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Beautiful eyelashes

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Beautiful eyelashes

Do you like long and thick eyelashes? Many girls spend a lot of time putting attractive their eyelashes, trying to make them look thick, long and curly. True, nice lashes can highlight the eyes giving them a depth, remarkable and expressive look, however, it does not matter much if your lashes are long or short, in these days makeup is minimal, i.e. the less makeup, the better. If that scares you a little is because maybe you're used to much makeup, but this is probably a good time to take advantage of your natural attributes and emphasize a natural lashes, which are not only there to frame the eyes, but thanks to them we can see and protect us from environmental factors, so indulge them little with some care from time to time.

General Care

We can actually go through life without doing anything to our lashes because they really do not need special care, even if we take care of not wearing masks or makeup lashes with chemicals, the best are the natural or organic cosmetics, which are smooth and even nutritious for your eyes and eyelashes. We shouldn’t expose them to the use of dyes that can deteriorate or even severely damage your eyes, in case you want to paint on a permanent basis, the best are natural dyes such as henna. It is also necessary to take care of removing the makeup with a few drops of sweet almond oil lowered by a spoonful of warm water, and applying this water with a special cotton to remove makeup. This routine must be done before bed to remove eye makeup residue, leaving the eyelashes with makeup while you sleep deteriorates and irritates the eye contour. Furthermore, in this, try to keep your body well hydrated and eat foods that are rich in vegetable oils (like avocado, almonds, oils cold-pressed, etc.) and fresh vegetables.

More expressive eyelashes

The lashes are the finishing touch to makeup; many women just taking care of their lashes get satisfied with their arrangement. The cosmetic issues indicates that curled up lashes give more expressive eyes. If your lashes are not curled, are mullet or falls, you can curl eyelashes with a spoon or aluminum. Using the spoon is simple: just grab it so that the concave edge and your thumb hold your lashes. Then, only guide the spoon smoothly over your thumb. If you notice that it is difficult to curl, put in your thumb a little drop of aloe gel and spread evenly. Then, proceed to either curl or frizz with a spoon. The gel will help the lashes look more consistent, long and curly.

If you use a curler, use one of good quality and avoid pulling the lid when you use it because it can get damaged very easily. Try curly lashes first and then paint them.

Eyelash tint

The dark lashes appear to be the most sought, because they give the eye depth and very attractive appearance. For this, use special makeup and preferably organic eyelashes. Apply mascara or eyelash makeup carefully, trying not to put too much makeup on the roller to prevent it from getting lumpy. Apply small amount and spread very well until you get the thickness you want, but remember that the more natural the better.

Try to use waterproof makeup that doesn’t drain with eye tears.

Permanent dyes for eyelash

Many women tend to have the eyelashes generally very clear. Latina women have dark eyelashes, but there are people with very pale skin and blond hair and also very clear lashes, almost imperceptible, so many of them resort to try to dye them, which is not necessary if you learn to ink and curl daily. However, if you resign yourself to have your lashes clear or inking daily, then they can be inked permanently taking the following care, and to paint eyelashes permanently requires great care, it could be dangerous for your eyes and create further complications. To paint, you'd better prefer vegetable dyes instead of chemical dyes; the latter contains ammonium and damages and irritates your eyes. Vegetable dyes, in the other hand, have the disadvantage of not inking very well, but at least your lashes will have more color and your eyes won’t be damaged.

Fake eyelashes

They are not necessary if you know curly and ink lashes properly. Try to avoid false eyelashes and that ultimately can damage the sensitive skin of your eyelids. Also, you should know that many men are bothered by false eyelashes, especially if you ever decide to be intimate with anyone and you need take off the lashes.

Longer eyelashes

As we said, you shouldn’t worry much about long lashes while they are well arranged. However, if you believe that your eyelashes are too short, you can use mascara oil with mamey bone which can help grow your eyelashes a little. We also suggest applying some almond oil on your eyelashes at night, avoiding contact with your eye, so apply very little and carefully, without pulling the eyelid. This will help nourish your eyelashes. In the morning, apply a little gel when curly lashes to make them look thicker and longer.

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2 Reviews about Beautiful eyelashes
on 17/09/2014
I have always had short and stubby eyelashes, and it has never bothered me, but it would be nice to do somehting to make them look a little longer. this was a really informative article. I'm getting married next summer, so this article has made me think maybe I would like to use fake eyelashes, I just think they would be a little difficult to apply.
on 07/03/2013
I always preferred natural eyelashes but something you need to make them look longer and more beautiful for certain things like important dinners or other type of meetings so I think it?s important to know how to take care of them and how to make them nicer, even though just for a night, so thanks you very much for the recommendations.

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