Barcelona celebrates the most important fair of the Spanish Organic Production Barcelona feiert die wichtigste Messe im spanischen Bio-Sektor Barcelona celebra con éxito la feria más importante del sector ecológico español

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Barcelona celebrates the most important fair of the Spanish Organic Production

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Barcelona celebrates the most important fair of the Spanish Organic Production

The organic food and respect for Mother Earth was the common denominator of the more than 300 events that took place from May 5th to 8th at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Thousands of children, families and visitors visited the exhibition that reached its XIII edition with more freshness than ever. It reached an influx of 79,000 people visited the exhibition and the Festival of Children's Environmental Mamaterra. 

Public authorities are beginning to open their eyes to the sound production. It is expected that soon brought into action plans with their own budget to support production, distribution and dissemination of organic food, said Angeles Parra, director of Bioculture and secretary of the Association Vida Sana. The brand new minister of Agriculture, and Fisheries of the Government during his visit to Bioculture, committed to providing total care to a sector that, as acknowledged, has been neglected until now. Jordi William satisfied both personal and public by visiting the show was able to verify that the sector is an important fact from the standpoint of economic activity and also in the preservation of the countryside, promoting their social, cultural and economic aspects.

The show has once again shown that culture and development are possible and economically viable if it is done with respect for natural laws. It is possible to produce and consume organic products. The sectors that make up the fair have been growing, getting professional and also becoming increasingly popular.

In Spain the production of organic food products is over 800,000 hectares.

Bioculture figures 

Approximately 14,000 references of certified products of organic food have been present at the fair this year. For other sectors are also booming, for example, in cosmetics are already calling for guarantees of origin of organic ingredients and certified quality in textiles, is the premium source of organic cotton,  in addition to other criteria such as the sustainability of recycling, reducing transport and energy... And, of course, the ethical and solidarity.

Exhibiting companies: 600 (between direct and representative), spread over 416 stands. Of this total, 488 nationals and 112 foreign.

The biological food sector has increased over last year, thus being the most representative and the majority recognizes that Bioculture.

Festival triumphs at Mamaterra

Undoubtedly, the festival of Mamaterra for children has been a success. Thousands of families and children have participated in an active and playful way, learning to love and respect Mother Earth. Clowns, storytelling, games, puppet shows, workshops, organic food and snacks ... have delighted the senses of children and their elders. In the gardens of the Palau Sant Jordi, we have experienced this first edition of the festival of joy and laughter to children who were infected in the ecology of this event. And thanks, from all weather, all the elements gave us a unique time and temperature.

Source: Vida Sana - Bioculture

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1 Reviews about Barcelona celebrates the most important fair of the Spanish Organic Production
on 05/02/2014
So this was the first meeting for the Mamaterra festival, I have visited it and it is wonderful to think that it started as a mere idea and then became of the biggest festival to bring children and teach the importance of the organic production, I hope this activity keeps on going!

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