Auriculotherapy: an alternative to millennial health Auriculotherapie: Eine tausendjährige Alternative für die Gesundheit Auriculoterapia: una alternativa milenaria para la salud

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Auriculotherapy: an alternative to millennial health

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Auriculotherapy: an alternative to millennial health

In china auricle medicine is considered an authority in relation to the whole human body, the acupuncture or ear. Headset medicine basically consists of the stimulation of certain points in the pavilion of the ear to treat, prevent and combat various diseases and ailments. The ear is one of the parts of the body has many nerve endings which, like acupuncture, when stimulated with a special technique, activate pranic energy or stagnant or blocked in the body. When the vital energy is blocked or interrupted its normal flow through the body, you begin to suffer from a multitude of disorders.

The auriculotherapy is a natural therapy that is used for both diagnosis and to heal the body through the detection sensitivities. This therapy helps the body recover from disease, improves the organic functioning, revitalizes the body, helping to treat various addictions and prevent the onset of illness. There are several methods used for this, very similar to those of acupuncture, which is derived from this alternative medical practiced in old china.

Tools for working

In acupuncture, tools, steel needles are usually of different shapes and sizes, but can also be made of precious metals like silver or gold, which is attributed to the different therapeutic effects: it is said, for example, that gold has a stimulant effect, while the silver has the power sedative.

In ancient times, the instruments used in acupuncture were of stone or wood. Currently, even using needles of light, i.e. photopuncture, by means of lasers, performed the same work but without the needles of pain, and giving the same results.

The needles used in acupuncture are filiform, and have a length and a diameter varying from 1.2 cm to 12 cm long and ¼ mm to half a millimeter in diameter. The needle called "plum blossom" consists of 5-7 needles together in a single medium, which starts a long stick that serves as a grip. Today is also used to use electricity (electroacupuncture), which is to inject an electric shock to the needle once it has been introduced into the skin.


In Auriculotherapy, needles and magnets can be used, which are widely used to help lose weight. It is very common to find practitioners of Auriculotherapy using magnetic. Balinese ear, which is very difficult to control what polo is being applied to acupuncture points on the ear. By putting it is possible that the therapist might be confused and that the downside in placing a point where you want to put power where it is needed in this case the positive side of a magnet, for example.


The practice of Auriculotherapy requires great experience and a great manual dexterity, so you have to be cautious and search someone really skilled and knowledgeable, and to avoid reaching the hands of anyone. There is a special film where we can locate the various points on the ear and the meridian and organ to which they relate.

Anatomy of the ear and the meridian

Ear is a micro-structure that surrounds the ear cartilage, kidney window as explained in china medicine. In the ear are related meridians of the small bowel, bladder and gall bladder and stomach (yang viscera).

The helix of the ear is the structure of the outer ear and surrounding the flag in its home following the meridian of the diaphragm, solar plexus and stomach. Continuing with the ascending branch, the elbow and the last portion is called the tail of the helix, which borders on the basis of lobule. A along the helix highlight significant points that correspond to the external genitalia, yang of the liver, spinal cord and medulla oblongata structure of the central nervous system.


In ancient text called the Huang Di Nei Jing, the Yellow Emperor, you can find one of the first studies of the ear, and the terms of the ear in the Ling Shu, classical text which also deals acupuncture. The first Chinese medical that specialized in the study of the ear and its function was Therapeutic Piano, about 400 years before Christ, was also the father of the diagnostic study of the pulse.

Hippocrates (fourth century BC), also wrote about the use of ear stimulation for therapeutic purposes, particularly to treat menstrual disorders and sexual.

In the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), underscores the ear of stimulation to influence the evolution of internal diseases.

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2 Reviews about Auriculotherapy: an alternative to millennial health
on 27/06/2015
How interesting! To think that the ear is related in so many ways to so many overall functions of the body. It's really crazy to believe that people have actually discovered this...with a different kind of science than that used today! What great wisdom.
on 28/08/2013
I was wondering about this topic, my mother recommended me using this therapy to reduce some weight since they say that you just need to have an earring, and this sound pretty easy to do and hold so I think it is like the best option to treat, since I just want to lose some pounds.

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