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BioCultura Fair 2011 en Madrid

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BioCultura Fair 2011 en Madrid

BioCultura Fair will be held soon in the Spanish capital, which celebrates its twenty-seventh edition this year. The event is organized by IFEMA and BioCultura. As always, the goal will be to promote a healthier lifestyle and ecologically responsible consumption. In addition, the principal, Angeles Parra, is also in charge of organizing an event aimed at the youngest: MamaTerra. It will promote the same values as BioCultura, but adapted to the tastes of children.

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Where, when and how much it cost?

The fair will take place between November 3rd to 6th at the site of IFEMA, in the Campo de las Naciones. There are several ways to reach by public transport, the page has a map with all the necessary information. The hours will be from 10 am to 8 pm on the days appointed. Moreover, the entrance fee is 6 euros for the general public, 3 euros for pensioners, unemployed and children between 6 and 12, and free for children under 6.

What can be done in BioCultura?

There will be a wide range of activities from lectures to workshops and exhibitions. The fair will feature various 'categories' including food, agro-ecology, natural cosmetics, alternative therapies and many others. Some of the activities that will highlight the first day are: a Film festival (organized by Karma Films and BioCultura), a workshop on food and Diabetes, a talk on Sustainable Tourism, a Sound Therapy workshop and more. During the following days, various events will continue under the naturist topic. One of them is EcoEsthetic Day, which will inform the public about the drawbacks of traditional cosmetics and natural advantages. There will be a demonstration of ecological cosmetic that promises to be very interesting for those interested in the naturist beauty.

Food and Nutrition in public service

Over the event, there will be a series of tastings of organic products, as well as cooking classes and explanations about the benefits of consumption of natural elements. This is what the organizers (Biocultura, CMEA, Intereco) call 'Show cooking': known nutritionists and chefs cook various dishes with elements from Agroecology. Thus, the public can access various ecological recipes, while learning more about smart and healthy nutrition. Producers will also participate explaining the origin of their products and their preparation.

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2 Reviews about BioCultura Fair 2011 en Madrid
on 01/07/2014
Aw I missed it!! Just a few years late... ha! Apparently this is an annual thing you have any more information about upcoming events? I would imagine there are similar events all around the world as well; it would be super fun to be able to go to one and then travel around the country for a few weeks.
on 01/01/2013
Wow this is an amazing initiative, I think every country and even city should make things like this one to give information nad show people that natural food is a lot way better than processed one. I hope I could assist one of this fairs.

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