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Artichoke diet: drop a size in 21 days

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Artichoke diet: drop a size in 21 days

If you believe that no diet can help you lose those extra kilos, then you have not tried this diet. The artichoke is one of the best friends in the diet to lose weight as it has excellent weight loss properties, is rich in fiber, which hinders the absorption of fats and sugars, and helps rapidly moving toxins and harmful fats in the intestine. In addition, the artichoke is excellent food to support liver metabolism and to remove bad cholesterol, you don’t have nothing to lose with this diet and you will see results soon.

This diet is recommended for:

  • People who are overweight or with extra kilos.
  • People with cellulite: the high potassium content makes it a diuretic food which combats fluid retention and edema.
  • People with hypertension, this diet helps balance blood pressure and the artichoke is low in sodium.
  • Promotes active liver metabolism and bile production. Lowers bad cholesterol, contributing to its elimination in bile stimulant. It regulates blood glucose levels; the artichoke is one of the most appropriate foods for diabetics.
  • Excellent blood debugger.


You should plan a day to do it and have prepared either 100% natural artichoke capsules or preparing fresh artichokes in a salad.

During the diet, eliminate the consumption of cow's milk, sugar, refined flour, sausages, fried and red meat.

Why is it important to eliminate these foods from your diet?

Because when you take the artichoke, it must engage in to burn and eliminate fat, toxins and excess waste in your body, many of which are attached to the intestinal lining, into your veins and organs. If you eat any of the foods mentioned, the artichoke will have to purify and eliminate these foods, instead of working with those already housed and attached to your body. So, to do artichoke cleansing and eliminative work in a more pronounced and rapid way, it is necessary that you avoid these foods.

It is also necessary that during the diet, you drink 2 liters of pure water. Remember that water is the main debugging.

How long do I have to do the diet?

You should follow it for 21 days. If you make it to the letter, weight will disappear soon. If you want to keep on that weight, it is necessary to maintain a similar regime every day. If you remove the foods listed, you can maintain your weight for a long time.


This diet should be undertaken by pregnant or lactating women. The teens can make it but not exceeding at any time.

Proposal for a diet

In the diet, you should consider adjusting this mold and plunge your needs.

FASTING: drink warm water with lemon juice, or drink pineapple juice or eat an orange (avoid drinking orange juice)

BREAKFAST: If you want to lose weight fast and you are over 18 years, eat only a glass of soy milk with oatmeal or whole wheat toast with honey. If you do not want such a strict diet, you are under 18 years and / or you do not urge the results, then you can choose to have breakfast with more abundance, as a vegetable sandwich, and you can even eat an egg omelet with vegetables, but not overtopping consumption of two eggs. Avoid using oil. After breakfast, take a capsule of artichoke.

BETWEEN MEALS: If you get hungry between meals, eat some grapes, apples or oranges.

FOOD: Include artichokes or artichoke hearts in salads: you can prepare two or three grilled artichokes and serve with rice or a slice of bread. If you are under 18 years, include fish or grilled chicken (not fried). Do not take tablets if you have eaten artichoke. If you do not have artichokes, prepare vegetable soup or ricewith vegetables and serve with a vegetable salad with fresh salmon. In the end, take the artichoke capsule.

DINNER: a cup of milk or vegetable sandwich with toasted bread or vegetarian wheat pizza (if you're under 18 or do not want a strict regime). If you want to lose weight quickly, vegetable milk with some cereal or toast, a whole wheat bread and add olive oil and vegetables.

Artichoke Salad



  1. Clean the artichokes and cut into wedges.
  2. Boil them in water with lemon peel.
  3. Clean and cut onions into quarters and boil them separately from the artichokes.
  4. Once everything is cooked, drain and pass through cold water.
  5. Place in a pan and season with oil, salt and vinegar, you may add some spices or herbs such as fennel, which adds a nice touch.

If the artichokes are very tender can be used completely raw, just rubbing them with a little lemon juice to prevent oxidation.

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3 Reviews about Artichoke diet: drop a size in 21 days
on 08/03/2015
These diets are interesting, because although they are supposed to be effective in just a short time period, and i'm sure it's quite nutritious, it just isn't sustainable. I think people need to start eating according to a healthy philosophy, and smaller portions. That is sustainable and leads to lifetime changes.
on 28/06/2014
Just had the BEST Artichoke Water! It's brand new and on Amazon but I bought it at Whole Foods in NYC.

ARTY Water!

Made from fresh artichokes and lemon with spearmint. Amazing. Great for weight loss and the nutrients of best

on 31/01/2013
I was searching for a diet to reduce weight easily and I found this, the article is very complete so I think it?s right and this diet may be perfect for me, if I can control the consumption of other bad foods and habits like smoking, I hope this works, I let you know if I see the results and thank you very much

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