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Benefits of Cold Extracted Oils

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Benefits of Cold Extracted Oils

When we buy oil, like sesame, olive, sunflower, etc., very few of look at details that seem "small" as if the oil is pure, cold extracted, and so on. But we should consider, from now on, the rate of extraction of the oil we buy, especially the olive; the difference between an oil processing and a very cold pressing may be what you need to enjoy a wonderful health.

What is oil?

You could say that oil is the perfect herbal substance, it is the purest essence of a seed or fruit. Among the best known are the oils of sunflower, flax, sesame, almond, etc., (in oil plants where oil is formed within the seed), and olive oil (where oil is generated in the pulp fruit, root or leaves).

The oil represents the last and higher synthesis of the generation of seed, with which the plant reaches the stage of completion, oil is the substance that is formed by the action of cosmic forces within the flower. In developing the oil in the plants, vital laws dominate exclusively. So we can say that oil is like the spirit of the nature.

What is cold pressed oil?

A cold pressed oil is one that retains its biological properties (nutritive, medicinal values, etc.) that it was in its original form which is the seed or fruit.

In antiquity, all oils were cold pressed and therefore all were always considered very valuable food and had medicinal uses, including as a substance used to worship, to anoint priests and kings, or as a bearer of the spirit.

It was from the industrial revolution which were methods of extracting oils increasingly sophisticated heating the seeds and washing with petroleum solvent, they achieve high levels of performance and therefore a cheaper oil, which was no longer a highly nutritious food, multivitamin, and others, but a mere caloric intake, a "food" devitalized to impair health.

What oils have better quality?

Oils of higher quality and healthier with high nutritional properties for the body are definitely extra virgin (cold pressed or extracted). These oils are recommended to take them raw, as from this retaining its high nutritional and medicinal properties. We also need to consider the place from which the oils is, as soil quality and other factors are involved in the properties that the oil will have.

Olive oil, for example, is extracted from olives, and flavor and color will be depending on the type of olive used and the conditions of growth that shows their nutritional value. Spanish olive oil has very specific characteristics, as well as the oil that comes from Greece, France or Mexico.

How to choose an oil?

If you want to buy oil at a store, see that oils can be divided into the following classification:

Extra virgin olive oil: This is the oil that results from pressing olives (one pressure). This is the highest quality oil, as well as having the aroma and natural taste, is rich in nutrients and major health benefits.

Virgin olive oil: This oil is obtained in the second extraction. It is of medium quality.
Pure oil extract more oil after the second draw, there is more to do with filters and prosecutions. This is one of the lowest quality oils but without doubt the best alternative of oils with processes.

Pomak oil or light: this type of oil is removed by extraction using solvents. This oils is of lower quality. The use of strong solvents destroys the original properties of the product losing its nutritional benefits and contributions, as well as its natural taste and smell. Watch out because although the label says "light", this doesn’t mean it has low calories.

Remedy to increase or regain health with cold pressed oils

Dr. F. Karach, in a publication submitted to the medical society of Ukraine, explained one of the many benefits of a simple method in which only uses oils extracted from cold.

This method is the simple fact that has to do with some of the oils mentioned above, but in its pure form (raw). It must be made every morning before eating anything else, take a big spoonful to be moved by making it pass through the mouth between the teeth and molars, the upper and lower lips with the tongue and palate in . We must do this for 15 or 20 minutes, or when the oil gets brown, eject it.

This should be done only once or twice a day, but when your stomach is always empty. According to Dr. F. Karach this process clean the atmosphere depth of oral bacteria and refined further by stimulating digestive enzymes, delivering a detoxification through the blood.

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3 Reviews about Benefits of Cold Extracted Oils
on 24/05/2015
Thanks so much for the information. I have heard before that extra-virgin, cold pressed olive oil is far superior to other extraction methods, but I never really knew why. It seems like there's a lot of science behind these beliefs to support it.
on 03/05/2014
is the oil in almonds very good? or maybe the oil in all the seeds that the natura has brought have their benefits? maybe you could list many of them and make a relatioshop between them to undestand their bads and goods too
on 07/07/2013
That remedy sounds a little bit weird but I find it true because I have tested the many benefits of the olive oil and it helped me a lot with my skin problems, so I think that it really can clean your mouth and change the whole body if you try one remedy by taking a spoon a day or something like that

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