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Avalon Natural Center

In the Avalon Center, all professionals dominate several of the many naturopathic techniques; let yourself try one of the most appropriate technique.

The Nathuropatic comprises a large number of different techniques all aimed to harmonize and restore the welfare of the individual, both in physical appearance and mood.

Different techniques used:


With this technique, we managed to normalize any body part that has lost its position as harmonic balance for any reason. This technique is one of the most prestigious in Spain and beyond our borders where there are exclusive colleges for this specialty.

Foot Reflexology

This technique involves the manipulation of the feet to produce a reflex effect in different parts of the body that for whatever reason we cannot access otherwise, including through reflexology, you can get emotional release in a simple technique with little contraindications to achieving a great physical and mental balance.


Everyone knows about acupuncture, its origins and results, without discussion in the most diverse applications. Let us treat you with the ancient technique par excellence. More than 3000 years of practice the guarantee.


The world of smells to serve people, reviving a high-pitched aroma or smell to relax with a low tone, is one of the newest additions to naturopathy to achieve harmony we all need.


This part of the Naturopathy has its origins in Japan and, through pressure and stretching in different parts of the body, rebalances the body, this rebalancing is not just in mood, muscle strains are also released.


If we speak of massage, everybody knows what that means. More specifically, the term "chiropractic" is defined as massage in the failure to use any mechanical device for execution, only using the practitioner's hands and right sliding means either oil or cream
Given the variety of areas that can be treated by chiropractic, its indications are enormous: from treating muscular problems from nervous problems.

We highlight its great effectiveness in the following areas: back, chest, legs, liver, abdomen, whole body, skull / facial, relaxing, arms and hands.


Despite being a little aggressive technique, it also has some contraindications:

  • Infectious and / or cancerous processes
  • Wounds, injuries or skin diseases
  • Hypotension
  • Varicose veins
  • Allergies to any of the products used


Any massage, even those made by amateurs or people without knowledge on the subject, can be beneficial to the recipient, in the professional field and depending on the pace and manipulations employed, we may find different results:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Relaxation nervous
  • Symptomatic relief of pain
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improving lymphatic circulation
  • Toning the immune system

Diet and nutrition

The center is equipped with qualified professionals from the University of Granada in Dietetics and Nutrition. With these specialists, you will always be in good hands and will not endanger your health. It offers advice for healthy nutrition, because food is not the same be nurtured properly.

Bioelectrical impedance anthropometric surveys, the best method for analyzing body composition: percentage of fat, water and fat-free material and the proper weight, taking into account the complexity, your daily activity, sex, age, etc.

Diets tailored to each person, we have a standard diet with slight modifications for each, but which is designed according to your preferences.


  • Obesity, weight loss in a healthy way
  • Sports
  • High cholesterol
  • Low Sugar
  • Fluid retention
  • Purifying
  • Cellulite
  • Kids
  • Vegetarian

Evaluation reports for each query

The specialists will make a detailed study of their nutritional needs because Avalon Center is personalized nutrition.


  • Courses Osteopathy
  • Clinical Hypnosis Shiatsu
  • Sports massage - Acupuncture
  • Foot Reflexology Manual - lymphatic drainage

This will help to:

  • To work in gyms, fitness clubs, hotels, beauty centers, spas, shopping of chiropractic, herbal, spas, etc.
  • Create your own chiropractic center: Get the title in massage and enter a profession with more job opportunities of the moment.
  • Courses eminently practical: professional practices in the classroom and aided schools.
  • Supported by audio-visual teaching methods.
  • No need for previous qualifications.
  • Job opportunities after the course.
  • Unique research center approved by the Spanish Federation of Professional Associations of Naturopaths (near the southwest).
  • Scholarships and paid internship opportunity and liability insurance for a year.
  • Places are limited. Maximum 16 students per shift.

Avalon Center
C /. Tendillas of St. Paula, 11
18001 GRANADA (Spain) 


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2 Reviews about Avalon Natural Center
on 23/04/2015
Interesting! I would love to give it a visit! I'm really interested in finding alternative ways of dealing not only with pain, but with the psychological pressures of living in modern society. I don't understand why we have created the lives that we have, but we all need a good day at the spa because of it.
on 07/05/2013
I would to be in that place! Really ! and relieve my back pain and more with a nice massage and other alternative therapies like the explained here, but well I?m far away from Spain so it would be hard to visit this place, I hope I can find a center near my home

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