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Artesanador Natural Center

ARTESANADOR is a new concept of health that offers each person a choice of complementary and alternative medicine to accompany the various processes of recovery in both physical and emotional health. Artesanador is composed of a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals and therapists working together to offer each patient a treatment according to his/her need.

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist and philosopher, argued that the "healer does not heal because what he knows, but because what he is".

For the directors of the center, Artesanador is primarily a way of being and relating to the environment and humans, a link based on the commitment and solidarity ... manifestations of this wonderful force that can do everything and transforms it: the power of love. 

Massage Therapy 

Therapeutic massage is a massage modality for the treatment of diseases in sick and injured patients. Maneuvers are aimed at treating various illnesses, aches and injuries that have been previously diagnosed. The maneuvers of massage therapy have been studied and are based on the anatomy and physiology of muscle and fascia. This massage should be conducted by professionals who are prepared to ensure effective treatment. 

Massage therapy is based on the concept of man as a totality and sees the disease as an imbalance - excess or deficiency - the energy flow. Health is regained when the flow is restored. This energy flow can be affected by muscular disorders due to trauma, degenerative diseases, poor posture, hereditary diseases, poisoning and psychological and emotional disturbances. 

Through a combination of techniques using hands, elbows and some items like suckers, activates the energy flow of blood and helps the patient regain their health. 

There are various modalities of therapeutic massage: acupressure (shiatsu), lymphatic drainage, osteopathy, Ayurvedic massage, chi kung and others. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

  • Enhance the immune system and, therefore, prevent disease 
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic vascular 
  • Restoring health in the process of convalescence 
  • Relieve pain 
  • Turn on histamine (a hormone that causes cutaneous vasodilation) 
  • Improve muscle tension 
  • Invigorate 
  • Tone 
  • Assist in the problem of cellulite and overweight 
  • Relax 

Lymphatic drainage: the massage that detoxifies the body   

The lymphatic system is made up of very fine ducts that extend through the body and converge with each other, forming ever larger vessels ending in two large trunks collectors scattering its contents - a milky fluid called lymph - in the venous bloodstream.

Fluids, proteins, fats and structures that are trapped in the tissues and cannot return to the venous circuit flow into the capillaries through which the lymph, a fluid like blood carries other substances trapped and clean tissues.

Along the lymphatic network, there are hundreds of nodes with the size of a pea, which filter and purify the waste that carries lymph, which circulates from the organs to the heart, through valves that prevent back up. 

Within the lymph, there are cells that "eat" foreign substances in the body, such as microbial pathogens and invasive micro-particles. In addition to cleansing, lymphatic system produces antibodies, essential elements for the body's defenses. 

Under normal conditions, wastes pass into the lymphatic system that gives them out, but sometimes these wastes are trapped in the lymph tissue intoxicating the body or causing swelling of the joints, heaviness in the legs and making the body more vulnerable to disease. 

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle, pleasant, repetitive movements and gentle pressure toward the heart always. It is very effective because

  • Stimulates lymph circulation that does not stagnate or become saturated with debris or germs
  • Helps revitalize the nerves, muscles and defenses 
  • Relieves circulation problems, swelling, heaviness, and fluid retention
  • Helps to combat cellulite 
  • Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy 
  • To prepare or recover from the operation: speeds healing of tissues 
  • For migraines, dizziness and stress 
  • It is contraindicated in generalized infections, malignant disease, acute inflammation, thrombosis, hyperthyroidism, recent heart problems, kidney failure, severe varicose veins or phlebitis

Pranic Therapy   

Pranic therapy, chakra alignment, kun chi, reiki.

The harmonization of chakras, chi kun, pranic therapy or reiki are all different ways of approaching the most subtle level of energy, "light bodies" through that knowledge and ancient art that is the imposition of hands. 

What are the etheric bodies? For those who boarded the human being from the energy there are five energy levels from the most basic to the most subtle. The first level, the most common and well known is that of acupuncture that uses a stylus (or finger, or a mark) on specific energy channels. The second is the massage using the hands. The third is moxibustion which uses a heat signature, the alchemy of fire, to awaken in man the ability to transmute, i.e. to take that big jump that lets you integrate experiences and evolve. Finally the fourth and fifth level, the more subtle, always go together: the imposition of hands, the "massage" on the subtle bodies, which requires the therapist to develop a "prayerful attitude" or "meditative state". The latter therapy is one that requires more personal discipline of the therapist. 

The techniques of laying on of hands working on the etheric bodies, our first "shell" energy, energy that surrounds us, protects, "feeds" and allows us to relate to the world. In reality, the disease starts in the invisible world of our experiences: trauma, experiences of pain producing unsurpassed sadness, anger, anguish, fear, frustration. The man feels his life has failed and lost hope and illusion. 

To persist in time the pain - as real as invisible - weakens this first barrier and, according to various factors (the feeling that has prevailed, family history, personal characteristics etc.), human beings will develop one or another disease. That unease is reflected first in an imbalance in the energy channels and then, if not treated in time, affects the body. 

The laying on of hands therapies are based on two laws or principles: the law of self-healing of body and vital energy law. The law states that self-healing in general, and to some extent, the body can heal itself. This can be seen for example when one suffers a wound or burn and the body heals in a few days or weeks even without the use of drugs. 

The Law of vital energy in turn, provides that for life to exist, the body must have prana, qi, or chi ... or vital energy. The recovery processes of the diseases can be accelerated by increasing life energy on the affected parts of the body or whole body. With techniques such as cleaning or disposal or congested energy "crash" and energizing to bring clean energy to areas where it is necessary, altered functions are reset and achieved rapid and effective results in terms of physical and psychological health of the person. 

Through the therapist's hands relieve physical pain, emotional, mental and spiritual. Cleaning, organizing, energizing, is redirecting ... "touch the soul" the most subtle (and beautiful) of all strokes. 

The imposition of hands work on several levels: the physical body strengthens the immune system, in the etheric bodies enhances our way of seeing life, expanding our vision and allowing us to "change the angles" to bright and creative options. I always say that this therapy should not be explained ... just you have to live it. 

Other therapies: 

  • Moxibustion 
  • Osteopathy 
  • Homeopathy and Flower Therapy 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture 
  • Reflexology 


Av Larco 724 Piso 6 - Miraflores 

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2 Reviews about Artesanador Natural Center
on 29/04/2015
Judging by the name of the place, I would say that it has something to do with using art to heal people, which I think is a fabulous method of aproaching healing!! So many of our illnesses aren't purely physical, they are so intricately related to the mental/spiritual, which means that something that heals the soul (art) CAN heal the body!
on 01/06/2013
Amazing, this is just what I need, I?m so sorry that this is so far away, maybe I won?t ever visit this place and this makes me feel sad, anyway I hope to find something similar and near my home because I do not want to travel all over the world for a massage lol

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