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Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

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Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

Everyone knows the importance of constant practice of aerobic activities. This acts as a repairman and immunological factor against almost all risk factors for health of today's civilization.

Far from seeking a return to competitive perspective, we must practice aerobics. These will help promote us distraction and avoid thinking about everyday problems, improving our cardiovascular fitnesskeeping our bodies healthy within the parameters. It is clear that better physical condition, better mentally and, consequently, all this will help us in a larger and better able to cope with our everyday tasks.


The main feature of the aerobic training lies in maintaining a business for some time at a certain INTENSITY, given to every individual and aim in particular.

The aerobic activities include walking, running, biking, swimming, jumping, dancing, etc.

Types of aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises are generally categorized as high or low impact:

  • Exercises low to moderate impact: walking, swimming, climbing stairs, rowing, skiing, climbing. Almost anyone who enjoys a reasonably good health can do this kind of exercises. According to some research, going strong for three or more hours a week reduces the risk for coronary heart disease by 65%. Also strongly walk to burn calories and help prevent injuries to muscles and bones.
  • High-impact exercises: running, dancing, playing tennis, paddle tennis, or squash. High impact exercises should be performed no more than a day and a half, even with an average lower for those with excessive weight, are older, are out of physical condition or injury or other medical problems.

Time recommended: a minimum of 20 min, with a weekly frequency of 3 sessions on alternate days. How much is worth to stress that the continuity of the exercise is a key factor for success. The intensity can be determined through the heart, where it is recommended that it lies in the band ranging from 55% to 75% of heart rate. In children and seniors to 65 years, aerobic activities inevitably must be supervised by a professional physical activity.

Benefits of aerobic exercise:

  • The low intensity aerobic training facilitates increasing enzyme that reduce fat.
  • Declines in blood pressure (both at rest and in effort) Increasing the thickness of blood vessels.
  • With only 4 months of uninterrupted exercise, you stop atherosclerotic problems (also can reduce them).
  • Decreases coronary risk and prevents disease.
  • Prevents osteoporosis and.
  • Provides greater resistance
  • Keeps the heart beating constant and high for an extended period, increasing levels of HDL ( "good "), and helping controlling blood pressure.
  • Strengthens the bones in the spine.
  • Help maintain a normal weight.
  • Gives you a sense of wellbeing.

Aerobic Systems

Only one hour per week of aerobic exercise is very useful, and three to four hours per week is optimum. In general, the following points are useful for most people:

1. For most healthy adults, the best approach to this type of routine is a mix of exercises low and high impact. Two weekly training sessions, maintaining a good physical stability, but three to five sessions per week are ideal.

2. People who are out of shape or elderly should start aerobic training gradually, with about five to ten minutes of low impact aerobic activity every day through, until, finally, to 30 minutes per day, three to seven times per week (to cover heart disease, the frequency of exercises may be more important than its duration.)

3. The swimming is an ideal exercise for many people who have certain physical limitations, including pregnant women, people with problems in their muscles or bones, and those suffering from asthma.

4. People who want to lose weight must aim to train six to seven low-impact exercises per week.

5. One way to "calibrate" the optimal intensity of exercise is to try walking while talking, so make sure your practice is causing quite transpiration but does not prevent you from talking to a friend uncut breath . As your fitness increases, fewer problems will have to speak during and after exercise.

Real benefit to doing fixed bike

The bicycle helps prevent heart attack: The regular exercise helps the body to dissolve blood clots that form in veins in nature, caused by clustering of platelets. Actually not only the bike but all fixed aerobic exercise (running, jumping, gymnastics, walking, etc.).. With good
abdominal and trunk muscles will cause a strong strap to keep the anatomical position and avoid the pain so bothersome.

Also lowers cholesterol: Cycling lowers the level of total cholesterol and raises the level of HDL (good cholesterol) also enhances the strength, resilience and removes the excess.

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4 Reviews about Benefits of Aerobic Exercises
on 23/06/2015
I couldn't agree more! Thanks so much for helpig spread the good news about aerboics. I do a lot of aerobics (and cardiovascular exercise as well) adn if you really want to lose weight or just stay in shape, this is the first step to getting there.
on 13/04/2014
aerobic is ok for the whole body and of course the heart and the organs that help it, and doing aerobic can also boost your stamina, which can help you a lot if you perform exercises that have a long time, of course the last reason is to be fit and avoid being overweight or other related problems...
on 27/03/2014
These exercises are not so easy at first but once you find your point then you can work a lot without getting tired, so this can help you a lot if you aren't healthy, or have some overweight, this will help me a lot... thanks a lot for all the information
on 27/08/2013
Aerobics are basic if you want to do a normal and easy exercise and to maintain a good health until we die, hopefully because we are old, so keep this in mind every time you feel tired or weird, then probably you need to do more exercise to encourage your body to stay in a better way

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