Bentonite clay, perfect for skin care and controlling acne Bentonit-Ton, ideal für Akne und Hautpflege Tierra de Batán, ideal contra el acné y para el cuidado de la piel

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Bentonite clay, perfect for skin care and controlling acne

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Bentonite clay, perfect for skin care and controlling acne

Bentonite clay looks very similar to clay, and was made popular for its properties that fight against acne and face discoloration.  It was originally used in the textile industry as an absorbent, but today it’s used for its numerous cosmetic benefits.

Properties of Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is a clay-like substance, cultivated from single-cell algae that accumulates over the years in certain areas close to the ocean.

It is rich with magnesium chloride and helps reduce acne as well as facial discoloration.  It is also used to tone the skin, and is a very useful ingredient in exfoliation. 

It has no known side-effects, and helps create truly radiant-looking skin.

Facial benefits

It is an exfoliator: Bentonite clay is useful for eliminating dead skin cells, helping to renew skin, and promotes skin ventilation.

It cleans skin: Bentonite clay masks allow the skin to shine, improving skin texture as well.  It eliminates impurities, preventing the pores from becoming blocked.

It removes excess oils: Bentonite clay is great for those who suffer from oily skin.  It helps reduce excess grease, and when combined with rose water, it creates an unbeatable mask for this skin type.

Helpful in combating acne: Masks are frequently labeled as anti-acne.  Applying masks brings freshness to the skin and calms irritated skin, such as redness. 

How to fight blackheads and pimples: Make a soft cream with a bit of Bentonite clay, ground cloves, mothball powder, and rose water.  Apply this to the blackhead or pimple, and let it go to work!  Use this regularly to reduce these flaws.

Softens skin darkening after tanning: If you want to reduce the darkening of your skin after tanning, Bentonite clay is an excellent option.

Tones the skin: Proven as a useful ingredient for the skin, it is also excellent for toning the skin.  Add one beaten egg to 1 Tbsp. of Bentonite clay, mix well, and apply to face for roughly 20 minutes.  Wash with lukewarm water, and your skin will be beautifully toned. 

For scars: This clay can also help reduce scarring.  You can apply a paste over the scar made of 1 Tbsp. of carrot pulp mixed with a bit of Bentonite clay, plus 2 Tbsp. of olive oil.  Apply to the scar you wish to get rid of, and let set for 20 minutes before rinsing.  Do this regularly.

Antiseptic agent: It helps prevent bacterial growth, or microorganisms potentially harmful to the skin.  It has even been used to calm sun burns.

Promotes better circulation: Using Bentonite clay on any part of the body helps to activate circulation, which helps oxygenate the skin.

Reduces pores: Eliminates impurities, helping reduce the size of pores.  Also useful for removing black heads.

Clears the skin up: Applying a mask with Bentonite clay, turmeric and milk, to the face, neck and chest (or any skin you’d like to clear up), cleanses the skin.  Allow the mixture to “work” for 20 minutes before rinsing.  You should apply this several times a week in order to see results.

Reduces discomforts: Bentonite clay masks can be used in cold or hot compresses to alleviate conditions like menstrual cramps, insect bites, burns, and even muscle pain.

To make a hot compress, all you need to do is mix Bentonite clay with a bit of warm water, and apply it over the area you want to treat.  Equally, if you want to make a cold compress, just mix cold water with the Bentonite clay.

Other uses: As surprising as it may be, Bentonite clay also serves as a useful tool for cleaning clothes.  It absorbs grease stains or oils in fabric, which is why it can sometimes be found on the ingredients list of some detergents.      


While Bentonite clay is perfect for all the above-mentioned situations, keep in mind that it is beneficial for oily skin.  However, if your skin is very sensitive or dry, we do not recommend you use this type of ingredient, as it can further aggravate your situation, or irritate your skin.

Although it has no side effects, it is advisable to top usage if you notice any sort of skin irritation after use.

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1 Reviews about Bentonite clay, perfect for skin care and controlling acne
on 26/07/2014
I've heard of this Aztec clay, and I think it's something pretty close to this clay as well. I think the "Aztec" may be a certain brand, but a former co-worker of mine used to swear by it. Apparently she used to have super bad acne - she apparently didn't any more - and I guess the only thing that worked for her was this clay. She did tend to have oily skin though, so I bet it was great for her.

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