Beauty, Health and more through Massage Schönheit, Gesundheit und mehr durch Massage Belleza, Salud y algo más por medio del masaje

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Beauty, Health and more through Massage

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Beauty, Health and more through Massage

Massage is an art that has evolved and adapted over time. Touch with the appropriate technical training and hands with the necessary experience, is one of the practices that produce one of the most delectable and healthy delights for the body. 

The benefits of massage are many: from helping to invigorate the body's blood circulation, relaxing muscles, draining accumulated toxins, fat deposits, removing disease, preventing serious tensions, etc., to help retrieve and restore the physical, mental and emotional development of individuals, helping them to feel that they have well-being, vigor and beauty.

Feeling good

There are many types of techniques, some simple, others more complex, a great alternative to them makes us able to choose the technical manual that best suits and favors us. Depending on the objectives and techniques of massage, we can absorb a myriad of benefits. However, whatever the massage of your choice, if we select a truly professional masseuse and gift in hand, undoubtedly we will feel very good.

Below are some alternatives for the next time you go to take a break and you try a massage to nurture your beauty, or want to help a new way to restore your physical health, or balance emotionally, you can choose the best for you, thinking that any of them will be, finally, an extra beauty to make you feel better and relieved of tension.

Hygienic and aesthetic massage

This massage is usually accompanied by a series of details that promote and enhance the results to accentuate your beauty. Aromatherapy, essential oils, the hammam, the sauna, thermal baths, and the application of clay masks, etc. are some of them. This massage is ideal when you're on vacation, when you have a free time and want spoil you a little. It is truly a delight along with hot springs and the application of clay and sauna. In some places this type of massage is called temazcal. It is ideal for your skin, stimulates your circulation and there is a significant absorption of minerals that nourish your skin.

Another aesthetic massage is the massage that helps to give your muscles tone and a natural way of removing fat deposits and excess toxins.

Therapeutic Massage

This type of massage is used to improve circulatory function, retrieve the strength of the muscles too tired or tense like the athletes, to help recover the restricted mobility of some parts of the body due to damaged tissues, relieves pain and reduces it, and is responsible for helping to maintain and restore health and proper functioning of organs and body parts.

Preventive massage

Through a gentle palpation of the body, tense areas of the body are detected, the masseuse talks to this patient to make the awareness of what happens in the body and can help also, everyday to eliminate this kind of tension. In this massage, therapist, as well as helps the body eliminate tensions, educates the patient to assist in the smooth operation of the mobility of the body and prevent future more severe contractures.

Sports massage

If you are thinking about running a marathon, if you're a dancer, the sports massage is used. This helps to maintain and recover from fatigue to the muscles before, during and after an intense physical activity.

Psychological-emotional massage

This massage is used to release psychophysical tension. Bio-energetic is used and is very interesting how it works: given that the body stores tension and accumulated resistance, there comes a time when, although not yet a somatic physical level, there are somehow hidden in the body. This massage helps relieve the emotional tensions and mental resistance through massage at specific points of the body where is stored this accumulated pain. This massage is guided by certain parts of the body where it is more likely to keep the tension, such as the midpoint of the upper eyelids, the middle of the calf, back, and so on. To tighten these areas and feeling pain is announcing that there is tension there, a block energy saved, and you might be there a long time, sometimes from childhood, things that we did not say, did not express emotional pain, anger repressed, are stored in those locations. Tighten the area and free this blockage through the pain, a cry, a blow to a pillow, does the patient experience at the end, a sense of deep peace and release.

It is important, whatever you choose, looking for a professional and solve all your doubts before entering so you can enjoy the massage. Especially the psychological and emotional massage requires a true professional and will be in contact with sensitive point of yourself, it is necessary, in addition to manage the body, knows how to guide you emotionally.

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2 Reviews about Beauty, Health and more through Massage
on 22/01/2015
I would totally get a massage on a weekly basis if it weren't so expensive!! Massages are rare treats for me, because any massage costs at least $60! If you were to get one every week (as would be ideal) that would be $240 a month of "extra expenses". Theyre great, but I recommend self-massage for peopel who can't pay.
on 28/10/2013
I play football and sometimes I feel pain in some areas of my body, this is normal but there are times that I cannot even go to practice because the pain stops me, now I am searching for alternatives to relax the body and the sports massage came into the search, pretty good option to me, thanks for explaining a little

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