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The bioenergetics, the therapy created by Alexander Lowen U.S., is one of the alternative therapies most comprehensive and profound, which states that human disease are caused by a combination of physical and mental stress on the individual, which is a vital force or energy that is expressed at the appropriate time in the body structure.

This therapy believes that human beings are not only a material body but within the system there is a subtle energy that are manifested through the power of their thoughts, emotions and their spiritual development. When these energies are altered or enter a period of imbalance and disharmony, the body expressed or somatization.

Body is in constant motion adaptation. Within the period of adjustment, either to a new situation, a drastic change to a new awareness, etc., the individual enters a period of tension, and rehabilitation. To compare the changes and situations that arise every day we have the attitude and the way we see life is essential for this adaptation. When philosophy, our belief system or our openness to new knowledge is not the most appropriate and flexible to adapt to the new, when our attitude causes us constant resistance, rejection or anger towards the new experience, then the body begins to somatic tensions and resistance, because the vital energy of the body is slow, becomes stagnant, poorly circulating on the organs and body in general, cause what is called an energy blockade. This energy blockage begins to speak with some discomfort or illness that usually occurs in the most weakened body part. For example, if the eyes are most tired and exhausted, the lock will be manifested in this area, and then we can begin to feel irritated eyes, pain or deficiencies. If the tension persists and the adaptation is not achieved, then the condition may worsen, so that irritation can lead to other more severe or chronic ailments, and that the body will begin to take "such action" in its resistance expression.

The bioenergetics focuses on treating the body and their positions, so that the body will heal the mind  Each body, under original form and proportion, often present certain features that are detected as bioenergetic energy blockages. When there are severe tensions during childhood, the body often starts to adapt according to these tensions, resistances, fears, and so on. If these emotions and tensions are suppressed and are constant, the body will be accommodated under these resistances, as if the body were a memory of trauma, stress, fear, rejection, etc., accumulated in the body.

For example, if we are vigilant, we could observe these traits in people: hunched back, a deep shoulder, a head sunk, a contracted pelvis, and so on. Just the way they take certain bodies to be able to feel a little that the individual is feeling inside their body and emotion, which could be some secret or unconscious, that has prevailed in the attitude of this individual. For example, if you now raise your shoulders and bend your head you may feel a thrill of fear. Individuals who often have outdated pelvis forward, as if they were to give a spanking and try to avoid (such as "putting the tail between the legs") may refer to a feeling of being punished constantly of escape, a feeling of scary.
Paying attention to how the body has accommodated can give us large keys about our personal philosophy.

A person full of strength and health, according to the bioenergy, is a healthy person is one who has a strong life force that circulates through the body and properly. When this energy is altered, then energy can be divided by the body, and disruption is the result of various ailments such as cardiovascular problems, digestive, degenerative, mood, nervous, etc., which are directly or indirectly related to the mishandling of the tension and adaptability, with inadequate and self-destructive habits especially in the way of thinking. S

Some of the foundations of this therapy are:

1.    Any limitations on the individual body or any presence of constant pain in some regions as the back, shoulders, knees, etc., are the result of a difficult emotional conflict which has not been clarified.

2.    Breathing can be gradually limited, either by social and momentous events in the life of the individual. By limiting breathing, reduces the flow of energy and vitality of the body.

3.    Attitude of resistance stems from the individual in the need to adapt and survive in a social environment that may be aggressive, invasive, painful, and so on. As if to make the body a kind of carapace forming a blockage that could be the cause of ailments in the physical, mental and emotional.

To cope with various situations that may affect an individual, the discipline offers a therapy that works at the physical performance and reflective of the patient. On one hand it makes thinking about the attitudes and thoughts that have done ill and on the other hand proposes a physical performance to eliminate tension, stiffness, lack of physical and low satisfaction with life, while making a series of exercises of deep breathing to facilitate the discharge of tension and repressed emotions.

For example, it is almost impossible for a depressed person to overcome his problems having only positive thoughts, because his energy level is low and has no way to sustain his efforts, so the specialist will ensure that bioenergy therapy works in his patient, in addition to analyzing the situation from a rational perspective, increasing its strength through deep breathing exercises, meditation or other to facilitate the discharge of feelings.

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2 Reviews about Bioenergetics
on 14/09/2015
I am a huge proponent of alternate types of therapy that work in conjunction with the body's natural and innate wisdom. I read a lot of books on Ayurvedic medicine, and this philosophy heals very serious conditions, simply by working WITH the body, and it's ability to heal.
on 06/10/2013
The therapy sound good if you are person that holds many stress in the back, for saying something, this could be a very good relief to any person that has that characteristics and want to overcome this to live a more relaxed and quiet life, and that could help a lot in every mean of the life

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