Bach flowers: The mission of the soul and the physical and emotional health Bach-Blüten: Die Mission der Seele und die körperliche Gesundheit Flores de Bach: la misión del alma y la salud física y emocional

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Bach flowers: The mission of the soul and the physical and emotional health

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Bach flowers: The mission of the soul and the physical and emotional health

Flowers contain a wonderful energy and Dr. Bach discovered that this soft energy has a special power to heal people.

Dr. Bach was convinced that health was the result of a balance and emotional harmony. He claimed that all living things came from a vibrant energy which he called Love or Divine spark, a source of life present in every human being which could manifest both in the mind as in the body and its main manifestation is health.

In addition, Bach said that the soul of every living thing came to fulfill a specific mission that is just as important as each soul. When this Divine mission is interrupted or blocked by the impulses of the personality is, there a conflict and imbalance in the flow of this divinity, which will be evident in a blockage in the flow of our vital energy and manifest itself as a symptom of emotional conflict, which, if prolonged, will provide results in physical manifestations which we know as disease.

Thus, Dr. Bach summed up his philosophy in the performance of a soul mission in life, which, if not carried out, there will imbalances and unstable and conflicting emotions which soon lead to the person to suffer weaknesses, diseases and body disorders.

All this can be summarized in a few words, if human doesn’t reach the true happiness, gets ill.

Trying to cure any disease without understanding the depth of the roots that generate it only temporarily correct the condition.

Dr. Bach considered two key mistakes to interrupt the natural flow of health:

  • The separation of the mission of life with personality.
  • Cruelty or evil to others (which derives from the ignorance and lack of understanding of oneself).

In his important work on the health, Bach came to the conclusion that the body decay, weaken and get sick due mainly to the following types of behavior or reaction to life:

  • Ignorance: which leads to fear, pride, lack of peace and clarity and to all destructive behaviors.
  • Pride: feeling more than any other person or being.
  • Instability and insecurity: an inconsistent behavior, which stems from the lack of self confidence and lack of recognition of a perfect and harmonious world order.
  • Selfishness: which is only taking into account the view of oneself and own needs, setting aside and disregarding others. Selfishness is also the result of ignorance and lack of understanding and oneself.
  • Cruelty: hurt or harm others or yourself. Cruelty is the result of a lack of knowledge of love within your and another human being or living being.
  • Hate: is the absence of love or knowledge.

All these emotions and attitudes towards life lead the person to block the flow of energy, all in some way, cause a severe resistance in the body, which eventually wear out the body.

To reduce the effects of these motions and provide a useful and natural alternative to the human being to help to beat peace while learning about behaviors, Dr. Bach devised what is now known as flower essences, which have the mission to help to raise the vibration energy in the person.

Bach Flowers help to have a greater willingness on our awareness of the experiences and learning in them, as well as to help develop a better understanding to avoid suffering and thus, the disease at all levels.

The disease is, essentially, the result of the conflict

Bach Flower Essences

Bach flowers are one of the alternatives of holistic medicine which consists of a series of natural essences used to treat various emotional reactions like fear, insecurity, despair, depression, stress, anxiety, etc.

It was discovered between 1926 and 1934 by British doctor Edward Bach, a great scholar who was also physician and homeopath. He observed various wildflowers native to the region of Wales in Britain. His experiments led him to find 38 remedies or natural elixirs with healing properties to cure many emotional conflicts. These 38 flowers are called Bach flowers.

He developed what is now known as the therapy of emotions, which, when carried by a professional therapist, can yield excellent results by helping to heal the emotions and hence the body.

Bach flowers have been very helpful in the treatment of:

  • Mental and emotional disorders, such as insecurity, fear, obsessions, instability, insecurity, depression, etc.
  • In adolescents and children: in times of change, strong stress, insecurity, isolation, etc.
  • In women during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and menopause.
  • In babies, you can start giving Bach flowers, which are totally harmless and will help the baby to lower stress, to balance and harmonize the inner energy.
  • In animals, even animals can use Bach flowers because they also experience emotions and respond to change and stressful situations and new environments, change of ownership, etc.
  • Using plants: we can see the emotions in the plant kingdom when we look at the plants, if they are green, strong, no plague, etc. When it’s not like that, we can see the plants sad, listless, depressed, sick, etc. Bach flowers can help plants to balance its energy and help them cope with stressful situations.

How to take the Bach Flower Essences theraphy?

  • Go to a therapist or guide with a book so you can choose among the 38 medicines.
  • If you do not know exactly what to choose, let your intuition flow and try to support you very well reading characteristics of each remedy.
  • Prepare Bach flower remedies adding a few drops to a mixture of 3 parts of distilled water to one part of brandy. Make this in a special bottle of dark glass with dropper, and save your choice in a place that light does not reach.
  • Take a few drops of the remedy whenever necessary.

The Bach flowers have no side effects and can be taken alternatively with other natural treatments.

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2 Reviews about Bach flowers: The mission of the soul and the physical and emotional health
on 08/03/2015
This is a really interesting concept, and one I just heard of recently. There's not that much science or trustworthy information on Bach flower treatment, but I would definitely be willing to try it! I do beleive that a lot of our emotional imbalances are connected in some way to physical imbalances.
on 31/01/2013
Very interesting article! I didn?t know that plants could have therapies with flowers too, that?s seems pretty amazing, I want to try these natural remedies, does someone know where can I find a place to buy these flowers or a book or something? Please let me know if you do, I?ll be very thankful

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