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Biofach 2008: Review of the International Fair of Organic Farming

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Biofach 2008: Review of the International Fair of Organic Farming

Organic food and enjoyment are the protagonists of the international sector:

  • The duo fair was closed with great success and 46,484 visitors
  • Brilliant premiere flag of wine 4A
  • Vivaness, fair dedicated to the natural beauty, a big boom

46,484 visitors (2007: 45,469 *) went from 21 to 24 February at the Nuremberg exhibition facilities to learn about the world market for organic products and natural cosmetics. The internationality of the visitors increased by four points to 37%. Trade visitors from 116 countries, heading the list, after Germany, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy and France. The resurgence of the admission requirements and more stringent control, have resulted in an increase in the quality of visitors. The visitors were particularly impressed by the pleasant and innovative offering of the 2764 exhibitors (2007: 2,547 *). 

Two thirds of them came from abroad. Along with a really heavy presence of German organic products (939) have also a large number of producers in Italy (397), Spain (211), France (175) and Austria (112). “The complete sector, both nationally and internationally, was in Nuremberg during the four days. Both the exhibitors and trade visitors have been deeply satisfied, the industry is impressive and dynamic. Also in the call for 2008 have been closed and BioFach Vivaness with great success" says Claus Rättich, a member of the management of NürnbergMesse.

The gourmet Gérard Depardieu calls for return to natural

"Respect for nature and humans is extremely important," says Depardieu . In his opening speech spoke in favor of returning to nature and natural foods. The intervention of the glamorous French actor also winegrower, owner of a gourmet restaurant and began a full four days of activities at BioFach and Vivaness, which were sealed with exhibitors and visitors satisfied.

Almost all visitors (98%) as the result of an independent polling institute, were satisfied with the tender, have scored 84% and fixed as the date in the calendar the next call 2009. 40% of visitors came from trade: specialized natural products (13%), followed by wholesale trade and food stores. Business production, catering, restaurants and hotels and services were also many visitors to learn at BioFach. The main mobile participation is traditionally interest in developments. 70% of visitors are expected to include in its bid witnessed innovations at the fair, which in the stands of news and BioFach Vivaness were around 390. Other reasons cited were visiting the general direction in the market, the exchange of information, the per-vocational further education, the establishment and care of business, competition analysis and business closures. Peter Knopp, director of commercial dennree (D) : "We are completely satisfied. BioFach has to attract highly qualified visitors from all segments of the market. We had the opportunity to make very specific conversations."

But what exhibitors say about your competition? 90% say that their company's participation in the contest has been successful. 92% have established new business contacts and have contact with their main target groups. Rudolf Allenbach, Fattoria Lischieto (I): "As always, everything was fantastic. It's been a real pleasure! We had the opportunity to engage in important business contacts and meet those who already have. We have received at our booth visitors from Germany, Asia and the United States and more" Christoph Gerhard, sales manager Ulrich Walter / Lebensbaum (D): "We are frankly thrilled mind. The interest in our products has returned to a boom and visitors have come to our booth with questions. We have to engage in a host of very promising contacts, and international guiding future! " Sophie Seitz, Public Relations Herbarium (D):" BioFach is very important to us, especially for his internationalism. We had a real surge of visitors from high-quality and the response has been very positive. "

The bright new flag and wine 4A

The world leading trade fair BioFach is also the largest trade fair of organic wines in the world. In the edition of 2008, wine was introduced in the new flag of sunlight. 347 wine exhibitors from 23 countries presented over the four days their best wines of the competition at a professional public interest. In addition to Germany with 47 exhibitors, were present in the flag of the major wine producing countries of organic wines Italy (39), Spain (28), Austria (26) and France (25) as well as Chile, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland and South Africa.

Based exhibitors were impressed. Dessel Mr. Paul, Commercial Director of Vinecol (AR) One of the winners of Gold Award International Wine BioFach 2008: "It's a big flag, really wonderful and nice. We are very pleased to have come back and assure that next year. "Herrmann Hofer, owner of the wine cellar Herrmann und Maria ecological Hofer (A)Superior Gold winning:" It is a flag cozy, big, big! The influx of visitors to our stand has been enormous. "

Over half of visitors (56%) came with the intention to visit the new flag 4A. The pleasure of cooking has been the main protagonist here. The journey of flavors allows visitors to immerse themselves in new worlds. In the six islands of the route have been perceived in a completely new culinary sensations to smell, taste and sight. Small trees, flowers and lavishly adorned tables: Under the direction of Stefan Rottner, Nuremberg of gourmet, organic meals from the creators of the restaurant that bears their name, cooking delicious dishes. The perfect introduction to sample after the organic wines offered on the wine, among others, the 29 winning wines Superior Gold and Gold, as well as the 118 recommendations of the International Wine Award BioFach 2008. The competition involved 545 wines from 15 countries, among which a jury composed of 39 members selected the winners.

BioFach delivered on this occasion for a first prize of the trade visitors at the best organic olive oil. Richard Wolny, organizer of the Olive Oil Bar (D), he was very satisfied with the success: "The speakers here have spent their oil regularly to report on the current ranking of 70 olive oils submitted. It was fantastic! All this also made personal contacts, a greater exchange of views and discussions at the highest level". For three days, they blind tasted oils and finally chose the 10 winners. Mark Kailis, Managing Director of Organic Olive Groves (AUS), a producer of organic olive oil for 14 years in the country: "Focusing a product such as olive oil is a very good idea. It provides a perfect view of the world olive oil from organic farming. We are very pleased with the quantity and quality of visitors and convinced to return next year to the Wine Pavilion.”

