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Biocultura 2009 in Madrid

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Biocultura 2009 in Madrid

From 5 to 8 November, a new edition of the fair of organic products and responsible consumption, Biocultura 2009 will be held. On this occasion, since the flag of Cristal, Casa de Campo in Madrid, more than 800 exhibitors and about 200 activities will be the attraction of the 25th edition of Spain's most important fair organized by the Vida Sana Association.

Within the sectors involved include:

  • Organic foods / certified organic
  • Clothing and footwear ecological
  • Hygiene and natural cosmetics
  • Green building and renewable energy
  • Therapies to health
  • Rural tourism
  • Books, magazines, music
  • Crafts

For you to know everything that will happen in the biggest event of the year, we report here the program of activities, day by day:

Thursday, 5 November

11 h. Room 6: Home Workshop "Managing outlets and selling organic products” (part 2)
13 h. Room 5: BioCultura Film Festival. Screening of the film: "2012 (the world will not end, transforms)"
14 h. Room 1: Yoga classes
15 h. Room 4: In the bio-energy bio-information. Past and future of P.H.E
16 h. NAMA Hall 1. The art of body therapies
16 h. Room 2 Moruna. Transhumance and biodiversity
16 h. Room 4 Natural pools or bathing ponds
16 h. Ward 5 BioCultura Film Festival. Screening of the film: "2012 (the world will not end, transforms)"
17 h. Room 1 Molen Aartje - Products with carob
17 h. Room 2 The sustainable catering. A response to the current economic and ecological crisis
17 h. Workshop Room 4 Sat Nam Rasayan
17:45 pm Room 2 In Rome, the students eat "Bio" and "Right" in the dining
18 h. Room 1 macrobiotic and organic products in a Western diet
18 h. Room 4 Falun Gong: self-cultivation practice to improve body and mind
18:30 pm Room 2 Environmental impacts in the catering
19 h. Room 1 Tonic: the power of the new alchemy
19 h. Room 4 The art of food and awareness
19'15 h. Teaching Room 2 school in ecological restoration. Experience in Andalusia

Friday, 6 November 

11 h. 1 Your feet are your life's book
11 h. 3 Recover your health or balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
11 h. 6 Home Days "Management of outlets selling organic products (part 2)
12 h. 1 biodynamic farming practices to restore soil fertility
12 h. 2 Lima, more than 50 years in the service of organic food
12 h. Practical Mycology 3
12 h. 4 Japanese Incense: The scent of the spirit
13 h. 2 Speak , put words to the loss
13 h. 4 The electric car myth
13 h. 5 Festival de Cine BioCultura. Screening of the film: "Full Trust"
14 h. 1 Types of yoga
14 h. 3 The possibility of peace
15 h. 1 Education Free Falun Gong exercises
15 h. 2 More and more, paired
15 h. 3 We are what we eat and what we think
16 h. 1 Accepting the gift
16 h. 2 Sexuality female, true to the end of violence
16 h. Spatium 3: Solutions to create healthy spaces and harmonic
16 h. 4 Projection of the documentary "Manual of a spaceship
16 h. 5 BioCultura. Screening of the film: "Full Trust"
17 h. 1 Introduction to the traditional farming system
17 h. 2 cultivation of vegetables and medicinal plants on balconies and rooftops
17 h. 3 Ekoriqueza: the wealth of knowledge
17 h. 4 The energy of the pyramids: self-healing therapy
17'30 h. 5 Hearing: Sounds of Nature
18 h. 1 Workshop Practical Jin Shin Jyutsu: simple and effective self-help for daily living (being)
18 h. 2 Assessment of ecological virgin olive oil through our senses
18 h. 3 Biodanza
18 h. 4 Presentation of Aquarium Natural Health Hospital
18 h. 5 sound professional practice, with Tibetan bowls, gongs, rattles and voice
19 h. 1 Workshop Yoga Naradeva
19 h. 2 Who does my money? Transparency and sustainability in the banking
19 h. 3 What is an animal sanctuary?
19 h. 4 Workshop Demartini method of application to the couple relationship
19 h. 5 concerts with mystical instruments of the world

