Biodynamic organic Agriculture: Principles and Methods Biodynamik Landwirtschaft: Grundsätze und Methoden Agricultura Biodinámica: Fundamentos y Métodos

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Biodynamic organic Agriculture: Principles and Methods

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Biodynamic organic Agriculture: Principles and Methods

We are accustomed to hear about organic agriculture and products. But in recent times, new names have emerged that deserve to be mentioned.

We refer to the so-called biodynamic organic agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture uses natural resources responsibly, without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs. This method is considered the primary method of agriculture in Europe, based on the principles of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who came in 1920 with a group of farmers Koberwitz (Austria), alarmed by the loss of soil fertility and low nutritional value of their crops. We talk about the "anthroposophy".

This type of agriculture, as well as respects the environment and biodiversity, as we know, includes a spiritual dimension in the relationship between man and land and to work in harmony with cosmic forces. This means that the garden or farm is a living organism and self-sufficient, consisting of all animals and plants inhabiting it. Each of them connects and interacts with others through the cosmos, receiving the influence of natural forces like the moon, the sun, the cycles of day and seasons.

So is able to optimize the harvest, and plants get stronger and more vital, and determining the best time for sowing, harvesting and crop rotation.

It also composts using special homeopathic and biodynamic preparations to increase fertility and control pests naturally. Both the crop as harvesting is done manually.

An important point of this approach is that the followers of biodynamic agriculture see the earth, plants, animals and humans working in a single interconnected body farm.

In practice, using biodynamic and sustainable natural resources for their crop, similar to organic agriculture, such as thoughtful crop rotations, compost made with manure from the farm, weed control and disease-based materials using plants and minerals, etc.

Biodynamic farmers believe in a set of typical values of the more esoteric medieval alchemy or astrology. Proponents believe in the existence of rhythms, "cosmic" force and energy influence on all living beings. In this sense, one of its methods, known as "energizing", consists of a series of preparations, including the burial of a horn stuffed with manure from cattle.

Moreover, the signs of the zodiac and the position of certain stars determine the best times for planting and cultivation work. In this regard, for example, advocates were concerned at the large number of eclipses that will occur in 2007, both Moon and other planets of the Solar System.

In Spain, farmers have a biodynamic association in explaining the basics of how to cultivate the land, and offer a series of books and magazines to learn more about the subject. They also provide a list of producers and distributors, and contact people to get their preparations.

Ultimately, as explained in the skeptical Digital Professor, University of Granada, Jesús Barquin, "The greening of the biodynamic approach is reasonable, it is organic agriculture, sustainable and respectful of the environment. However, its principles are based on assumptions without empirical basis comparable spiritual. "

Source: International Demeter

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2 Reviews about Biodynamic organic Agriculture: Principles and Methods
on 01/07/2014
How interesting!! I visited a Biodynamic vineyard in California (Benzinger), they gave us a tour and explained their whole process and it was just incredible. And makes so much sense!! Also, Permaculture is a very wise method of design and gardening. The main difference between Permaculture and Biodynamic practices is that Permaculture emphasizes a much wider scale of thinking, from architecture, art, design, all the way to gardening and the very basic way in which we live.
on 09/07/2013
I have not heard about this derivation of the roganic farming or agriculture but it seems like a good option if you really believe in the cosmos and the other forces of the earth, the most important is that this method searches to take care of the whole evniroment and take advantage but with natural means

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