Beware the green part of potato and the sprouted seeds Vorsicht vor dem grünen der Kartoffeln-und Keimlinge Cuidado con la parte verde  de la papa y sus brotes de semillas

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Beware the green part of potato and the sprouted seeds

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Beware the green part of potato and the sprouted seeds

Did you know that tubers like potato has among its properties a dangerous element that can damage our health and put us at risk of gastrointestinal infection and in extreme cases can become fatal?

Not doubt that the potato is rich and nutritious food, but if it is exposed too long to light at 16 ° C for 24 hours, solanine, which is one of its natural components, increases to protect the tuber, but harming us.

Its dangers

Solanine is a glyco-alkaloid and bitter toxic present in potato, tomato and nightshade. It is a fungicide and pesticide from the potato itself, but if it is consumed in high concentrations can cause us symptoms like diarrhea, food poisoning, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, even in some severe cases hallucinations, fever, paralysis and delirium.

Symptoms usually occur between 8 and 12 hours after ingestion, but symptoms can occur up to 30 minutes after an ingested meal with high concentration of solanine.

This is not something to be alarmed and avoid the consumption of potatoes, but to learn and recognize when solanine is present in toxic amounts.

Solanine is evident

If you are going to prepare fries, mashed potatoes or a casserole, make sure that potatoes don’t have seeds and a green color. Those are the two evidences that the solanine is present.

In this case it is better to get rid of potato, because even though you peel it, there will always be a percentage of solanine. It is known that the skin has between 30 to 80% and only frying can be effective in reducing these levels, if performed to levels greater than 170 ° C.

The microwave oven can do little or nothing to remove the substance and cooking as well.


It is better to keep the potatoes always in a dry, cool and dark place without light. The light and humidity make that solanine content increase, even four times a day.

Don’t trust if you see a green color, thinking that they lack maturity, that color is chlorophyll simply warning that there are high levels of solanine.

What you can do is take away the green parts and keep only the parts that do not have that color.


All this does not diminish the benefits of eating potatoes. Remember that this tuber consumed in sanitary condition brings to our bodies, water, starch, minerals and vitamins B11, B2, B6, A, C, H and K.

Moreover several studies have confirmed that 37.5 kilos of potatoes are required to produce just 45 grams of fat equivalent to: 1.5 eggs, 11.2 breads, 3.5 packets of biscuits, 54 grams of butter, and 69.4 grams mayonnaise.

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3 Reviews about Beware the green part of potato and the sprouted seeds
on 05/02/2015
Wow!! I've totally heard this before, but I didn't know if it was actually real!! It's hard to believe that something so "natural" could be so toxic! But then again, there are a lot of toxic plants out there...but the funny thing about this potato plant, is that the toxic part actually sprouts from an edible part we eat almost daily!
on 30/11/2012
Wow I didn?t know that potatoes have that kind of substance that can harm our health and our body. But I think we just have to very careful while cooking to avoid inconvenient illness in our family. I love potatoes and I think I would never stop eating them and they are healthy too.
on 23/06/2014
I would never imagined that too! and when we buy products like french fries or other we cannot be sure that they are having the good potatoes, that is so bad...

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