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Biocultura Fair in Madrid

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Biocultura Fair in Madrid

The great fair of organic products and responsible consumption, Biocultura will be held at the Glass Pavilion of the Casa de Campo in Madrid from October 30th to November 2nd. A showcase and the drive towards consumption of organic products is a priority for this 24th edition that expects over 800 exhibitors and 140,000 visitors.

The Fair pays much attention to citizens : there is a varied range of products and proposals , and especially information to exercise responsible choices in their consumption habits. Biocultura is also quoted for professional want to approach the world of products with life. Each sector thus has the opportunity to know directly to distributors and operators, and conduct their business in a simple way. The Enterprise , for their part, have this showcase in Biocultura to provide and care for their customers and get new ones attracted by the high level of dissemination of the fair and its future projection. Entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, importers, exporters, professional chefs and many other arts and disciplines think of Biocultura as the safe place where you will find answers and proposals.

This year Biocultura grows quality and also surface: this time occupy three floors of the Glass Pavilion. This year will also provide approximately 200 events in business life. Free and independent, that seeks to give the keys to opt for a life more in tune to our needs. Also important is the information offered on the stands by professionals in each of the sectors that offer demonstrations, tastings and above all answers of first hand. It is vital to recover in this sense closer relationship between producer and consumer as a form of trust and security.

While the Spanish State is the ninth country in the world of organic food production, consumption still remains very low. That's why we need a rapid growth in domestic consumption and local levels.

The protagonist: Catalonia

This year is the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. This means that organic products Catalans will be announced between the fair with public tastings, cookery workshops, tastings of professionals. This means having the opportunity to be a protagonist on the platform of the largest market for organic products in the Spanish State. Companies, government and SMCC made all kinds of business activities, and outreach on the differentiating characteristics of organic products for Catalans are known in other markets outside of Catalonia.

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1 Reviews about Biocultura Fair in Madrid
on 02/07/2015
I would love so much to visit Spain and see all these wonderful fairs they have, it seems like they're really doing a great job at getting word out about organic agriculture and "new age" ways of living! Great job! I'm travelling to France soon, so maybe I'll stop by Spain!

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