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Aromatherapy: Healing through smell

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Aromatherapy: Healing through smell

Since the origin of humanity, smell has been necessary for our survival. We learned to sniff out our enemies via hazards like smoke and the unknown. However, smell also played another important role, which was sniffing our food and discovering what was edible or if it had decomposed in any way.

Reproduction also has a great olfactory component, as aroma is seen as an attractive and stimulating factor in the desired person. Our sense of smell has also helped us recognise the healing properties of plants, being able to identify these herbs and oils through experience and intuition.

The sense of smell is also the gateway to two major health tools:

  1. May cause physical reactions: When we sniff food, our stomach begins producing acid for digestion.
  2. May unleash emotions: Different aromas are capable of producing relaxation, nostalgia, joy, and so on.


This therapy is about using essential aromas of plants for healing and wellness. The oils can be added to creams, massage oils, candles and lotions, as well as its application in the immersion in baths or through aroma lamps.

Use of essential oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids, which are extracted from plants by means of distillation and contain many natural chemical molecules. They can be applied in the following ways:

Lamp: We can fill a pot with pure water, and add 9 drops of all the oils of your choice, and light the candle.

Immersion bath: Fill your tub with the amount of water needed to submerge your body, making sure that the water is warm to hot. Add 9-15 drops of the essential oils of your choice. Mix the water well and bathe yourself in the tub for about 15-20 minutes. When you get out of the bath, try to avoid rubbing the body with a towel.

Creams or shampoo: Add 15 drops of the oils selected for every 30 grams of the product you want to use. Mix well and you can apply.

Healing properties of essential oils

Each essence has different health applications, the following are the most common:

Basil: Used to relieve mental fatigue and nerves, as well as headache.

Bergamot: Useful to combat stress and acne.

Cinnamon: Stimulates action. Combats emotional inertia as well as colds and flu.

Cedar: Recommended for lack of concentration, dandruff and hair loss. Serves as a respiratory tonic.

Cypress: Harmonises the energies, is astringent, and helps smooth breathing.

Juniper: Used as an emotional detoxifier, ideal for periods of change. Has diuretic properties and is used in hygiene.

Eucalyptus: Decongestant, ideal for treating respiratory ailments and is purifying for the environment.

Incense: Aroma ideal for prayer and promotes concentration. It is healing and good with ageing skin.

Jasmine: It can be applied to treat psychosomatic disorders and also increases sexual interest.

Lemon: It is good for refreshing energy, useful for cleaning. Astringent and antiseptic.

Chamomile: This essence can be used in case of pain, inflammation and congestion. It is also emotionally soothing.

Mint: A digestive and respiratory regulator, ideal for mental clarity.

Melisa: Acts as a general tonic, is softening for the heart and emotional filter.

Orange: It is often used in cases of anxiety, depression or insomnia. It promotes good digestion.

PatchouliEvocative and aphrodisiac. Helps combat fluid retention.

Rose: It is useful for the female reproductive system and opening the heart.

Rosemary: Provides mental protection and mental orientation. For the liver it is invigorating and detoxifying.

Ylan Ylang: It is soothing and sensual, which helps contractures and knots of tension.

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3 Reviews about Aromatherapy: Healing through smell
on 08/04/2016
Aromatherapy is an absolutely fantastic resource that we have at our disposal. There are so many varieties of aromatic plants, herbs and spices that can help with all manner of ailments related to human health. Aromatherapy can also provide a real boost or soothing touch to any home environment and is a really clean and easy method to achieve a pleasant and natural smell anywhere you go. Thanks for the concise list of uses for some of the most common essential oils used in aromatherapy.
on 16/01/2015
Aromatherapy: what a pleasant mode of healing. I have always been intrigued by it, and I still to this day believe it to be one of the most effective means of curing low-grade conditions. I actually used fresh sage once to cure a headache, and while it was a mild headache, I much preferred it to 1) enduring the pain, or 2) taking some sort of pharmaceutical
on 28/06/2013
I?m interested about this topic because my woman is not feeling very well, she?s stressed all the time and I?m starting to get worried about her health, so thank you a lot for this idea to try something like a bath with oils and relax her whole body, that could be a very good idea to help her and gain points.

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