Vivaness: natural beauty in the spirit of party

It was a spectacular event for almost 20% of visitors came to Nuremberg Vivaness only. 56% of all visitors came with the intention to visit Vivaness. Almost 45 % of visitors came Vivaness trade, mainly naturists with specialized stores (17%), wholesale trade, perfumists and herbalists. They have turned many Institutes cosmetics experts, naturalists, physicians and homeopaths. The Hall of Natural Cosmetics and Wellness has met its second edition to 196 exhibitors, an increase of 22%. Manufacturers of natural cosmetics from 22 countries, among them the market leaders in Germany have submitted in the call for 2008 and new products. The major international holdings came from France (27), Italy (17), Switzerland (9) and United Kingdom (9). For the first time Israel has participated, Latvia, Morocco, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Turkey

Uwe Risse, equipment sales cosmetics Wala (D), is very satisfied: "Vivaness has established itself as a clear mark. The atmosphere in the ward was very good and really positive." Mendes Thomas, Public Relations Börlind (D) :" The room was always very pleasant and professional. We have made very good national and international contacts. You really meet experts from around the world. The level is awesome! "

Sabine Kästner-Schlemmer, public relations Laverana (D) sums it up well:" This year has been even larger, professional and attractive than ever before, conversations have been of very high quality, as well as visitors and internationality. In our booth we received customers from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom." Chrissie Papaspyrou, Export Manager, Ramnus Laboratories (GR):" What's special event is the large number of international visitors! We had a very positive echo of the whole world, such as Austria, Italy, Bulgaria and Taiwan. "
Along with the information gathered in the stands of this duo exhibition, about 9,000 experts attended the 117 events BioFach Congress and ForumVivaness to deepen their knowledge.

Hjertelig Velkommen: Denmark is the country's years of BioFach 2009. In 2009, Denmark will contribute to living room global leader Scandinavian charm. The Danes are big consumers of organic products and the country has for years, growth rates of two digits. The Danish participation at BioFach was the successful addition of 29 exhibitors. The Danish experts believe that figure will double to edition 2009. Eva Kjer Hansen, Danish Minister of Food and Agriculture, as summarizes "There are two rooms off. Nothing but the size is already unique. And here are actually closed and not only business cards are dealt. Denmark will show next year which is able to offer the international environmental market. I would stress in particular the quality and credibility of the sector. With regard to progress, for us in Denmark is very important to the good cooperation between politics and all participants in this market. "

The IFOAM, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, sponsor of the global family of BioFach, was very satisfied with the results of the call this year. Gerald A. Herrmann (D), president of IFOAM " The quality of visitors, the interest of governments and state organizations, and the high number of visitors to the traditional market of food have been truly impressive. Along with trade and marketing of products, BioFach is also a political imperative for the global flow of information. "

Africa visiting Nuremberg 

The African Pavilion had become a real magnet for visitors, with a premiere of rich colors, exotic aromas and a fanfare of trumpets. The nearly 75 companies grouped in the hall official filed the wide range of organic products in Africa. Gerbert Rieks, Team Leader Tropical Agro Eco Projects (NL): "Our exhibitors were very excited and grateful for the cordial reception and the great interest of visitors." Gerald A. Herrmann, IFOAM "It was high time that Africa as a continent, forming an image in the international organic market. And that is what has been achieved with the African Pavilion and Africa Symposium in Congress!"

The international market reached 40.000 billion dollars, experts from Organic Monitor and IFOAM agree that in 2007, international organic market has turnover of 40,000 million dollars. It is projected that by 2010 will exceed the threshold value of 60,000 million dollars at the international level. At turnover, the highest growth recorded in North America and Europe. The Organic Trade Association (OTA) estimated that in 2007 U.S. revenue of U.S. organic market is about 20,000 million dollars, an increase of over 20%. United States is thus the largest international environmental market. According to the German Central Office reports the market price (ZMP, in its German abbreviation), the turnover of organic products in Germany is about third of the total turnover in Europe, close to 15,000 million. Therefore, Germany is leading the European eco-market, followed a long distance from United Kingdom, Italy and France. The Association of Industry German organic food (BÖLW in its German abbreviation) estimated that the German organic growth in 2007 amounted to 15% and the turnover of 5300 million euros.

Industry international organic products are again referred to the 19-22 February 2009 at the Nuremberg exhibition center. Anyone who wishes to learn before the latest market trends, can go from 29th to May 31st the appointment of BioFach China in Shanghai. It is the second edition of the newest salon leader Nuremberg. In the autumn it will BioFach Japan,Tokyo (24 to September 26). Then BioFach America will be held in Boston(16 to October 18) and BioFach Latin America and Expo Sustentat, Sao Paulo (23 to October 25). The Hall and its leader Nuremberg international meet in four editions each year to total around 3,700 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors.

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2 Reviews about Biofach 2008: Review of the International Fair of Organic Farming
on 14/09/2015
That's really cool that they have entire fairs full of like-minded people that celebrate the production of organic foods. Everytime I go to the grocery store I feel just a little angry about all the processed food sold in stores, and how all they're doing is just making people so sick. Organics are great.
on 07/10/2013
Today in these days you find many for festivals dedicated to the health of the planet and to help the people understand new ways of producing, working and more. The importance of these events is so bid that they should be at least twice a year, all the time, and reach places even farer away

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