Avocado: Improve your health and enhance your beauty Avocado: verbessert ihre Gesundheit und Schönheit La Palta: mejora tu  salud, realza tu belleza

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Avocado: Improve your health and enhance your beauty

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Avocado: Improve your health and enhance your beauty

The avocado is a food from Central America and Mexico, however due to its multiple benefits and properties, not only in health but also in cosmetics; it is known and recognized worldwide.

It is recommended to combat and prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and other heart conditions. Since its high percentage of healthy fats, omega 3, fiber and folic acid, it is an ideal food for pregnant women and children.

Complete food

If we do a nutritional analysis, only one avocado calorie are equivalent to 50 grams of bread, a plate of pasta or a salad of tomatoes and carrots with oil. But none of the foods mentioned reaches the bio energy value of avocado; they may be the same in calories, but not in vitamins, proteins and minerals.

That is why the American neuroscientist and psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Gregory Amen said that this fruit is the world's most perfect food because it contains everything a person needs to live. And if you thought removing it from your diet to reduce a few extra kilos, it is necessary to explain that the avocado contains harmless oils and fats our body, they are perfectly assimilable and contain no cholesterol, favoring the reduction of LDL cholesterol.

Rich in vitamins and lutein

If you are hypertensive do not hesitate to consume it, because it is low in sodium. It is also rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, K and vitamin B12. Vitamin E is not only used to enhance beauty, but recent studies are pointing out that thanks to the avocado and vitamin E free radicals and protein accumulation can be neutralized in order to reverse memory loss in patients with Alzheimer's.

Because of the presence of lutein, avocado consumption may protect a person from cataracts and some cancers. This component is present in the avocado up 3 times more compared with other types of vegetables or fruit.

Cosmetic use

Avocado, besides being used for health purposes, is one of the most needed foods by the cosmetics industry. Shampoo is made from the plant, and creams for face and body. Ointments to reduce blemishes and scars; it removes acne and soften hands.

Its use is varied, depending on their components; for example, people use the pulp and oil for face and body creams: softening, healing, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.

Thanks to vitamin E, A, C and B6, avocado is a great ally against wrinkles; it also moisturizes, cleanses, exfoliates and enriches the skin. Because of its 85% of glycerides, unsaturated fatty acids, avocado provides deep hydration and that is known by the beauty industries.

There are on the market, hair masks offering amazing results because of their vitamins. You can test yourself at home its benefits by crushing the pulp and applying for about 30 minutes. In about 15 days you will get a brighter and stronger hair, since avocado repairs capillary fibers and prevents hair loss.

Another benefit is that you can have nice hands and nails with avocado.

You know now, there are no excuses to avoid its consumption. Eat avocado salads, at breakfasts, during lunches, at dinner or alone, either way is valid to feel more healthy and beautiful.

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3 Reviews about Avocado: Improve your health and enhance your beauty
on 05/02/2015
Avocados really are amazing. I just ate one in my salad tonight, in fact, and my fiance eats a whole avocado nearly every day. We are both very athletic, and consider ourselves to be very "fit", and at first I was a little skeptical, thinking it would cause weight gain, but it really hasn't!. In fact...just the opposite!
on 29/06/2014
I love avocado, you have to look at a picture I took of one of them that has the size of a dinosaur egg, kidding but it was so huge and delicious!
on 27/11/2012
Avocado is one of my favorite fruits but my family doesn?t seem to like it, and that?s too bad because it looks like an amazing food with all those properties and nutrients. Maybe I should try to add it to a salad or something and see if they like it. It?s so interesting to learn new things about food and health.

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