineral, intense aftertaste ...), type, origin and potential. This scoring methodology provides information and demonstrable results.

Winners have been ...

The jury awarded "gold top" to 8 wines and gold to 21 wines. 118 wines received a recommendation. The wines selected are awarded immediately after the opening of BioFach 2008, the official tour at the event. In the new area BioFach tasting the wine, visitors can satisfy themselves of the quality of wines. BioFach 2008 for the first time devoted to wines winning a special booklet of wine with all relevant information on each one of the best organic wines.

Udo Funke, Director of BioFach and Vivaness, said enthusiastically: "The quality and variety of organic wines impressed me. I am convinced that with the new flag 4A and our focus on high quality, also in the International Wine Award , we made the right decision. Now I'm looking forward to reaching my second event of the sector here in Nuremberg from 21 to 24 February 2008! "

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1 Reviews about BioFach International Wine Awards 2008
on 18/09/2015
I have to say...I love drinking wine. If it weren't so strong, and it if didnt' contain alcohol., I would probably drink it more often, probably a glass or two every night. But I don't like putting that much alcohol in my system. These awards sound super col though, I'd like to try some of that wine.

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