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Prevent hair loss

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Prevent hair loss

Hair is an extension of your body and your nutrition is carried out from the digestive system. Its roots are not only on the scalp but in the blood, which absorbs all its nutrients. The hair needs care as the eyes, skin, and each body part do, and we must keep in mind that hair is not something purely ornamental on our head but also has a Physiological role: the hair is a receptor that helps maintain balance and magnet which contains a large amount of silicon.

When the hair starts to deteriorate, to fall, feel weak and withered, it is a sign that our blood or our circulatory system are not working in conjunction with the hair properly. And when it was not paying attention to these calls for attention from the hair, then the body starts to deteriorate as well.

Specific care to avoid hair loss

It must be taken into account, particularly, food and movement. Anything that prevents the hair gets enough blood to sustain it is one of the main reasons for the hair has not healthy development and its roots are weak and undernourished. When studying or being too tired or too pressed, the hair is the first suffering because scalp was unconsciously tense and this causes a low blood supply. If this continues every day, the tension will slowly strangle to kill the hair root and cause its downfall, then the hair root will have difficulty to grow again. Now one could turn the attention to the scalp and notice if you are tense or not asking relaxation. If you feel a relaxation is that we have to do exercise often. Low physical activity also leads not to arrive fresh blood cells to regenerate and nourish hair. Therefore it is essential to practice a physical activity and at least 10 minutes a day a lie on a table tilted to allow the position against gravity favors movement to the upper body. It is said that the favorite phrase of those who are not bald is "tomorrow is another day." These people are not forced into their work and give their best effort or exceed without reaching exhaustion.

It must be taken into account that if we do not move more blood to the hair, it may lack minerals, vitamins and fat enough, then the hair cannot be nurtured to the fullest. In general, the primary functions of the body quickly deplete minerals and vitamins we eat and those non-vital functions, such as hair, are the last to remain in this division. Therefore we need to eat as best as possible so that our hair always reaches its need.

Then we share a very efficient juice to combat baldness, gray hair and give beauty to your hair. We need to take this tonic for at least 5 times a week.

Tonic against baldness

Put in a blender or a juice extractor of the following vegetables:

  • 7 carrots
  • Half cucumber
  • A small handful of alfalfa (which can fit in your fist)
  • 3 tablespoons of chlorophyll
  • 2 tablespoons of oats
  • Two almonds
  • 2 branches of celery and sprigs of parsley

Drink juice and sip chewing well

If you get prickly pear, add a little.

Other of the most common causes of baldness and abused  hair is a sick scalp: dandruff, poor nervous system and certain parasites may erode the roots of the hair or infect the sebaceous glands until exhausting the vitality of hair and stifle outbreaks of new hair. That's why the scalp must be kept healthy; it is clean with very good circulation and oxygenation.

General advice

  • Brush your hair every night with a natural bristle brush.
  • Do not wash your hair with shampoo or detergents with aggressive aromas, or highly acidic substances as in the long run this destroys your hair. Prefer the more natural and for each type of hair.
  • Avoid processed and always prefer the natural as contains more vitamins and minerals vital for hair.
  • Each time you wash your hair, give plenty of massage with the fingertips and in the end, when it has no soap, rinse with water.
  • Include in your daily diet food based on many salads and raw vegetables, take a teaspoon of olive oildaily.
  • Perform at least 20 minutes of physical activity.
  • The heat from the dryer destroys the new shoots of hair.
  • Sleep well! And practice that of "do your utmost without exhausting yourself"

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2 Reviews about Prevent hair loss
on 28/09/2015
I love that this information is so all-inclussive!! It addresses diet, sleeping habits, different hair care habits....this was great!! Also, I think something else to consider, is simply accepting the fact that hair loss for many people is just an inevitable part of growing older. It's not necessarily bad!
on 31/10/2013
The age is a problem that affects all the men in the world, maybe there are some that just accept it but all of we feel bad when the we realize we are losing our hair and almost all think there are nothing to do, but I have seen men with wonderful hair and I just want to achieve that! But it is too much work!

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