How to avoid interrupting your diet: The 4 most common errors Die häufigsten Fehler, die Ihre Diät brechen Los 4 Errores comunes que rompen con tu dieta

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How to avoid interrupting your diet: The 4 most common errors

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How to avoid interrupting your diet: The 4 most common errors

Eating in a balanced and healthy way can be a difficult task, especially when there are thousands of ways to turn a light meal into a combo filled with calories. How many times have we believed that we are eating a healthy snack or dish, when actually it was the complete opposite due to the great variety of toppings, sauces or simply down to our own bad habits when we eat?

Identifying our own inappropriate behavior will help us to avoid constantly interrupting our diet regime, allow us to eat healthily and achieve a fabulous body.

The most common errors are:

Mistake # 1: Using creamy dressings with vegetables

Vegetables are an excellent and light snack, but combining them with creamy dressings can turn them into a high-calorie snack, as a seasoning can contain up to 145 calories per two tablespoons. Therefore, using the combination of vegetables with dressings eventually will increase your weight.

How to avoid this:

  • For a lighter dressing to accompany your snacks or vegetable side dishes: You can use natural fat and buttermilks which bring more protein than conventional yogurt and have a pleasant flavor that can be combined with herbs such as rosemary, coriander (cilantro) and some spices like curry that will give a touch of flavour to your food without the excessive calorie intake.
  • Add homemade hummus or combine your fresh vegetables with things that have low fat and calorific content. Doing this will also add extra protein to your dishes.
  • Opt for light snacks such as cucumber or jicama, which are very low in calories and can be served with any kind of chutney or sauce, lemon and salt.

Mistake # 2: Drinking a litre or more of water or fruit water

Fresh water or fruit water are both better choices than carbonated drinks. However, if these drinks contain added sugar or sweeteners, drinking a litre or more could impact your weight due to the amount of calories it contains.

How to avoid this:

  • Use seasonal fruits that are fresh and ripe: This will avoid adding extra sugar to fresh waters. If you prefer very sweet drinks, non-calorific sweeteners are an excellent choice to sweeten your drinks.
  • Limit added sugar to one tablespoon per litre.
    Try to substitute such drinks with juicy fruits instead, as well as plain water to keep you hydrated.

Mistake # 3: Too much sauces in sandwiches

Skinless roast chicken or turkey sandwiches are light meals as well as very complete, but serving them with a layer of sauce is a common misconception and loads your sandwich full of calories. Barbecue sauce is a favorite and also one that contains one of the highest amounts of sugar.

How to avoid this:

  • Opt for simple options like chicken seasoned with spices such as turmeric or paprika.
    Prepare dressings based in light non-fat yogurt, mix with hot sauce or honey mustard, have fun combining different ingredients and make a different dish every time.
  • Use a base dressing and add finely chopped cabbage, light mayonnaise and mustard: Cabbage is rich in fibre and vitamin B6.

Mistake # 4 Adding cream, milk or syrups to coffee or tea

Coffee and tea are widely known as drinks with health benefits, the problem is when we add sugar it can increase your intake of fats or carbohydrates.

How to avoid this:

  • Currently, manufactured coffees or teas have varied and pleasing flavors such as vanilla, almond, chocolate or hazelnut. These may help you to avoid adding extra syrup or flavourings to your drink.
  • You can also find flavored teas, whose flavours alone make it a delicious hot drink.
  • Add skimmed milk and avoid using sweeteners where possible.

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7 Reviews about How to avoid interrupting your diet: The 4 most common errors
on 25/03/2016
Although this list probably doesn't cover everything, it is a great start and I found it very useful as something to follow even though I, myself, am not on any kind of diet. It could also be used by anyone looking to avoid bad eating habits or find alternatives to unhealthy sauces and dressings, etc. Thank you for the information.
on 09/07/2014
Definitely great tips, and I would say a lot of people who are "dieting" still do these things. Just by eating a salad (even if it's loaded with ranch) doesn't mean you're saving calories or eating well. Also I think it's pretty common for people to try to do things too drastically at first, and then they end up burning out, because clearing, it's not sustainable to starve yourself. Moderation is key in all.
on 29/08/2013
I want to quit carbonated drinks but I do not know if I could, well, I just have to change my mind and decide what is best for me, I think I am going to start a diet next week, and this is going to be a great challenge for me but I have made my mind, and this will guide my path to the health
on 28/08/2013
The main mistake is always forgetting that you are in a diet, and thinking that small portions with some sauces and more won't change the caloric intake, however this is the biggest mistake when dealing with a diet, and most people fall in it
on 01/09/2013
Well, I think this is a matter of will in the person, you just have to find yourself in a moment for change, internal and external, to be able to keep you promise of not taking any bad food for your body and especially for your mind, it is a promise for yourself that should be kept
on 26/08/2013
The common mistake of having too much sauces or topping in your food, so common in my life, and still hard to avoid, because the mind is used to think that food is plaid without them and it's hard to forget this thinking, I have tried several times, but ketchup is my sin, :(
on 06/08/2013
Pretty common mistakes that we even some times do not realize, and the we see that the weight is still in us even though we make an effort avoiding foods like sugars, sweets and rapid food, I?m doing a diet right now and I was in one of those mistake that is using sweeteners in juices even though they were made of natural fruit, I will change that right now.

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