Why eliminating refined sugar and milk when you have dermatitis? Beseitigen Sie raffinierten Zucker und Milch bei Dermatitis Por qué eliminar la leche y el azúcar refinada cuando se padece dermatitis

» » » Why eliminating refined sugar and milk when you have dermatitis?

Why eliminating refined sugar and milk when you have dermatitis?

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Why eliminating refined sugar and milk when you have dermatitis?

In many of the problems and sufferings of the skin, it is suggested to eliminate cow's milk diet (and its derivatives) and refined sugar. This may seem very simple for anyone who says it, but when we are used to eat certain foods and suddenly someone tells us that removed from the diet, is often complicated and exaggerated to the proposal.

Yet, when there is willingness, one can try to continue what has been suggested, and then really make an effort to avoid excessive consumption of the above. However, the effort and endure the usual desire to consume is not always the best way to tell your body to do. Understanding, on the other hand, is do it with our will but not a forced effort consent. Learn to understand why certain things, is what makes the desire something stronger and more meaningful, to make awareness of the reasons always given our approach to a conviction that smarter is reflected in the attitude.

So, this time we explain why certain foods should be avoided when there is a problem in the skin as dermatitis, scaly skin, fades, etc.

Cow's milk

The milk contains casein, which is an element that helps the formation of bones. Cow's milk contains 300 times more casein. The calf has 4 holes in the stomach and can digest either casein. In the human stomach, casein flakes form dense hard to digest, as it is not adapted to digest this food.

On the other hand, casein is the basis for strong adhesives in the carpentry industry. It is a substance that hardens and adheres to intestinal liningblocking the absorption of many nutrients and the removal of many toxins. This effect creates, in the long run, what is called toxemia, which is a measure of high accumulation of toxins in the body. When toxins cannot leave as explained above, seek out alternative routes for disposal, one of them, the skin. That's why many skin problems are due to the terrible impediment that has the body dispose of toxins.

Many specialists claim that dairy products (cow's milk and its derivatives) are needed for protein and calcium, but the enzymes that break down cow's milk in the body no longer occur in humans of 3 years, and then the milk begins to be a very difficult food to assimilation in the body, preventing the long good intestinal function. To complement this, we can say that almonds contain twice as much calcium as a glass of milk. Also the dark green vegetables, oats, orange, pollen, brewer's yeast, and so on.

White sugar

Cane juice, after going through a chemical process which removes over 90% of fiber, protein and vitamins, becomes white sugar and is highly injurious to health. This product is actually a powerful nervous system stimulant, with which causes a reaction of "rising energy almost instantaneously just a bit after having consumed”.

The consumption of white sugar originates hot blood, it causes blockages in the body's natural functions, in addition to malnutrition and promotes a series of unnecessary wear and tear on the body, especially system nervous and endocrine systems. Many highly adverse consequences the sugar produces in the body, such as being a promoter of the main body of allergies. But above all, sugar affects the work of enzymes, which help process and absorb nutrients into the cells. Enzymes cannot do its job effectively without sufficient and adequate minerals and sugar severely affect the proportions of minerals in the body that are consumed only about two teaspoons of it. This act makes it seem harmless minerals in the body enters a considerable imbalance, and when this imbalance occurs day after day, year after year, the body's ability to return to their mineral balance is exhausted, and then the poor absorption of nutrients and minerals and the general wear of the body begin to suffer all the organs of the body, and this is reflected in all sorts of problems as in this case the skin. In addition, the sugar will gradually destroy the immune system, and when this system becomes weak and deficient, it is very difficult to combat any type of condition.

Replacing refined sugar for light or similar products is a very poor alternative, as these products also severely affect the body. The best thing here is to consider the honey or to reduce the quantities of sugar in the diet, whereas the white sugar is addictive, which requires a lot of love for ourselves to educate our palates with healthy foods and less sugar.

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2 Reviews about Why eliminating refined sugar and milk when you have dermatitis?
on 23/09/2014
So, I've heard these arguments several times, and while I agree whole-heartedly, without a doubt that sugar and refined sugar products are harmful to health, I'm not quite so sure I believe the milk thing. I am very interested in ayurvedic medicine and their philosophy of health, and I am outright encouraged to drink milk because of my dosha constitution, but it is the METHOD in which we drink it. Ayurveda recommends drinking milk ALWAYS warm. That is the harmful element of how we drink milk.
on 06/10/2013
This is a big decision to make and you need will and of course the support of other people avoiding eating foods of this type in front of you until you are ready to quit completely eating these bad products, and if you have a bad skin, then you have to make the right choice

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