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Bagua: Center for Alternative Therapies

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Bagua: Center for Alternative Therapies

Bagua is an octagon, which includes the nine core areas of the life of a human being; at the center of the octagon is the ninth area that relates to health. This is the map used to bring the space in Feng Shui. The center is dedicated precisely to the harmonization and the pursuit of balance in the body.

Bagua was created after the work experience and research for two decades. The path to Bagua means 20 years of work experience and learning.

The center is not unique in some of the techniques applied, but, though there may be similar treatments, in addition, Bagua has quality assurance in the therapies and products, working with an objective to act in the person of profound changes. We are sick of asking why, why we are wrong. Usually the key is on an emotional level and there are attempts to find answers. 

Bagua offers various aesthetic and beauty treatments. In relation to the problems must be addressed from within and from outside, from inside and from the external. Often the key to many problems from the physical is inside.


Therapies to work the emotional are polarities aand homeopathy, but also works with Bach Flowers, geothermal treatments, china medicine which provides a much more complete than other medicines the three key patterns of a person: physical, mental and spiritual as well as Ayurvedic medicine as part of this search for balance among the three elements mentioned above.

Each case and each person requires a specific therapy or a combination of therapies to accelerate the recovery process, so in Bagua, we have personalized therapies.

List of treatments

  • Medicine: Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine
  • Beauty: Body and Facial
  • Innovation: Ozone, Physio, Quantec
  • Therapies: Lymphatic Drainage, Mud, Hydrotherapy, Method Piroche, Geothermal Therapy,
  • Treatments: Anti Circuit, Circuit Antistress

Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan medicine is a technical manual that applies to resolve any type of back pain, head, shoulders, arms, forearms, waist, hips, knees, feet and all the pathologies of internal organs and the senses, as the nerve pathways that leave the neurovegetative or autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) reach all body tissues.
It is based on four pillars:

a) Energy
b) Elements biomechanists
c) Reflex pathways
d) Transcendental Meditation


It is not easy to raise the definition of energy. Could perhaps be a relevant concept in Hippocrates (v century BC) "father of medicine", when speaking for the first time the integrity of the body, mind and cosmic energy, everything is the same unit, same thing. Also on St. Thomas Aquinas (thirteenth century) with the theory that is not theologically conceived, the human body is single (physical and mind), nor a single soul or two things are inseparable, as both are like a third thing, creating constitutional theory on which talks about the possession of a soul, man is subjected to laws, but is free. Saying that the forces of the soul are the "organized composed" considering the body from a chemical, physical and mechanical, the body is a concentration of energy, but thanks to the soul is also a transformer of solar energy it receives from food and environment.

That is the soul does not create or loses energy, but transforms. Under its influence the cosmic energy is directed, maintains and expands life.

Energy or life force is able to move the material body in its physical-chemical reactions, biological, therefore the life of the soul comes into the body of the spiritual to the organic, maintaining that balance is called unstable health.

The Tibetans have a theory that life energy is in the cerebrospinal fluid, fluid that bathes the entire central nervous system and spinal cord separated from the rest of the anatomy a thin sheath called dura, which has a wave frequency and amplitude determined and any movement that produces a bone compression, dura makes such frequency, intensity and amplitude of wave is disturbed by putting in place a mechanism of autonomy left neurovegetative nervous system to inform the central nervous system by blocking the afferent taking command the affected area of the paravertebral ganglia neurovegetative and thus begins the functional alteration of the body area affected and not noting the central nervous system; endure the compressive condition, the condition becomes as organic and then afferent reflex pathways own tissue or organ affected, the central nervous system becomes aware of the alteration.

With the help of technical understanding and solving physics and thus restoring the breadth, intensity and frequency of wave altered, neurovegetative system unlocks the unstable vibration of restoring health to the cerebrospinal fluid for launching the VIX medicatrix or latent capacity of the health that carries inside the human body in situ.

Tibetan medicine is ideal for combining with homeopathy as it unlocks the compressive mechanical problem, and realizing that this is allowing the homeopathic medicine (which is energy) more quickly, soft and durable.

Bagua, Center for Alternative Therapies
Rambla de Catalunya,
100 - 4 º 1 ª
08008, Barcelona

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2 Reviews about Bagua: Center for Alternative Therapies
on 23/12/2014
I'm so glad there is so much awareness that is coming about regardin alternative treatments and remedies, especially natural rememdies. Western medicine can be overly intrussive and toxic over long periods of time, and I think involving Eastern medicine of all sorts will help balance out the healing spectrum.
on 09/07/2013
Those many theories of the human life, soul and energy need to be suited to understand the true meaning of them and how they can cure not only the body, but the soul and the mind and reach the most important thing which is to have a balance between all of them to regain health and of course maintain it

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