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BioCultura 2010 in Madrid's Balance

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BioCultura 2010 in Madrid's Balance

About 120,000 people visited the 26th edition of the fair of organic products and responsible consumption BioCultura in Madrid, which closed its doors on Sunday 7, after four full days of workshops, lectures and tastings, bringing together over 700 exhibitors and 17,000 products.

At the opening, Angeles Parra, director of the fair, said that in this International Year of Biodiversity "40% of the global economy rests on biodiversity in these environmental services provided by ecosystems that are irreplaceable." Angeles Parra said, "The organic sector has become a viable alternative for creating jobs, while other sectors are sinking."

Sustainability and a healthy and ecological lifestyle still booming and sales of organic foods, natural cosmetics and organic textiles again increased markedly around the world and BioCultura has proven that this year in Madrid with a wide range of covering food, cosmetics, footwear, textiles, bio renewable energy, natural therapies, furniture and home decor, saving and recycling, ecology, environment, rural tourism and nursing homes, toys, crafts, music, books and magazines.

The star of the show was the Principality of Asturias with its presentation of innovative organic products as organic sparkling cider and blue cheese, delicious beef and it successful Asturian show cooking where José Antonio Campoviejo tasted dishes prepared as typical as the Asturian bean stew.

Another popular item was the stand of the community of Madrid, which aroused great interest in the live cooking demonstration from Chef Martin Goldman, an educational workshop and training to know the origin of the products and their treatment until reaching our kitchens.

The offering completed more than 200 activities including workshops, concerts, films, lectures and courses, in which participants learned to produce organic bread, organic fiber, manufacturing dolls, replant the planet with Nengo Dango seeds. And do not forget Mamaterra: the smallest were not excluded of the message since for them there was a whole educational children's program at the Green Festival for Children, as children are the future consumers and educators.

It was a weekend full of "BIO" entertainment attended by the public actors such as Juanjo Puigcorbé and Lola Marcell to support the career and the work of organizations like the Foundation “Más árboles” (more trees).

Spain is one of the first countries in producing eco food and yet is at the tail end of Europe in consumption. That's why we are making efforts in advocacy trying to get the best out of people to spread the benefits of organic food for health and the environment, for farmers and the local economy.

BioCultura thanks the public and consumers who have visited us 26 years and invites to upcoming events in March in Valencia and Barcelona in May.

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2 Reviews about BioCultura 2010 in Madrid's Balance
on 24/10/2014
You know what I absolutely love? It's fairs like these that have tons of ideas on DIY (do it yourself) stuff. I found the most amazing little idea for an indoor herb garden on pinterest the other day, consisting of making little tiny mason jars into pot holders. I can't wait to do it in my own kitchen!!
on 28/02/2013
It?s good to know that there are people who want to take care of the environment and their bodies in a healthier way as well, I hope that more events like this one occur in the entire world to make understand that people could be better with the consumption of natural products and they could help the planet too.

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