Saturday, 7 November

11 h. 1 Benefits of swine influenza (Influenza A)
11 h. 2 The environmental impact of food
11 h. 3 Presentation of the book "Educating every day"
11 h. 4 Introduction to polarity therapy
11 h. 6 Power supply anti-aging: natural remedies and recipes
12 h. 1 Introducing the vaccination campaign against human papillomavirus (HPV)
12 h. 2 Clonlara School: programs to support family education and free schools
12 h. 3 The furniture as harmonizer of space and personal relationships
12 h. 4 Does the mobile harm health? How to Protect Yourself
12 h. 5 Women and power, men and love. III Meeting genre. Lakabe 2009
12 h. 6 Products Biocop
13 h. 1 Vaccine bluetongue disease of animals: What problems occur?
13 h. 2 Living in nature, take live-raw food, positive social relationships
13 h. 3 Holosíntesis and other therapies: flower essences, acupuncture, reflexology, astrology, constellations ...
13 h. 4 BioCultura 25 years, 25 years of environmental journalism
13 h. 5 Festival de Cine BioCultura. Screening of the film: "The Moon inside you"
13 h. 6 The GM, a threat to organic farming
14 h. 1 Types of yoga
14 h. 2 green smoothies: an excellent source of nutrition
14 h. Rain Drops Therapy 3 / Raindrop Therapy with therapeutic essential oils
14 h. 5 The ecovillage in the Iberian Peninsula: different situations and moments
15 h. 1 Health for body and mind
15 h. 2 Tantra and conscious love
15 h. Being born in Aquarius 3: a new outlook on life
15 h. 5 Documentary "What we have oil ...!" ... OR NOT? "
15 h. 6 Alternatives to milk plant
16 h. 1 The fight against bacteria and viruses: a self-destructive struggle
16 h. 2 The polarity therapy and astrological reflexes in the feet
16 h. 3 Visual Perception
16 h. 4 Presentation of the book: the spiritual dimension of human beings. A psychological perspective
16 h. 5 Festival de Cine BioCultura. Screening of the film: "The Moon inside you"
16 h. 6 The social impacts of industrial farming: the expansion of soy in Latin America
17 h. 1 Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical, drugs and vaccines What do you sell?
17 h. 2 Water and its revitalization, health effects
17 h. 3 Analysis of ERM as yin / yang and 5 elements
17 h. 4 Manual of practical organic garden
17 h. 5 Hearing: Sounds of Nature
17 h. 6 How to cook with agar-agar. PRONAGER. The gelatin of the Sea: practical demonstration
18 h. 1 poisoning by mercury and aluminum present in the vaccine in children of the Valencian Community.
18 h. 2 The wisdom of menstruation
18 h. 3 Reiki, DNA Activation and other healing techniques. The healing power of hands
18 h. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 4. The daily toxic risk
18 h. 5 concerts for peace
18 h. 6 Workshop on the state of research and dissemination of agroecological innovations in Spain
19 h. 1 Proposals for digestive simple
19 h. 3 Epysteme: progress in homeschooling
19 h. 4 From hospital delivery natural childbirth: a birth without violence to
19 h. 5 Concert: Sounds that heal "The Enchantment"
19 h. 6 The thought brings reality

Sunday, November 8

11 h. 1 well nourished without animals
11 h. 2 Healing: an automated process that hampered
11 h. 3 Benefits of macrobiotics for health, beauty and inner harmony
11 h. 4 The Waldorf education: a school for children and parents and teachers
11 h. 6 Naradeva, yoga for life
12 h. 1 Workshop infant foot reflexology
12 h. 2 40th anniversary of Survival
12 h. 3 Clonlara School: or how to create social networks in the globosfera and other virtual environments
12 h. 4 The doula. One woman, a mother, a doula
12 h. 5 Water alive. The life of Victor Schauberger
12 h. 6 The liver cleanse and gallbladder
13 h. 1 Wealth interior and foreign wealth. Prosperity Consciousness
13 h. 2 Houses dismantled in bio
13 h. 3 Judicial decisions, capacity for change: alternatives from practice in the project As Corcerizas
13 h. 4 Kundalini yoga at the age of Aquarius
13 h. 5 Festival de Cine BioCultura. Screening of the film: "Film surprise
14 h. 1 Types of yoga
14 h. 3 AMPUKU. Physical and emotional
14 h. 4 Feng Shui: how to order our home
15 h. 1 Stability in times of internal crisis
15 h. 2 Career in Geobiology and GEA biohabitabilidad Hartmann
15 h. 3 A new consciousness in the water treatment
15 h. 5 gigs of mantras
16 h. 1 A of the present time Geobiology
16 h. 2 Epysteme: child and youth workshop
16 h. 3 The art of creating community
16 h. 4 Oncology natural. Alternative treatments to Cancer
16 h. 5 BioCultura. Screening of the film: "Film surprise”
16 h. 6 The dangers of the Pill
17 h. 1 Architecture ecology. Certification systems
17 h. Natural cosmetics versus 2 conventional cosmetics
17 h. 3 Officers participatory straw bale building: presentation. Questions and answers
17 h. 4 Book Healthy Home
18 h. 1 pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding
18 h. 2 Workshop reflexology in pregnancy and childbirth
18 h. 3 School Kryon Madrid: the 48 steps of divine awakening
18 h. 5 concerts for the Earth
18 h. 6 Influence of vibrational crop in the orchard garden
19 h. 1 The Community: the virtues of the plural
19 h. 3 RUH: universal homeopathic remedy. A new holistic medicine for healing
19 h. 5 Concert Tour Sound

Area Information

Every day
16 h. What does bio, organic, organic?
Committee of Organic Agriculture
17 h. Recognition Workshop labeling. Marga
Roldan. CultivaBio Training Platform.
Vida Sana.
17'30 h. Organic Food for: Children, adults, seniors. Montse Vallory and staff

The Spirit of the Wood Center for Rural Recreation and BioCultura -
Zone Workshops. Ground Floor 261 Stand BioCultura.

"A revolution without a smile, do not worth it"
Tel: 935 800 818

Line 10. Lake Station
Line 6. Alto de Extremadura Station
Line 31. Exit Plaza Mayor • Line 33. Salida Principe Pio • Line 36. Departure
Atocha • Line 39. Exit Opera • Line 65. Exit Plaza Jacinto Benavente.
Private transport:
• M-30
• M-40
More public transport:
HOURS: 10 to 20 hours.
Admission fee: 6 euros (children and pensioners 3 euros).
This price includes entry to all flags and all activities.

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2 Reviews about Biocultura 2009 in Madrid
on 01/05/2015
That is so cool taht Madrid sponsors these types of events. Here is the United States I actually haven't heard very much at all about different types of farming or gardening, and organic "living" is really something that I feel, the government tries to suppress.
on 02/06/2013
I read at all the activities and I feel like wanting to do a group that try to change the world from this little city, I think that everybody needs change and right now, and well if I do not star first then nobody will do anything, thanks for the ideas! I?ll keeps this on my mind

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