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Beautiful legs

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Beautiful legs

When you think about beautiful legs is very likely that we reach the head those lucky girls who have well-turned legs, not too fat or too thin, and well supplied from the end of the buttocks to the ankles. Beautiful legs are those that begin with a thigh muscle perfectly drawn and compact with a smooth contour and aesthetic downline through some knees drawn well, not too bony, or clusters of fat to the sides as far as the calves, which refine the leg line and proportion, to conclude at approximately ankles or too thin nor too thick. All these proportions should be highlighted with a soft, smooth, with no cellulite or varicose veins skin, and have a color preference roasted to make them more attractive. Uff! Sometimes the beauty seems impossible. Worse is not. As beautiful and healthy legs can be constructed well, and not just those marked as the perfect stereotype, but those who spoke of will and care.


The first thing is to start by strengthening the muscles and stimulate circulation in the area. True that each person has a leg cast, first of all, for the inheritance. So be very realistic about this, that while some legs can be shaped and attractive with exercise and care, we must accept the natural proportions. Exercises help to remove excess fat, to reaffirm and invigorate the muscles and certain proportions to give them legs. The key, as in everything, is in keeping with much patience and determination, remembering that not all corpses are equal, and if your legs need extra work, we must have more patience.

The best exercises for legs are cycling, any kind of dance (especially ballet Polynesia or Arabic) and climbing stairs. However we can practice at home very simple exercises as being in a few minutes like walking or perform the following exercises are great. Be sure to stretch before warming to begin.

Calves and ankles: Find a step in your house or something like it. Place the tip of your feet on the edge of the step, so hold your body weight with only the tips of the feet. Rise and fall about thirty times with the legs together, as low as possible and make the tip as high as you can. Perform this exercise slowly about thirty times.

Thighs: Sitting on the floor with your back straight, arms on the floor and refilled legs glued to the body. Stretch your left leg first and Pick it up again very slowly, without touching the ground. Perform this exercise about thirty times and then alternate with your left leg. You have to feel your legs working.

Appearance of your legs

There are several factors that cause damage to the appearance of your legs. Sedentary work, heat, etc. cause swelling and heaviness, while the cold produces vasoconstriction. A poor circulation or excess weight can cause annoying varicose veins, cellulite and flaccid skin.

To combat this we give the following advice:

1. Massage and exfoliation: you can go with an expert or you can give yourself a massage bath time. Use an exfoliating need for your skin to benefit fully from the massage. You can use an exfoliating product or you can get a little sand gently caress your skin with this when it is wet. The massage must be done with your hands, drawing small circles tand soft grow like a spiral throughout the skin of your legs. Not much pressure and do not do it quick, but you need to enjoy the feeling that the sand or the exfoliating product will remove impurities and skin flakes. This must be done once a week.

2. Excess fat and Cellulite: excess fat spoils the image and the proportions of the legs in general, in addition to their appearance. This requires, besides the exercise, having a very healthy diet, for a time to remove the products very salty, fatty and fried foods, especially sausages, fried products and white sugar. Try to consume a lot of fresh vegetables and pure water, and for this you must have much control. In the case of cellulite, we need to make a greater effort to maintain a diet without saturated fats, alcohol and leave snuff.

3. Varicose veins and movement: varicose veins are a circulatory problem difficult to conceal. There are now many products on the market that help to eliminate and prevent, in fact the technology can eliminate them and a small cosmetic surgery. But if you want something more homely, we recommend paying attention on your movement. At least half an hour a day, lie down and up your legs a bit, so the movement becomes fluid in this area. Make sure you eat properly because of fat cover over the conduit through which blood flow and this hampers their movement.

4. Depilationnice legs, it is said, must be free of hair. When the veil is very thin and blond, you can leave, but if your hair is thick or too dark, then you can opt for a system with wax or hair removal cream  There are now many ways to pluck, even permanent hair removal.

5. Appearance of the skin: hydration is crucial. For this, when you shower, brush your legs with a horsehair glove and let the steam bath with your legs a while to absorb. Then smear a moisturizer and skin will look softer, flexible or elastic.

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1 Reviews about Beautiful legs
on 14/09/2015
I used to be a competitive cyclist and I never had any problems with cellulite, my legs were in fantastic shape, and then about a year ago I moved to Alaska, which put an end to the cycling, and I'm already starting to get cellulite for the first time ever! Thanks for the tips!

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