Arthritis and Osteoarthritis: cure with Traditional Chinese Medicine Arthritis und Arthrose: Heilung mit der Traditionellen Chinesischen Medizin Artritis y Artrosis: miedo, riñones y cura con Medicina Tradicional China

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Arthritis and Osteoarthritis: cure with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Arthritis and Osteoarthritis: cure with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Arthritis and osteoarthritis are conditions that can be healed by applying the concepts and philosophy of Traditional Chinese medicine, which proposes a holistic healing method that resolves many problems about this condition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine states that the proper functioning of the internal organs is closely related to the proper functioning of the body, and when there are deficiencies or damages, then, the entire body is affected.

Weakness or deficiency of Internal Organs

There are five important organs that influence our health, quality of life and longevity. The heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and pancreas-spleen, are the ones that direct and promote the proper functioning of the body, both emotional and physical. When any of these bodies is unbalanced or damaged, then the whole body is bad, and causes what we know as disease. If the imbalance is severe, it can cause serious illness or even death.

Usually, when one of these basic organs is not working properly, the others are affected as they interact with each other constantly. When you have gouty arthritis, for example, liver and kidneys are unbalanced, affecting the rest as they promote joint deficiency.

Heredity and genetics

Genes are the essence of the person, small molecules that contain our information and tell the body how to produce a certain protein. Some types of arthritis are caused by genes with confusing or unstable information inherited from parents. The genes are responsible for the production of hormones which are generating Qi (energy). When this energy or Qi flows efficiently to the brain, the mind and improves the quality of life and health. This nutritious energy depends on a properly functioning of the immune system, and the five main bodies mentioned above. When they don’t, we're more likely to get sick and weak. In the case of arthritis, this energy movement is thwarted or blocked due to the information of the genes.

Causes of weak joints:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Inheritance
  • Injuries into joints
  • Poor nutrition combined with constant pressure or fear
  • Fear, tension and constantly defensive attitude, which generate an alert state that often makes the kidneys secrete excess adrenaline in response to fear, to prepare the body for attack.

Healing the genes

Qi, being energy, can be transformed, as information stored our genes. This is possible through the practice of certain knowledge and application of a new understanding and personal philosophy on how to view and "move" through life, which strongly influences the organization and functioning of our internal organs.

Cure joints from the root of the problem

We just don’t inherit genes to determine our hair color or eyes; also, we inherit predispositions or emotional energy from our parents or ancestors. Perhaps we inherited the authoritarian character of the father and / or guilt of the mother or grandmother. However, this heritage is not just luck. Somehow we come to experience certain things in life in order to grow in understanding and consciousness.

The way we see and react in life may be related with what we learn, but it somehow you can tell it was inherited. For example, two children are not exactly alike even if their parents are the same. Everyone has already their own discernment and can choose their own truths.

Our personality and "truth" influence the way we move through life, and this is one factor that strongly influences the appearance of arthritis. Considering that the body is a reflection of the mind, and it is a wonderful machine that is made for movement, it is easy to consider that the fixed, immovable, and authoritarian mental states bring arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Emotions are energy circulating in our body, which adapts to the way you react or "move" in the different life experiences. That's why one of the main points to treat and cure arthritis is to work with our emotional energy, since as we feel life, the body feels.

Fear, stress, arthritis and kidneys

The more we favor the movement of the mind, or the more we are open to the movement and flow of new ideas and thoughts, and new experiences that transform us, the body will reflect it. Fear, for example, is an emotion that hinders, slows, stops and doesn’t allow us to move. The kidney is the organ associated with fear; when we have these emotions, kidney and adrenal glands get alert, secreting epinephrine and putting the body in a state of defense against any danger. Being on guard and be alert in a difficult position, controlling the situation, put the body into a state of immobility that can become chronic. So, arthritis and osteoarthritis are related to fear and kidneys.

On the other hand, the reverse also happens, when the body does not move a lot, neither does the mind. So lack of exercise or movement blocks the flow of beneficial energy and circulation between internal organs and the brain. Therefore, in cases of weak joints, we recommend a gentle exercise routine, because in the time that we move the body, we move our mind. Even when a person has inherited a poor articulation, he/she can rehabilitate through proper exercise, and a new movement to focus and feel life.

Thus, a basis for serious arthritis healing practice is an activity that helps stimulating both mental and physical movement, a new flow of knowledge that bring us more confidence in ourselves and in life, so we can move through it smoothly and with harmony, without resistance.

Exercise to heal joints

The practice of Qigong, Yoga, Bio-energy exercises, etc., is excellent to start dealing with arthritis and start a successful healing. Massage of bio-energy and emotional work, along with a diet that really works, are basic tools to really heal our joints.

Joint injuries and old age

In the case of injuries, which can affect the muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and even bone, it is necessary to treat it the same way, but supporting us with a professional who can guide us and assess the severity of the injury.

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2 Reviews about Arthritis and Osteoarthritis: cure with Traditional Chinese Medicine
on 22/07/2014
This is such a thorough article!! great job! I'm glad that this article begins to highlight that arthritis is treatable. Western medicine today pretty much throws its hands up and says "well, that's about all we can do", as people grow old, and continue to deteriorate in their arthritic conditions. Pain killers are the only thing offered. It's good to know that there are ways to control it.
on 04/12/2012
My father suffers from arthritis problems and I?ve never considerate that it could happen to me as well, but this article is pretty impressive I did?nt know that arthritis was caused by mind problems and that it can be cure or at least be avoided doing the proper exercises techniques and diet, I?m going to send this to my father too.

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