Award to Best Spanish Food Company Auszeichnung für das beste spanische Lebensmittel Unternehmen Entrega del Premio Mejor Empresa Alimentaria Española

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Award to Best Spanish Food Company

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Award to Best Spanish Food Company

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Elena Espinosa stressed in the ceremony of the Award "Best Spanish Food Company”, which was rewarded with this award, not only for the improvements and technological innovations and business if not other areas that the modern company includes in its objectives, which are connected with nature, land, environment and animal welfare.

In addition, the Minister stressed that for the first time this award is given to women in business "for its growing role in the economic world”.

Referring to the food industry, Elena Espinosa said that data shows that "good actions" of the business, its "resilience" and "modernity." However, in an economy with mature markets and strong competition between operators, it is necessary that companies have a strategic attitude.

Attitude, added the Minister, which will enable them to face the big challenges we face in the medium term, growth, market share and profitability, be suitable for consumer needs, investment in intangibles R & D and internationalization, including the continued improvement in the training of cadres.

Emphasis on future business, Elena Espinosa mentioned each of the prizes. Export, said that the possibility of growing up, often by opening up new markets abroad and, increasingly more companies are recognizing that there are opportunities abroad and there are some examples of which have been transformed successful multinational strategies through acquisitions in other countries.

On innovation, the Minister stressed that it is the key element that explains the competition and has an important role in the process of economic development, creating value and wealth. The most successful companies are those with a clear focus of the market, adjust their activity to know what to do especially well, and are a constant evolution, basing its competitive advantage in innovation and continuous learning.

In the mode of Environment, the Minister stressed that sustainable development requires the rational use of natural resources, which makes the integration of environmental considerations in the industry very advanced. And although the number of companies certified under the relevant rule is still low, has increased sevenfold over the past five years.

Rural development is another important issue in rural areas, which is a large part of the territory and the Spanish population, which determines who is given special attention. In this context, the Minister added, the food industry is seen as a key element in the revitalization of the countryside, acting as a catalyst for trade relations between the different productive sectors located in rural areas and strengthening the social fabric of these areas generating employment, directly or indirectly.

Organic agriculture, an important place in these awards, by the way organic, that is presented as a method of providing differentiated quality food and respects the environment, animal welfare and conservation biodiversity. According to Elena Espinosa, it is having a considerable development in Spain, in production and processing. And it is expected that consumption will do too.

Finally the Minister referred to the mode "Women in Business" which highlighted the gender gap in this area, where entrepreneurs are still mostly men. To balance this situation it is imperative that government support and enhance the efforts of all those women who, with their effort, drive and entrepreneurship, working to break into this sector.

This award was created with the aim of making visible to the whole society's worth, creativity and efficiency of women to positions of responsibility and wealth creation. Also intended as an incentive for women to continue to move forward, to feel supported in their activities and to recognize their courage and determination.

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2 Reviews about Award to Best Spanish Food Company
on 23/11/2015
I love that Spain gives these types of awards out, especially on a national level. Part of me wonders if perhaps the reason they are capable of doing so is because they are so involved in organic agriculture, that really they get very close and intimate to the farmers and producers.
on 30/12/2013
That is very good for the women who received that prize to keep on going with their activities and believe that there are many more people giving them their support, people like me that may not be doing the great things but still are helping from home in the simple way that everyone could do it

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