Baldness: Why hair falls out? Haarausfall: Warum fällt das Haar aus? Calvicie: ¿por qué se cae el Cabello?

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Baldness: Why hair falls out?

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Baldness: Why hair falls out?

The concern for hair loss is something that usually grows as the hair is left in the ground and no longer grows, especially when we did not find the reason for its fall and we're still young enough to have abundant and healthy hair. However, before taking any action, you need to know why the hair falls out, because knowing the root cause is certainly easier to understand and resolve a situation.

Hair Structure

The hair is mainly of keratin (which owns large amounts of sulfur). Each hair has its roots within the skin, and that root takes one end of a bulb through which the hair extracts and absorbs the nutrients. If the hair root becomes damaged, weak, hair may fall temporarily. If it is destroyed completely, then the hair will not grow again, and then we have a case of baldness. However, if the hair falls it doesn’t means that it won’t grow. Many times the hair falls out but the root is still there, and you need some measures to stimulate the hair to grow.

The intention of this article is to prevent the death of the root to prevent baldness. And for this, it is necessary to take into account the causes that can destroy it and take some preventive measures.

Causes of hair loss

DISEASE AND NERVOUS SYSTEM: One of the most common causes of hair to thin, turn gray or fall, is the collapse of the system getting nervous about any circumstance that alters the nervous system. For example, in the event of illness, especially fever, which often make us lose weight and severely weaken the hair shaft and cause its downfall. The diseases are often moments of great tension, which generates a lot of internal stress, and the lack of good circulation and nutrient absorption and distribution.

PITUITARY GLAND: this seems to be a gland closely related to hair growth and its fall. This is because the hormones that the thyroid gland has. It was found that the presence of testosterone and estrogen (male and female hormones) affect hair growth. For example, it was found that men who have high amounts of testosterone are more prone to baldness, unlike those with smaller bones and body structure are more effeminate (thin, small in stature, etc.) which means that the testosterone level is low.

FATIGUE: tiredness, especially intellectual, causing much tension in the scalp. When stress persists, the pores of the scalp tighten and contract, often, in time, strangle and suffocate the hair root, causing baldness. When we are going through moments of great tension, anxiety, nervousness, etc., this also happens. If the tension subsides and the scalp is still tense, then you run the risk of completely destroying the hair root. If the tension is intermittent, i.e., for periods, or not very high, what will happen is that they affect the movement of nutrients to the hair, which can make this look dull, brittle and lifeless. If your hair is like that, it is a good reminder to pay attention to your emotional states. One way to help the scalp produce excessive tension is not resting properly every day, sleep at least eight hours and do not work if you are tired.

THYROID GLAND: When this gland is not functioning properly, blood circulation slows and the tissues become weak and lose their consistency. To improve this, we must not neglect the intake of iodine and minerals in the diet, as the proper functioning of the thyroid gland requires optimal levels of certain minerals. One of the most important nutrients to maintain healthy hair is the seaweed, which contains a variety of minerals, vitamins and nutrition for hair.

ACID SUBSTANCES: There are many substances that can destroy the hair roots by direct contact. Some soaps or shampoos of low quality may eventually ruin your hair, making it look dry and brittle, causing it to fall either temporarily or permanently.

FUNGI, DANDRUFF, SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS, ETC: the presence of fungi or parasites that produce poisonous gases on the scalp can erode the roots of the hair or can infect the sebaceous glands, which can cause hair oils get exhausted and following loss of hair. Dandruff, which is caused by the lack of essential oils in the skin because of poor secretion of the sebaceous glands, can choke new growth of hair and go slowly undermining the entire scalp. Dandruff can be caused also by overactive glands that produce fat, poor hygiene of scalp, constipation, poor diet, severe exposure to cold, or a fungus called Pityrosporum orbiculare that feeds on the oils from the skin.

DIET LOW IN NUTRIENTS: a diet low in nutrient quality and rich in refined foods, greasy, fried, processed, and so on. It undermines the quality of the blood and thus the quality of the hair, which eats most of the blood nutrients. If the hair does not get enough food, the root begins to deteriorate and, over time, is damaged severely or even dies. It should be noted that the hair is not a principal organ of the body and is the latest to receive the nutrients that circulate throughout the body. For this reason it is so necessary that the diet is rich in nutrients for the hair. Alfalfa, either germinated or tablets, seaweed and seeds and vegetable oils are actually favorable food for hair.

LACK OF EXERCISE: Exercise causes the body to have a very favorable circulation and oxygenation. Many of the problems of hair loss are because the body does not have good circulation. It is advisable also occasionally give a gentle massage with the fingertips on the scalp to encourage good circulation.

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2 Reviews about Baldness: Why hair falls out?
on 01/04/2015
My grandmother has very thin hair, and since she's gotten older, a lot of it has fallen out. They say that baldness as a genetic trait is passed down through the mother's side of the family, but this grandmother is my mother's mother, my mom has super thick hair, and then I got super thin hair like my grandma
on 01/04/2013
Lately I?ve found out that my hair falls very often, I find it on my pillow and brush and now I?m very worried, I?ve investigated a little and maybe it could be some kind of fungi, so I need something to stop this as I?m very worried about my hair, I do not want to lose it!, Please tell me if you know any remedy to treat fungi hair conditions, I would be really thankful

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