Biocultura, Biological food and Responsible consumption Fair Bioculture, Messe für den biologischen Verbrauch BioCultura, la Feria de la alimentación biológica y el consumo responsable

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Biocultura, Biological food and Responsible consumption Fair

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Biocultura, Biological food and Responsible consumption Fair

Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona will host to next Monday 7th to Biocultura, Alternative and Responsible Consumption Fair to organize film shows, days of reflection, therapy areas and accommodating a large number of exhibitors.

The Fair comes from the hand of Vida Sana Association, organizer of the event and gathers over 650 companies. Fair is a leader when it comes to nutrition and biological reference referred also to the products and services related to environment and quality of life.

This year, within the venue of the fair will also touch on Ecological Consumer Mamaterra Festival, aimed at children and those responsible for their education. This twelfth edition of Barcelona is expected at least 540 exhibitors and over 74,000 visitors who may know something more about the consumption and use of biological products and ecological alternative to address environmental disasters and solve the food crisis afflicting the Planet.

Throughout the conference, 180 activities were also organized over, such as roundtables, workshops, film shows, or therapy areas, which cover topics such as genetic manipulation, chemical, environmental problems, the scarcity and water quality, climate change, and the pharmaceutical sector and health, and other technical and practical issues aimed at entrepreneurs in the sector of environmental goods and services.

Biocultura’s most important sector of this year continue to be the biological food, but next to it will be a wide range of products and suggestions for daily life, obtained using organic methods without chemicals or synthetics.

Thus, the Fair will feature natural products for hygiene and cosmetics, bio-materials, renewable energy, furniture and decoration for housing and healthy workplaces, as well as complementary therapies and medicines, saving and recycling, hemp, industrial ecology, environment, rural tourism, toys, crafts, music or books and magazines.

Biocultura welcomes professionals in each of the sectors and promotes the participation of consumers, thus becoming a showcase for organic agriculture and in a framework of respect for the forms of production based, in turn, respect to life.

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2 Reviews about Biocultura, Biological food and Responsible consumption Fair
on 28/10/2014
Wow, it sounds like the fair went over super well, and I'm really glad to hear it. I've been looking for something similar to this fair, and if possible, I would really like to attend a fair in the US some time. It sounds like most of these fairs that this magazine writes about are in Spain - which ti would be great to visit - but I am much closer to west coast US.
on 24/11/2013
I visited a fair like this one time ago and it was very good, I had time to share with farmers and experts in the topic, which I couldn?t make if it wasn?t for the fair, so I am very glad to have done that and surely I recommend visiting fairs to get informed well

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