Bioculture 13th Edition: Fair Alternatives and responsible consumption Bioculture 13. Auflage: normale und verantwortungsvolle Alternativen BIOCULTURA 13ª Edición: Feria de las alternativas y el consumo responsable

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Bioculture 13th Edition: Fair Alternatives and responsible consumption

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Bioculture 13th Edition: Fair Alternatives and responsible consumption

Bioculture is the most important fair of the organic sector of the Spanish state. In its 13th edition in Barcelona, it expects 580 exhibitors and over 78,000 visitors at the Palau Sant Jordi.


Bioculture, much more than an art, is a hope. It has become, over the years, a symbol of change, openness, towards a more sustainable world for real. Bioculture is the meeting point for those who have no hope in saving this system (usury, pollution, hypocrisy, Falsies, selfishness exacerbated ...)

What will you fin in Bioculture?

The most important sector is the organic food. Next to it, a wide range of products and suggestions for daily life are listed, obtained using organic methods, without the presence of chemical-synthetic substances. A range, with a high level of quality, maturity and professionalism characterize of traders and businesses in each edition.

Thus, we also have natural products for: hygiene and cosmetics, bio-materials, renewable energy, furniture and furnishings for housing and healthy workplaces, complementary therapies and medicines, saving and recycling, industrial hemp, ecology, environment, tourism and rural nursing homes, toys, crafts, music, books and magazines.

Bioculture welcomes professionals in each of the sectors and promotes the consumer, thus becoming a showcase for organic agriculture and ecological framework of respect for the forms of production based, in turn, in respect for life.

The third week of organic cuisine

Good and wide impact of this initiative brings a gastronomic week.

This year it will focus in the kitchens of the Mediterranean countries. Around this common axis and the assumption of local consumption and shall be responsible for numerous activities throughout the city in addition to the grounds of the Palau Sant Jordi: days of responsible consumption, cooking workshops, tastings of products, markets with fresh biological samples, solar dishes, presence in the municipal markets, collaboration with school canteens ...

Warranties of quality 

The Selection Committee is composed by the Bioculture team, the Catalan Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPA), the APECPAE (Associació of Productors, Elaboradors i Comercialitzadors Product Agroalimentaris Ecològics) and technical professionals in all sectors. Working meticulously over the years and rigorously to the proposals presented at the fair are eligible. The organic food can only be certified by any of the bodies officially recognized in Spain and in Europe under EU regulation 2092/91. For other countries, these are recognized by the European Union.

The other sectors are also subject to specific conditions of participation that are improved each year and become more demanding. There is also an ethical code for admission of exhibitors to be met.

Information: a need, a priority 

Bioculture offers some 200 events in the business. Free and independent information, which aims to give the keys to, with our consumer choices and our daily habits, opting for the regeneration of the environment.

This year also will bring a chill-out area, where professionals in the music and performing arts develop numerous proposals that link the arts and culture with our roots and identity.


To exhibit or solicit Bioculture action programs:
Àngel Guimerà, 1, 1
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès. Barcelona

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