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Back Massage

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Back Massage

The patient in a horizontal position and prone position, the legs rest on a crossbar with a special angle of 20-70 ° depending on the height of the masseuse and the stretcher. The head turned to the masseur, and relies on his hand nearest the other arm stretched out toward the trunk with the elbow slightly bent and palms facing up.

Types of massage

Session starts with:

Friction surfacehas varied according to which technique is used. Using both hands, the massage is lengthwise. With the hand furthest from the massage performed in the far side and the other closer. Movements from the spine to the dorsal muscle width.

The alternate friction surface masseuse: is the alternate angles and movements executed in the far side of the back from neck to lower back and spine to the stretcher.

Pressure sliding technique: that takes dorsal muscles in the long lines that follow you will slowly move back to the widths of two-three lines. Sliding pressure with our nearest palm, while the other acts as overload. To make the sliding pressure and alternating pressure with the side of the palm of the hand is the massage movements and runs perpendicular to the far side.

Kneading: Starting to implement in the long dorsal muscles following two-three lines.


  1. For fingertip thumb for four-five areas, the finger makes 10-12 rotations, depending on the length of the trunk.
  2. The kneading "clip in"
  3. The circular kneading with the yolks of the four fingers
  4. The circular kneading with the phalanges of the fingers bent. This technique and the previous overload.
  5. Based both palms and transportation.
  6. The circular kneading with the palms of both hands

After massaging the back muscles widths. It applies:

  • The kneading
  • The regular prey
  • The double circular kneading
  • The circular kneading with the phalanges of the fingers bent.
  • The kneading with the palm of your hand.

Below angle of the scapula is amassing regular bone from the iliac crest upwards, passing through the area in three muscle Longissimus dorsi and dorsal width. One hand lifts the scapula below the scapular humeral articulation and moves to the other, making the love. Then lowers the scapula humeral articulation and the hand continued kneading until the cavity of the armpit. Then carrying out shaking and percussion techniques.

Friction: Starting from the lower back.


  1. Circular friction with the yolks of the four fingers of one hand or overload, and these at an angle of 45-60 º worked closely with the area of the spine in circular motions and are ahead 4-5 cm upwards.
  2. Circular friction  with phalanges of four fingers, with overload.
  3. Circular friction with the yolks of the four fingers of one hand, and with both hands overhead.

After the friction of the back, we recommend passive movements. Then continue with friction in the intercostal spaces:

  1. Friction in line with the yolks of the four fingers of one hand. Directed movements of the spine down.
  2. Friction in zigzag
  3. Friction with one hand in hand with a circular line
  4. Friction like sandwich with one hand while the other
  5. Straight Friction, circular and with overhead lines.

On the fascia of the trapeze apply friction following:

  • Circular friction with the yolks of the four fingers without overloading.
  • With phalanges of the fingers bent with and without overload
  • Fingertip thumb
  • With the knuckles

All these frictions are executed between the shoulder blade area and the column vertebral. The friction of the joint escapulohumeral starts with muscles that are on the joint. The capsule of the joint friction over three areas: the posterior half and the previous one. Run rate circular friction with your fingertips or the knuckles.

In the subscapular area: Friction is applied to the side of the palm and thumb and index finger wide open.

Friction along the spine takes dig through the following techniques:

  • Circular friction using the pads of your thumbs.
  • Circular friction with the yolks and half of the index.

The massage of the back end with a vigorous rubbing with fists upstream and drag in a zigzag down to the tips of the fingers. It also applies an equal, but with the base of the hand across the back. After the friction takes place a friction surface.

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2 Reviews about Back Massage
on 01/06/2014
I would like to give a massage to myself but that's seem impossible, maybe just for the feet, but thanks for the recommendations...
on 24/03/2014
I would love to work as a masseur just imagine that, giving more relief that the same doctor, and there are not so many people who really know how to perform a good massage giving all the benefits to the patient, many people believe knowing the technique but they didn?t even study it?

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