Aromatherapy for cellulite Aromatherapie gegen Cellulite Aromaterapia para Desaparecer la Celulitis

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Aromatherapy for cellulite

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Aromatherapy for cellulite

It is not yet summer and with the cold no one remembers the bikini. So is the ideal time to begin a routine massage with special oils, in a few months, your thighs, hips and belly. Tone, strengthen and look spectacular for the summer.

Besides it is one of the key points for treating this condition, which recommends avoiding refined sugar (soft drinks, canned juices, processed food, etc.), cold meats and fat saturated another missing are really important for the massage and the use of certain oils prepared from natural herbs and flowers.

Therapy based on essential oils is a highly effective alternative that can help cellulite disappear if you use it correctly, as determined by applying some massage oils helps promote circulation and drain toxins and accumulated fats.

So do not wait. Start now with this powerful routine that not only will make you look better, but you'll see how you feel better in every way, because cellulite is, above all, an excessive accumulation of toxins, hormonal imbalances factors, stress and anxiety constant that must be considered not only for aesthetics but for love itself.

Aromatherapy treatment to combat cellulite is as follows:

Anti-cellulite Massage:

The first is brushing your skin a few minutes, no oil or cream. This has to do with a special brush for skin (natural bristle) or you can also use the glove of horsehair. This brush should be soft, and going in a circular motion in order, of the calves (or feet) to the area of the abdomen. Gently insists especially in areas that are more bulky and flaccid. You have to do it until the skin is put a little color, but without pain or burning. With this, we initiated the activation of the movement, scaling and, above all, is in proper functioning lymphatic system. Brushing should only do this once or twice a week.

At the end of implementation, with hands and with a little pressure in a circular shape, a suitable oil to eliminate cellulite. The aromatherapy oils recommended are: 

  • Rosemary essential oil: promotes circulation.
  • Geranium essential oil: helps eliminate fluid retention.
  • Essential oil of Fennel: detoxifies.
  • Essential oil of Lemon: detoxifies and purifying.
  • Essential oil of white birch: drained and purged.
  • Cypress essential oil promotes circulation.
  • Essential oil of Juniper: detoxifies.
  • Grapefruit essential oil: depurative against fluid retention.
  • Essential oil of Rose: purification and tones the circulatory system.
  • Essential oil of Sage: Increases circulation and removes liquids.
  • Essential oil of Thyme: stimulating.

The massage should come later, once the skin is lubricated, it can be any of the following. May vary.

Technique to combat cellulite: you have to tweak a little thigh, squeezing and applying all the pressure you can stand (but not hurt). Then, you have to knead gently with the fingertips. 

Soft taps: you have to go and close the fist pounding like a drum the affected area, we must beat strongly and quickly.

Technical rotation: will take 2 or 3 cm. or thigh area to try and turn with your fingers. This massage can be terminated by long, gentle movements.

Friction: using both hands, starting at the ankles. care the skin with circular motions, gradually ascending.

Essential oils in the bathtub

Another way of getting advantage of essential oils to enhance their healing power is through the goodness of water. If you have a tub, add a few drops of the recommended oil. This takes time to massage your skin below the water. Upon leaving the tub, take a completely bath on cold running water, especially in the thighs, legs and belly (if you are menstruating, avoid the womb).

Massage with a lemon

It is also very effective to massage your skin with a lemon. Entertainment on your skin lubricated with oil before rolling across your skin, making a strong pressure (not hurt) on your thighs, legs and hips.

Drinking enough water

At least 2 liters a day, and increase the consumption of seaweed, seeds, legumes and fresh fruits in addition to do plenty of exercise such as walking, running, climbing stairs or doing bike.

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2 Reviews about Aromatherapy for cellulite
on 13/06/2015
I didn't even know this was an option for cellulite removal! That's so crazy that aromatherapy can work for that! I don't have cellulite, but my mom does, and I know she's very concerned about it. I will forward this information to her!
on 07/08/2013
Searching for a natural treatment for the skin with no chemical or anything bad for the body and mind, and this came just in time, because I am a huge lover of the good smells, like incense but I have never tried the essential oil so it will be a nice new experience.

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