Bio-decoding: physical and emotional healing therapy Bio-Dekodierung: physikalische Therapie und emotionale Heilung Biodescodificación: terapia de curación física y emocional

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Bio-decoding: physical and emotional healing therapy

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Bio-decoding: physical and emotional healing therapy

The Bio-decoding is one of the most innovative proposals of natural healing and effective to actually help the body recovers. Using this method, we are taught to listen to the body, i.e. biology, symptom, condition, discomfort or disability, etc., which will be the main guide through which the therapist guide to start a deep and effective healing process that intends to eradicate the root cause that is causing the disease.

How is this therapy conducted?

The cells of our body simply contain information. This information comes in the person of the heritage and life of the person, what you know, feel and live. Each cell is encoded with the information which activates its functioning and causes our cells, tissues, and systems behave in certain ways. The bio-decoding consist in activating codes in the cells so that they regain a healthy and harmonious behavior.

Why do we get sick?

The method of bio-decoding perspective speaks of the disease as a result of the way we think and act in life. Our personal perspectives in our cells create codes which cause the body to manifest either health or disease. We could summarize saying that if we have thoughts or ways of looking at life limited or little awareness, the disease will manifest more viability.

One issue that affects the behavior of our cells is the emotions and reactions we have to the circumstances of life. If we summarize which means our perspective and way of life, we would say that is just information that we have accepted as truth and which program the way we react. The essential for the therapist of bio-decoding is to accompany the person to analyze feelings, attitudes or reactions, ways of seeing and experiencing life that are hidden, that may be causing the disease.

The cure in Bio-decoding therapy

Usually, we are used to find the solution to our problems in a conscious way, trying to arrange a disease limited to what we see. To actually begin a healing process, we should enter beyond our conscious and get to that ignored or unconscious part of us, but which strongly influences us.

In the unconscious, there are amazing responses that the body manifests. Awareness of what we feel and think is the key method to recover body health.

The key healing

One of the fundamental principles of the method is that the therapist accompanies the sick person so that he/she can talk and express hidden emotions and feelings. The solutions to the health problems are in what the patient cannot cope or something unnoticed or unimportant.

Bio-decoding therapy tries to get the person to the dark places she/he cannot go either because does not the tool to go and meet them for fear, for a defense mechanism, a way to rationalize, etc. And this is the role of the therapist; be patient, accompany the person in emotional maturity to deal with various situations that may be affecting either now or time ago.

How would you bio-decode, for example, a problem of stomach?

The therapist will discuss which information can be hidden that the patient does not see and which cause the stomach problem. In this case, the first question might be: When did the pain first appear? Or, when stomach problems started? Through patient responses, the therapist may give you an idea of ??the situation that caused shock in the person to trigger the disease. After then, through a series of questions that will reflect the patient, the person may be expressing feelings or unrecognized saved that might be keeping.

An example would be a waiter who works hard to earn good tips and often that does not happen. He thinks he should be patient and keep working without having good tip. The waiter does not dare to recognize that he is bothered and cannot "digest" the idea that he is not appreciated or recognized in his workAnd then generates frequent stomachaches or indigestion, which speaks of not "assimilating" the experience of reality.


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3 Reviews about Bio-decoding: physical and emotional healing therapy
on 30/07/2015
It would be a great article on BioDecoding if it were translated correctly so that it could really be helpful!!! The translation make it confusing.
on 06/09/2014
Hmm. What an interesting philosophy. I too, have never heard of it, but it does seem to go hand in hand with some of the other intuitive healing philosophies, like chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine, although of course, it does appear to have its own differences. Thanks for the information, I'll have to look further into it.
on 12/03/2013
I haven?t heard about this therapy but it seems amazing, just having a doctor?s diagnosis with just a couple of questions, that?s why I love alternative medicine, and I hope I can find some professional who can perform this activity and see if I get results, I have migraine some times and I really wanna get cured from it so this could be a good choice

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